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  1. I really want to Platinum Borderlands the Pre-Sequel but it looks like a lot of work to do solo...

    1. PooPooBlast


      Right there with you but if you have one buddy with two controllers and you have two controllers as well then it becomes a piece of cake. 


      Honestly the only challenge that I see is to beat that mission with 4 other players which can be solved by doing it with the above method.  Once that's out of the way you're pretty much golden. 

  2. Anyone know Japanese?...

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    2. SunnyCrappyYT


      @AlchemistWer Look at the Imgur link he sent. Also, they were probably to try and find what it meant.

    3. Punisher_XWX


      Thanks Xillia and SunnyCrapyYT for your help, oh and LuciaRosethorn the tabs are just my research :P...

    4. Xillia


      "Research" huh? :giggle:

  3. The fuck is the point of a Discord...

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    2. Punisher_XWX


      Yeah I was trying to help a guy out in this game but he wouldn't even add me unless I joined his stupid Discord to chat like your just making me do all this unnecessary shit just to help YOU out, ugh it was just stupid... 

    3. PooPooBlast


      Yep! I've seen many sessions here like that. Oh well, in those times I just create my session to gather those who feel the same way as I do. 

    4. Punisher_XWX


      Yeah I get what you mean...

  4. Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare is going to have zombies instead of extinction, fuck that not interested anymore...

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    2. Punisher_XWX


      No!, they should have stayed with extinction...

    3. SkyesUnholy


      Yeah, extinction was decent if you actually give it a chance and get used to it. Like I said before, they pretty much set themselves up for extinction again too with their setting

    4. Punisher_XWX


      I know it was perfect but they fucked it up...

  5. If you buy Black Ops III on last gen, you're just a complete idiot...

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    2. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      Because they cut out the campaign and only have the MP? Eh not interested in it either ways.

    3. NotAFoxAnymore


      Yeah it's just multiplayer and zombies, which I know is the bulk of the game but it's still heavy to charge the same price when a large aspect of the game is missing

    4. Punisher_XWX


      I agree with Turtle, it's a complete scam...

  6. Zolina watches weird movies...

  7. Jak and Daxter isn't as good as everyone says, I give it a 5/10...

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    2. Jak


      In your personal opinion, yes, generally and imo, (hell) no. (Little to no cutscenes doesnt mean a game's story sucks. Good stories arent determined by the capacity of cutscenes and its quality and even animations. By your logic, most other cartoony games like Crash would also have a "bad" story.)

    3. Jak


      As for gameplay, theres a difference between bad/sucks gameplay and simple, straightforward gameplay. J&D gameplay factually does not suck, its just mostly basic and simple, which isnt necessarily bad, especially for a 2001 PS2 game. Also, gameplay includes all related plays, not just the universal ones you can use at anytime.

    4. Punisher_XWX


      Story what story?, It's super short, plain, and boring, The Unfinished Swan, The Swapper, and Thomas Was Alone had a much better story than Jak and Daxter and those games are real short...

  8. Can you really not spell Platinum right are you fucking serious I mean come on...
  9. I want to get the Destiny Platinum but the fact that I need people for one trophy just throws me away...

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    2. Takara


      There's a few which will require assistance from other players / friends. The one I'm guessing he's referring to is " Flawless Raider - Complete a Raid without anyone in your fireteam dying. "

    3. Punisher_XWX


      Yes that one I have trouble playing with others so I prefer games that I can complete solo...

    4. Takara


      I can completely understand that - unless you have a close-knit group of friends trophies like this are near impossible to play with 'randomers'..

  10. What the fuck someone actually likes this game as much as me, well I'm pretty sure I like it more I've reached Max Prestige twice on multiplayer and Max Prestige on Extinction on one account with over 650 escapes and currently on 17th Prestige on this account having over 800 escapes in total...
  11. Just got the GTA IV Platinum mostly solo yet again, fuck yeah...

    1. Aela


      Fuck yeah!

    2. dernop


      congrats! to be honest, i didn't even know the plat was obtainable again (because of the online stuff). good to know ;)

    3. Punisher_XWX


      Thanks, yeah they brought the servers back up months ago...

  12. Call of Duty Ghosts - over 1,500 hours...
  13. ...
  14. I did but for some reason it just wouldn't publish and then someone made one as soon as I was able to so it was to late. I even messaged the dude who made it and asked to help but I never got a response...