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  1. Been awhile since i played it but the bots should have 3 difficulty settings. If you tap the medal next to their names itll change between bronze, silver, and gold difficulties for that bot, with bronze being the easiest.
  2. Should be in your player stats. Iirc its listed as total wins and win ratio, so you can just work it out with that.
  3. Yeah I'm inclined to believe theres a little bit more going on for them. I wondered if it was something like they would count but the trophy would only pop with a normal first place win, but that doesnt make sense. I saw someone say it popped as soon as they crossed the finish line, so i also wondered if a team match wont count if you cross the finish line or get wrecked before the match is over, which would make deathmatches the way to go. Only theory I can think of outside of its just buggy, which it probably is if people are having issues with getting wrecked 100 times. In hindsight i wish i recorded my match results now.
  4. Sweet, good to hear I wasn't wasting my time hahah. In that case I really am surprised the team lobbies aren't mentioned more, or at all in the trophy guide on here. The team lobbies are by far the funnest ones in my opinion, since I have an excuse for ramming people off the track as 'helping the team'. Still, it did feel like I was part of the winning team more than 20 times, but 20 can still take awhile I guess so oh well.
  5. So I'm curious if anyone can 100% confirm that being on the winning team counts? I've spent the past few days playing this and I'm awful at it, so a lot of my time was spent in team lobbies. I wasn't recording my match results but I feel like I didn't actually come first in 20 rounds (though its possible, I have spent 20 hours playing), but If team wins count I would definitely say I got enough wins. The multiplayer trophy popped after i won a FFA deathmatch so I unfortunately can't confirm that being on the winning team can pop that trophy. Just some of the earlier replies here seem vague on whether they came first or not too, but they probably did mean being on the winning team.
  6. I've been finding matches easily the past few days, however today and yesterday I haven't been able to find a match in the Carnado 8v8 mode which is annoying. I'm enjoying this game way more than I ever expected. The production value of it is kind of drawing me in and it feels quite polished, even if it's a bit bare on the actual content. It has just enough Dualsense use for my liking too. Hope it can have enough of a life so I could at least consider going for the plat. I definitely wouldn't be opposed to something like adding bots to multiplayer matches though, both to make more matches possible and to make trophies a bit easier to grab.
  7. I cant say if its a PS5 issue, but I've had Modern Warfare 2 campaign crash 3 times on me during the 'Wolverines!' defend burger town mission. It might just be that mission, i wouldn't know since i haven't been able to pass it yet lol. Might be cause I spend a long time on the level cause i'm playing on veteran and i suck at it.
  8. I pretty much totally agree with the title and OP post, but im still gonna make mayo a milestone 50th or 100th plat or something just for the power move, whenever i get to those numbers one day. Not in it for the plat and trophy numbers, but after that many plats it just feels right to play and add something trash like mayo.
  9. Thanks for that de_digibeet. Completing so many areas feel like a daunting task but with all the tips in this thread i feel a little better about it!
  10. If anyone could provide input here i'm wondering how i should be managing my spirits to have the best chance of completion. I currently have 106 slots and 105 unique spirits, 38 C, 45 UC, 17 R, and 5 SR. Would the best actions be to sell the commons and merge most of the UC into the Rs and SRs? At 43 completed areas with 59410 stones and 16738 points if that changes anything. Thanks for the already given tips guys.