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  1. Same thing with SMB.
  2. Yes you can. That's what I did when I borrowed a friend's vita before he sold it.
  3. Finally got the plat. I got 'clutch' trophy after trying it continously then it popped in the loading screen. If it helps the last thing I tried is The Streets: World Tour. It didn't pop right ahead but after some minutes it unlocked in the loading screen.
  4. He said the trophy popped in the main menu after 5 minutes of doing it. Tried several times but nothing happened.
  5. Majority of the glitched trophies are now fixed thanks to patch 1.07. Sadly I still have problem with 'CLUTCH'.
  6. Congrats! The quest has finally come to an end. 62,061 deaths doesn't mean a thing. You're a champion! 😀
  7. This week's AMA only answer to trophy/achievement issue.
  8. I'm 2 levels away from supposed to be 'platinum trophy'. I'll just grind it and move on to RDR2 if it's not fixed soon.
  9. It's an 'Ask Me Anything' thread by the devs so yeah I thought more songs would be great lol. Patch just dropped yesterday but that still isn't the one we need.
  10. The answer is 42.
  11. I guess this is better than nothing.
  12. PS4 - NBA Live 19, Street Fighter V, Any Telltale 😈 PS3 - Red Dead Redemption, Any Telltale 😈 PS Vita - More Telltales 😈😈😈
  13. I'm very sorry I didn't manage to get a single trophy. I got so tired and overslept.
  14. Live Run is getting boring and boring now. I wish exp was just 1 mill too. 😂