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  1. So based on your experience the time did change back automatically? I wonder if it's possible to change the date to just before a Tuesday and then count on the automatic change to correct the time to near the end of Tuesday so you don't have to pause the game.
  2. While I would like to do the legit, 10 years is kind of absurd and I don't understand why they would change it from the original 5. Main issue is I don't see my save file being around for 10 years. Either my ps5 has to survive that long or I have to pay for psplus for 10 years to have the best chance of it not being deleted. (Woo no more USB save backups thanks Sony! #fortheplayers)
  3. Wasn't an Epic account required to play the game from season 6 onwards? That's the case for PC players at least. If you've ever linked your PSN to an epic account then I think it just does it automatically like mine did, otherwise I'm not sure what they do.
  4. I found this on the Australian store and chucked it on my wishlist, if that's what you are asking. I'd certainly expect a game released here with English screenshots to be in English. Edit: in addition, the store page says it supports English and Japanese subtitles.
  5. So for anyone who has tried this new version, does launching it lock you out of playing the old one in any way? Thinking of avoiding an immediate plat autopop if I just autopop everything I have right now and keep working on the last 2 trophies.
  6. Another one for it works for Infallible. Got insanely lucky and got the trophy on my sixth play of the mode. One guardian loss, then 3 guardian wins and two thief wins. As long as the thieves know what they are doing it seems pretty simple for them to win, but there are some good guardians too so anything can happen. In my experience not everyone knows about the button to free the thieves which was very helpful for the guardian wins. Anyway thanks for the thread OP.
  7. Yeah same, the servers are probably on their last legs anyway, either from errors or the looming danger of being shut down. Can only hope it lasts long enough for us to get awesomeness 11. Anyway, echoing what everyone else is saying, diamond cup woohoo. Good stuff getting it to over 500 participants. Gotta go for the plat now to not waste the opportunity.
  8. I happened to check the game session and saw langdons post about it, but thanks for looking out for us you legend. Gonna be nice for everyone to get this out of the way, but I'm not even awesomeness 7 yet so I guess ill be giving those who miss out the little help that one extra score on the leaderboard gives.
  9. One of those challenges they have in the 1.04 update awards 250k xp. A few more of those might be a nice help for unlocking all of the brain map skills. Not sure if I'll bother with more cosmetics, but the EX brain crush looks neat. I never tired of the SAS activation cut-ins, so even more cut-ins from your party members is all good to me. Not expecting much from new bond episodes but oh well, hope they are voiced. Sort of glad i haven't done playthrough #2 yet cause id have never come back to the game just for these updates.
  10. The game is now up on PSN by the way. Seems like there's some new owners but I'll note it here anyway.
  11. Was feeling great about this patch until i realised there's no more team modes available. A couple of those character trophies and the wins ones are gonna be much harder now, or maybe thats just me that almost never wins a solo round. Hoping they add another playlist for team or just change up the modes in the current one. With bots now available there should be no issue. Gridfall mode doesn't seem to be available either which sucks, but I never even found a match in it when it was available so no idea what it was really like.
  12. Been awhile since i played it but the bots should have 3 difficulty settings. If you tap the medal next to their names itll change between bronze, silver, and gold difficulties for that bot, with bronze being the easiest.
  13. Should be in your player stats. Iirc its listed as total wins and win ratio, so you can just work it out with that.
  14. Yeah I'm inclined to believe theres a little bit more going on for them. I wondered if it was something like they would count but the trophy would only pop with a normal first place win, but that doesnt make sense. I saw someone say it popped as soon as they crossed the finish line, so i also wondered if a team match wont count if you cross the finish line or get wrecked before the match is over, which would make deathmatches the way to go. Only theory I can think of outside of its just buggy, which it probably is if people are having issues with getting wrecked 100 times. In hindsight i wish i recorded my match results now.
  15. Sweet, good to hear I wasn't wasting my time hahah. In that case I really am surprised the team lobbies aren't mentioned more, or at all in the trophy guide on here. The team lobbies are by far the funnest ones in my opinion, since I have an excuse for ramming people off the track as 'helping the team'. Still, it did feel like I was part of the winning team more than 20 times, but 20 can still take awhile I guess so oh well.