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  1. I came across this around 2 years ago, and it was a case where "é" was turned into "é": As a much more isolated example, it's much easier to find information about it:
  2. Pierce Fulton - Noon Gun Heard this on Jaytech's podcast for this month (and year).
  3. Presumably yes, as usually when it has a reason to go down on one platform, then the same would apply to other platforms, and here it is speculated that it could be due to licensing. Historically, SEGA games like OutRun Online Arcade and SEGA Rally Online Arcade have been delisted. The mentioned date of 24th December is also the time of the week when the stores are usually updated. Yeah, usually delisted games are still redownloadable on PSN. I know that SEGA Rally Online Arcade was still redownloadable on PSN after it went down, but on XBLA people reported that they were actually unable to redownload it! I agree!
  4. According to lifelower, After Burner Climax will be discontinued on the 24th of December this year: So, if you're interested in getting After Burner Climax, these last two weeks look to be your last chance!
  5. Sorry, that post was more than 2.5 years old, so I don't have them anymore. ---- I have HEAPS of new eBay listings up: Several easy platinums, several hard platinums, a few rare games, a few trophy-stacking games... it's all over the place! As well, there is a combined postage discount.
  6. kzwtmy - Midnight Boost I found out about kzwtmy in the first quarter of 2013 (from searching about FL Studio Easter Eggs), and his videos have certain memories for me from that year. Midnight Boost is my favourite track by him.
  7. Ordered a Logitech M-BT96a mouse for 26.89AUD. The logo on this one is already 2/3 faded, which is good, as I hate the logo.
  8. 4one - Kaze This is an amazing track. I first came across 4one about 7 years ago in FL Studio 7, and I first came across this track 1 year ago when I was searching more about other music by artists of FL Studio demo tracks.
  9. Willem de Roo - Velvet Destiny (Original Mix) Willem de Roo - Velvet Destiny (Sequentia Remix) Willem de Roo - Velvet Destiny (Lost Connection) Willem de Roo's best release by far. (too bad that most of his other stuff sucks though)
  10. Today I got that 1TB internal HDD to replace my Toshiba Satellite A350 stock internal HDD. I'm gonna copy any needed files, replace the HDD, and install Debian Jessie with KDE (I first used KDE with BackTrack 5 a few years ago and I loved it). Windows loses another user EDIT: *sigh* That was extremely more problematic than Windows. I have WAY too many complaints to list - mainly against KDE. I love my Windows Vista and its perfect Windows classic theme. I would gladly deal with Windows annoyances for this. Anyway, I have some further deciding to do.
  11. Jaytech - New Vibe (Original Mix) Jaytech - New Vibe (Giran's Old Vibe Mix) Jaytech - New Vibe (Album Version) Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah... My favourite is the Album Version. BTW check out this:
  12. Some say to do 2 playthroughs (one on rookie and another on elite), and I followed that but that was the wrong move and I would suggest to just do it on elite first as it's no problem and this game is utter garbage you DO NOT want to play through it twice. Also, here are couple of miscellaneous tips: A pretty cool feature of this game is that the map is designed to aid you in shooting off-screen enemies, so that's an emphasised tactic in this game. You can just hold R2 on the default gun because it reloads so fast anyway and has unlimited ammo.
  13. I had a text file of tips, so I thought that I'd post them here and make a thread about it for everyone to share tips; here's what I had noted down: I only bothered upgrading rifle and secondaries (grenades/flares/mines/dynamite.... molotovs as well, but they're mostly a last resort) and later on get and upgrade the launcher also and blade canon if you want those two are good, and it's good to save money for the later levels, and it's easy to do that if you get all the loot. It doesn't matter if you have so much money, there is no need to spend it (I finished game with over 700000 gold)... more weapons, more problems, so in weapons, go quality > quantity. For the Mouths, if you keep shooting them with the rifle, they won't be able to scream because at any enemy you shoot, it disables them (they can't run and that) for a small timeframe. If you can get zombies to come through a narrow gap, it's very cool tactic to just spray the rifle through that gap and accuracy is pretty much guaranteed. You can switch weapons and switch back quickly whilst reloading to insta-reload. When you're at a checkpoint and there are zombies behind you, you might be able to get them with a grenade... grenades cost 1000, and if there are more than a few zombies that cost should easily be more than covered. Make sure your screen is bright enough... it helps. For doing coöp, you can do it local... just use explosive to kill the second player so you can move on always, and it's easy on braindead. Remember that flares can be useful in dark areas. You can run through most sections, which is what I do. Melee is extremely useful and is very oft a lifesaver! Get good armor on your grim playthrough, it will help much for morbid. Endurance and agility are the best stats.
  14. Jaytech - Multiverse
  15. Just bought a 1-year domain registration ^^