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  1. Yes
  2. If you set up just two players and both pick power play immideately and both answer as fast as you can in multiple choice questions, it will be faster.
  3. June Two Point Hospital Resident Evil 2 Remake
  4. It still works offline. I entered the code and wondered how to rescue as I'm fairly new to the game but with luck I got to this place and got the trophy. It also gave me an OP sword and shield.
  5. May 1. Control 2. Crash Trilogy
  6. April Dreams 😜 I Am Bread/ Surgeon Simulator
  7. I maxed my stats before I got lucky with the final match in Top Contender division. Just close the app when you lose so you can retry the match.
  8. March Rise of theTomb Raider PUBG
  9. Use this instead:
  10. 1.You're not doomed. You just need to play another career and wait for the challenge to appear there. 2. Everything in male and female equipments but got my trophy with 6 more items to be bought. 3. Same to you.
  11. You have to move on.
  12. 1. I failed a challenge which is Top Spin way before. It's the only challenge I haven't passed and it does not spawn anymore. I skipped like 15 seasons just to see if it spawns. Is it certain that it will not spawn again? Am I doomed? Is there anyway I can get the trophy without redoing everything? 2. Do I have to buy everything in male and female equipments or just those that dont have exact copy on the other gender? 3. Happy New Year!
  13. Trophy will pop only if you get to the point where you are on the long credits scene and fall to the platform to actually get back to the start of the game. If you installed the current patch then you need to start from first level up to ice level.
  14. This dude. 😄
  15. February Days Gone Devil May Cry 4