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  1. Thats a shame, the DLC counted for the stars in Two Point Hospital. Nevermind, was just hoping to cut down the platinum time a little bit.
  2. I thought it might, bought the DLC anyway now so will give it a try soon. Sometimes the 3 star objectives drag on the levels too long so it would reduce the grind a bit for me.
  3. Just a quick question before buying the DLC, do the stars achieved in the new levels add to the 36 stars needed to get the platinum in the base game? I know it did in hospital, if it does here then it gives some leeway and negates the need to 3 star every level...
  4. At least they didn't pull a fast one and call it Dead by Daylight 2!
  5. I did it before as the grind was taking too long for my liking. Backed up my save, deleted game and reinstalled pausing any patches then when you get the daily challenge that involves playing 3 games you can just repeat the 3rd game only as long as you like and it pays out the ebay money until you stop doing it. Its a huge timesaver.
  6. Sorry, I meant the ebay money yeah. I didn't find it too much of a drag getting the normal currency. But all upgrades and records would take a hell of a lot of daily to do challenges.
  7. Yeah, thats what I've been doing. I noticed that early on thankfully. Such a grind though compared to everything else this one, even the kill 9999 zombies didn't feel anywhere near as bad as this.
  8. Oh, that's good to know then. I'll knock this one out later and then I've just got that grind for the fully upgraded spacerace craft for the plat. Hate that game too! Left the ones I don't like for last...
  9. Ah, ok. I'm not a fan of this game so I will have to force myself to the end for the plat then. Furthest I have been is just after the 2nd boss, how many bosses/levels are there?
  10. All trophies are fixed now, I reckon you're looking at 40 hours minimum because they patched out a quick way to get money. Purchasing all the upgrades and songs takes an age normally. If you have the disc version I suggest pausing the updates and getting these out of the way first then playing on as normal. Difficulty I would probably put at around a 4 or 5 personally. A few tricky games but nothing too bad.
  11. Just got the update now (PS5, 1.4) and the dance trophy popped as soon as I started the game, hopefully the toilet one is fixed too...
  12. Who's Jimmy Goldman and how do I beat him? What's his high score, can't find any info anywhere on this one!
  13. 30fps NFS Heat, no patch. Racing games at 30fps are awful. Might try Toem for an easy plat but otherwise very poor month.
  14. Just had a quick look through it, nice work! Very comprehensive and thorough guide already, thanks for putting the effort in. I will definitely be consulting it when I get started on the game proper. Good to see its not a grindy one too, I gave up on the TPH platinum because of how long it was taking but I reckon I should be able to see this one through!
  15. Nowhere near as bad as Two Point Hospital then in terms of time or difficulty. Didn't think it would be as soon as I saw the list go up. When will your guide be online? Looking forward to using it to get the plat!