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  1. thanks for generosity, i'm waiting for UT3.Disk to arrive (in a 2+ weeks), finding PS3 is not a problem, they are easily available from local market, and thanks for the tip. and good luck trophy-hunting =)
  2. Yay!! Platinum is obtainable =) after half-day of setting up secondary pc for dedicated dns-server + gonespy its finally working, and bots already won few matches. now i only need to find second PS3, second copy of UT3 and a patch-cord (i think the whole process of setting up and running server deserves a trophy for inexperienced user)
  3. i suggest it will be another grind-fest like DW7-DW8, 70-90 hours, nothing really hard, but i read a lot of reviews says this game has serious performance issues on PS4/Slim and that could make it even worse
  4. Falcom Sound Team, rocks as usual
  5. can anyone tell how to get it?
  6. sorry for my stupidity, i thought you must stay on circle(pad) to activate terminal, but you need to move slightly up to stay on top of display for "x" appear. got it. thanks
  7. terminal is not working on Vita, and recover with money (50k revive) does not work either (
  8. add, inspired by the post above:
  9. #1 Alucard from "Symphony of the Night" #2 Ramza from "Final Fantasy Tactics" #3 Balthier from "Final Fantasy XII" #4 Denam from "Tactics Ogre" #5 Ashley from "Vagrant Story"
  10. Monkey King (2014), and Monkey King 2(2016), really nice movies
  11. Undertale, Berserk and Godseekers
  12. Watched Balderunner (classic one, because i don't go to local theaters, will wait for home media), are new Bladerunner 2049 any good? because old one was absolutely amazing. and there so much Nier feeling there btw =)
  13. enjoying my trophy-less month ~^_^~