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  1. I tried this method and sure it works for a longer period of time but still didn't get it. I don't know what is happening as I have clocked in 100 hours just this past week while I'm sleeping. I did not include previous time that I'm using Stage 1. This thing may have glitched for me.
  2. Thank you for testing it for us.
  3. Ahh now I get what you are asking. All achievements can be unlocked during the 10-hour EA Access trial (although weirdly not trophies on the PS4).
  4. Trohies can be unlocked in EA Access/EA Play. However, there is no UFC 4 yet in the catalog. I'm waiting for it too. 😁
  5. My vote goes to Furi.
  6. Done. Hope it helped.
  7. Thanks. You're breathtaking.
  8. No stats tracking. But every end of the level there is time stat where you can manually write in a piece of paper or anywhere you want to.
  9. Very nice.Big PP!
  10. Really? I'm sorry I didn't know.
  11. Pattern is for sale right now for 3 crowns.
  12. Very nice. Big PP energy.
  13. Hi there, I would like to submit my list. ~... One with Everything (NBA 2k15) UR # 3.3 (Broken Age) A Academy Award (Olliolli 2) UR B Beyond Live (NBA Live 18) UR C Cosmic Baller (Starwhal) UR D DOA 5 Master (Dead or Alive 5) UR E Everything's Ruined (Super Exploding Zoo) F Federated (Call of Duty: Ghosts) UR G Grand Master Wizard (Tricky Towers) UR H Hall of Fame (3on3 Freestyle) UR I I am Bread (I am Bread) UR J Julius Ceasar (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood) UR K Kit and Kaboodle (NBA 2k20) UR L Los Santos Legend (GTA V) UR M Master of the Octagon (UFC 2) UR N No Problem (WRC 3) O Obtain all trophies (Lemmings Touch) UR P Platinum Trophy (Furi) UR Q R Road Redemptiom (UR) S Super Meat Boy (Super Meat Boy) UR T There is Nothing More to Teach (Surgeon Simulator) UR U Ultimate Played the Game (Lumo) UR V Valedictorian (Bully) W Worms Elite (Worms Battleground) UR X Y You Done Good (Bastion) Z Zenith (Street Fighter X Tekken) UR non-english 極めし者 (Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines) UR
  14. Don't go bowling with Roman.