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  1. To the ones who got their Zombie Viking code and doesn't want it, please send me the code via message. LoL
  2. I'm sorry for saying forever. 😥
  3. I'm having troubles on this trophy to unlock. I have done in 7 times with RED health on last life on Ranked 1v1 but no trophy. Am I doing something wrong? Edit: Got it on 15th time. Made me sad for a bit.
  4. I suggest Titan Souls. My target 100th plat GTA V is also an Ultra Rare Plat.
  5. Could really use some credits for the Christmas Sale.
  6. I just started yesterday. LOL.
  7. I'm very sorry I made you feel that way. This was my first post in here and I never read this thread again. But at least I said there was a fix on youtube so I think it was not really "zero explain". Maybe a "1/100 explain" 😂. Anyway the fix I used is the video below.
  8. Do you wanna know the differenceBetween a weak burgerAnd a burger that has strength?A burger that has strengthA weak burger, you can chew and still talkA burger with strength, you chewAnd the meat just absorbs all the spaceAnd all the air possible all in your throatTo the point that if you wanted to start talkin'Nothin' but mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mmIs comin' outWordSkimmalarinky dinky dinkSkimmalarinky dooI love you, you-you, you(Oh my dayum)
  9. Oh my goodness, oh my dayumThis is how bacon is supposed to beThe fries, they blend so perfectlyThe cheese up in here is goin' hamDayum, dayum, dayum
  10. 511 is the winning number according to Neil DeGrasse Tyson.
  11. But at least you got it now. Time to move on and hunt some more. Maybe try to play AdVenture Capitalist next. Easy F2P 100%.
  12. I personally enjoyed playing this game. Simple yet addicting. Trophies were not the main purpose of games anyway. Don't get too angry about it. It's bad for your health. 🙂
  13. Because it's november and you know what that means. It should be halloween themed. Something scary, something suspense. A horror game. Something like GTA V!!!!!
  14. He will only be wiped if he plays Little Deviants while online. If he wants to help, let him know to never get online while playing Little Deviants until he fully understands how this whole thing goes.