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  1. Wow! Thank you! Arigato gozaimuch!
  2. When the games on your wishlist are on sale, and the only budget left is for food.
  3. It helped me. Thank you. I got the trophy today. I've been trying to do it since Mortal Kombat 4 tower was released. And I am trying to Brutality everyone until Stage 10 and nothing happens. I followed your video using Takeda and it still wont spawn. What I tried to do was use Sub Zero like in your video and voila it spawned. Thank you so sir.
  4. If i remember correctly. I just played 3 consecutive Brawls of the Week matches and I got it.
  5. Looking for a trade with my Certified Assist (not vet) item to Certified item but easier to Vet. I wanted something easier like goal, shot in goal, center, win. Send me a message on psn. Thanks a lot *Got what I wanted
  6. "Your wife is interested in photography, nudge nudge!" - Oh Sir! Insult Simulator
  7. The Last of Us 😊
  8. But can we do this?
  9. If it's $1 I'll take it.
  10. Wow thank you!
  11. Trash 😂
  12. Does anyone here got a spare 20% discount code for US PSN store? I wanted to buy God of War but my money is a little short.

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    2. reckscollie


      Oops. Too bad. Hmm but will the price go higher after release?

    3. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      No it won't dood

    4. reckscollie


      Thanks dood. :)

  13. A. 🇵🇭
  14. Great guide.Highly recommended.