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  1. Is the online still up for this game?
  2. Ok. I need to respawn the dragon anyways for a trophy so I can try for the I Need a Mint trophy again then.
  3. During my fight against the ender dragon I managed to fill a bottle with dragons breath, yet for some reason the trophy didn't end up popping for me. Is it given after the fight is over or did I do something wrong?
  4. Does anyone have a world that has access to the End? I'm looking at getting the two trophies The End? and The End which I need for the platinum.
  5. If anyone knows of a guide I can find for this can you please let me know where I can find it? It's the last stage I have left to do for all 3 honeycombs and it's very difficult to do without using the Bee Bomber tower (as that is the requirement for the 3rd honeycomb).
  6. I'm thinking of getting Future Tone DX digitally but I'm not sure if any of the trophies will autopop after carrying over my save file from the standard version of Future Tone.
  7. I'm asking what the requirement is in order to get into chapter 9 and chapter 10 so that I can go for the last lovey dovey ending I need to get the Mr Popular trophy. I thought that it would put me there after losing Cerberus in chapter 8, but I ended up with a game over instead.
  8. Would PreSequel also be possible to cross-save from PS4 to PS3?
  9. Which trophy in particular is the one that everyone is talking about in regards to needing the dlc?
  10. Are there no detailed guides available for this game? I'm finding myself struggling on some levels due to the 3rd honeycomb requirement to the point that I want a guide to follow, but I can never find any that meets the requirement.
  11. Whatever it ends up being I'll be getting it for sure when it eventually releases.
  12. I saw that there are two different trophy lists for the english version. How will I know which list I'll have if I get the game digitally from the vita store?
  13. I want to get this before it gets delisted but it doesn't show up in the Australian psn store when I search for it (only the time trial demo shows up).
  14. I saw the announcement that this game is being delisted at the end of June. I was just wondering if this game has any online trophies or online components that helps make some of the trophies a bit easier to obtain.