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  1. For the bicycle goal easiest way is to play bronze squad on world class. Get the ball up the field have a player running through in the centre then lob pass (L1+square) while your player is behind him and the one running through is onside and in the box. Pass it through then almost every time if you press L2+circle he will attempt the bicycle
  2. Best method is don't waste your time on this bs trophy. However, as stated in the trophy guide there are 3 main ways. Skip through the weeks and collect the coins from contracts, play the game and complete the challenges on the top left of the pause menu (500 coins per challenge). Finally, there is a method you can use 2 consoles and online. Check out the trophy guide though
  3. Not sure about that. However, I did notice when I tried to buy the XP contract I wasn't given the XP. To make matters worse 20 minutes later the game crashed with an error and lost all my coins I'd just grinded..
  4. The first game took me and a friend 2 hours to plat. I found the first one fun but want to know if the next two are longer.. The price is $15AUDea for the next 2 which I'm not willing to pay if they are similar to the first.
  5. Just FYI for everyone, EA put a notice upon login that it will still be obtainable after 27th Sep.
  6. My friend played them in regular games but there was 2 rage quits so I assume that's why.
  7. Just won 5/5 qualification... placed in div 6. Guess I won't ever be getting this one.
  8. I've noticed that when i use a car body the wins aren't registering and tires aren't adding kilometres when I play online. Does this mean the 500km and unlocking the last car trophies can only be done offline?
  9. Not for me.