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  1. i nee help getting the maestro trophy
  2. nice good luck and if you need help send me a message for now its monster hunter hunter world time lol
  3. anybody trying to get 100% on dissiddia? also sorry if i spelled it wrong too
  4. that means its going to be almost impossible to get the plat. i need to find friends to get the plat. damn oh well time to get better lol good luck to everyone i know its from the arcade but still i was hoping it was going to be like the last dissidia. graphics are cool the gameplay is nice but they could have added more game modes too. and yeah too ranked matches i got destroyed lol
  5. anyone playing rock band 4 

  6. waiting is hard

    1. Jak


      I've been waiting for almost 5yrs... and it has certainly been hard all throughout :'(

  7. hey everybody this is my first post i was mostly nervous on what to post since im not good at thinking stuff so i went simple on asking So have you guys ever felt regret or regret spending a lot of time playing games? for me mmmmmmmmmmm nah lol i had alot of fun playing n bonding with other people with games sometimes i just people play games or join them i love video games and people might say it kills your social life oh well lol but no never regret playing games even if im busy i still find time to play its not that i don't want to grow up it just became a part of me my whole life
  8. well it started with the 360 all my friends got achievements and i wished i had them in the ps3 and show off to my friends and well they are fun to get and you get a good feeling when you ace it depending on the game lol i got easy plat but those were a must lol
  9. eating a potato

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. y6ner


      too much can make your head grow big lol

    3. CaTofWaRxMiKu04


      Eating a Carrot :P heeeey you need only 2 more platinums to surpass me D: although, you're still no good . nooob :PxD

    4. y6ner


      i will surpass you master :P

  10. 1. Assassin creed rogue 2. the godfather 2 3. Murdered soul suspect 4. dead or alive ultimate 5. dead or alive last round 6. army of two devil cartel 7. god of war 2 8.tekken tag tournament 2 9. sleeping dogs 10.Dragon age origins 11. sims 3 12.harry potter and the deadly hallows part 1 wow i did a lot lol
  11. go to the gym but instead im eating tamales
  12. all sports games i don't hate them they just get in my way of trophies lol
  13. a random cat showed me lol. its really good i been on other websites but so far this is the best one n its really cool meeting other gamers
  14. well just be yourself n treat her right n respect her sure there are going to be teasing n name calling lol n make her happy in anyway you can her happiness is the most important thing and make her smile whenever you can n be there for her n don't tell her everything or else she'll remind u of it every chance she gets lol -./. its just my opinion n it sounds simple but its not lol
  15. i hate being lied getting judge only by my looks misunderstood and other stuff i don't feel like sharing