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  1. This! Is there any info of the PS4 disc version having a free or any kind of upgrade to the native PS5 version? I'm not paying £55 digital to play these games on release.
  2. Ah, maybe that was it then. I went for the ranked challenge trophies first and was skipping the ones I had already played there when going for this trophy.
  3. Ah, thanks for that. I will give it a go later then, I have spammed the fire button a lot when attempting it. The level is only short so it shouldn't be too difficult to memorize the enemy locations.
  4. How do you get this trophy? The highest score I have is 23000 and that was without taking a single hit. The x2 multipliers appear all at once and don't stack and they don't seem to last an awful long time either.
  5. Done it, you do have to play all varieties of the minigames in case anyone is wondering.
  6. I have played all the party games at least once, completed missions for all the games when I checked in the menu but the trophy is not popping. Am I doing something wrong, must I play every mode within each party game? I'm stumped!
  7. Powerpyx guide is now up, 3/10 difficulty and 25 to 35 hours to complete. In line with the other Far Cry games then I guess, 150th platinum for me then no problem!
  8. Where is the PS5 version? It's due today and physical is already out here, don't even think the trophy list has been posted yet either...
  9. Divided by death is a massive pain as is getting Thanatos' favour for me. I'm also still waiting on Mageara to visit my room for the 1st time and I maxed out her hearts to the lock many runs ago. Great game but these last few trophies are a real frustrating grind waiting for correct dialogs to happen. Guess I just got to keep going, at least I can progress my keepsakes on the way!
  10. Is the DLC on disc or download code, has anybody got any info?
  11. Glad I'm not the only one who was disappointed by Undertale and Obra Dinn. I did quite enjoy Journey though. I fired up PS5 Hades a few hours ago, I think you will be better served with it. I already feel the gameplay loop is going to be a lot of fun and the game is way more action oriented than those games you mentioned. Supergiant Games have a great track record too, I loved and platinumed Bastion, Transistor and Pyre so this game was a no brainer for me as I waited patiently for the Playstation port.
  12. I have no idea what any of this means, I think it is beyond my capabilities! Thanks for looking though, hopefully someone with much greater knowledge than my humble self could do it one day as it would really help to keep track of the trophies easier seeing as there are so god damn many of them for this game and also likely to be more in the future! I have just got back into it after a long hiatus from the PS4 to the PS5 version, the entity was calling me...
  13. I saw that the PS4 version has great trophy guides, I was just wondering if anyone could link it to the PS5 version. It would be really handy if we could click the name of a trophy from our PS5 list on here and be took straight to the individual trophy guides. There is so many trophies to get for this game!
  14. Which forsaken exotic quests count for this trophy? All the guides I have seen seem outdated as they no longer count or have been vaulted in order to get this trophy. Can anyone provide an updated list as of June 2021 of which quests count for this trophy and also which is the best/easiest one to do.
  15. Fully upgraded WCX with infinite ammo is what I used. Completed Village of Shadows in 3 hours on my 3rd playthrough, wasn't difficult at all really. I was having similar money problems upgrading the STAKE too!