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  1. I’d like to unlock the trophy with Fuku-san but I’m towards the end of the game and I spend my time all day at the harbour, any suggestions?
  2. Wow cool!!
  3. I think it is good that they support this game, because it's really great and it never gets old. I love when companies still invest on their games and not releasing the same game for years to come. And plus, DLCs are free.
  4. After a quick Google reseach, I choose Tsuyoshi Hayabusa. Tsuyoshi means strong, righteous, peace-loving. I mean, that's everything the MC has! Meanwhile, Hayabusa stands for "strong and fast" for his ability to move quick inside Palaces. I love this name and it fits well in the character's personality. I give only japanese names to Persona MCs! hope you like it
  5. Yeah I have six hidden trophies, generally I do not hidden anything, but most of them were unlocked by friends that played with my account on. Recently I have played to GTA V but on my profile it's stucked at 28%, I've never tried any other game before that.
  6. As the title says, my PSNprofile page is not updating anymore, even if I sycronized the latest trophies with my internet connection... What's wrong with it? Any suggestion? Anyone had the same issue? Thank you, any help will be appreciated!
  7. Add me and write that you are from here Elhaym1709
  8. 3 hours into it, free roaming with Kiryu all around Fukuoka!! *_* Any chance to see an english walkthrough for the platinum? It seems easier that Yakuza 4, but I'm not sure. I don't wanna any pachinko related trophy japanese people may find it easy, but not for me. LoL
  9. Yeah exactly Yakuza 5 is gonna be my only download. I'm not interested in other games on the list! (Maybe I'd give a shot for Patapon 3) The price is ridicolously high for a digital release that came out one year ago. :/ I'm waiting for FF7 price drop... 16 euros for a 1997 game!? Hell no.
  10. Wow! Is it coming on the European tour as well? I've played it on my PS2, back in 2012, just one year after I discovered David Cage's beautiful gems. I have Heavy Rain plat, the Beyond plat... I wanna grab this one asap and with Detroit I'll close the circle. Brilliant! And I do remember a song from the OST: Santa Monica by Theory of a Deadman. Very cool song, I had it on my iPod back then
  11. I didn't notice it, I went forward to the Yakuza 5 game threads without finding any reference about "being free on Ps+". So, I opened a new topic. You can close it
  12. Yeah, that's right! Yakuza 5 will be free for Ps Plus members on August! I saved the money for this game, I'm so glad that it's going to be free, maybe because of the lack of sales outside Japan :/ (Btw, in case you don't know, Yakuza 0 will be available in Europe on January 2017!) Here the news: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2016/07/27/playstation-plus-free-games-for-august-2016/
  13. Got the trophy! Thanks for the tips! ^^
  14. Thank you guys, I'll give it a try one more time...
  15. I have issues with this trophy and it's annoying as fuck. Not because of the glitches and stuff, the girl is goddamn SLOW. I deleted the save data, restart the game, keep smashing the O button. I dunno what else I'm gonna do... My time is around 00:58, 00:59... help!