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  1. I got my retail copy last days (Hakuna Matata - KOREAN version, but English import) from Amazon.uk, it cost me almost 50 euro. 😰 The game is too expansive, rare and really unique, I like it many much from the release. But... sadly this version have NO trophy support, I finish dozen of missions and nothing pop out?! Incidently, is there any method or solution to get all trophies? P.S. I read today that online services are determinated in august 2010 - if this can be any reason to not recieved trophies? Saw this: No trophy patch! And this too: Asian version have no trophy list! + No trophy patch at all in Hakuna Matata! I was wrong, i had to read here and in the PST forum before making a purchase... 😓
  2. I want to buy some titles from both NA sales which end on 22.5, but can not find $10 cards in stock at official stores like Amazon .... Any ideas which sites are trusted & legit to check them in and buy it from there with no worries?
  3. GREAT FRIEND... just to say it!  🙃

    1. Piramidoglowy


      Why, thank you. I didn't expect you saying that. 'specially that I haven't done anything to deserve it :)

  4. More than a month and still can't get this G.D.F. ridicolous trophy... The last and only left for that Plat! 😒
  5. I will play as long as there are trophy & online support, while there are boost sessions and while I meet with friends and randoms in specific games ... And as long as I can get PLATs of so many titles I have not bought yet.... 😋
  6. Is there any chance moderator or admin to ''adopt'' this topic and continue with UPdates to keep it alive, instead to dump it in the archive like others?
  7. Yesterday from EA forums: Topic 1 "King for a day" Trophy/Achievement needed for Platinum Topic 2 Autolog issues. I can't see times of friends on Speedwall. Help! If any1 can confirm this or eventually to do test with some other EA game will be Great for all to know more info, explanations and positive results...?!
  8. For the record - I get it naturally around 50-60% of the progress and close to 40hours trophy.
  9. Thanx for this topic fellas!
  10. Sorry for the lame Q, but is it necessary active PS+ to get Saintified on PS4?
  11. Hello!  Thanks following my activities. 


    Does your comment about not eating animals mean you're a vegan?  I'm interested in veganism.  If you practice, tell me about some of your favor foods.  :) 

    1. Vynzen


      Yep, I'm on VEGAN side around 2 years. 🙂

      My favorite foods R all vegies/fruits, juices, nuts, flours, grainс, ice creams,

      chees, milks, yogurts from rice, soy, bean, almonds, etc.  I living in coutnry that to be/or try to be a Vegan is very difficult, but continue fighti every single day! 😌


      What about u?

    2. IntroPhenom


      Nice.  I am seguing into veganism, slowly.  I've given up dairy and poultry, but still do occasionally eat red meat or bacon.  I'm experimenting with different vegan recipes, and once I have a good amount, I'll try and ditch the meat altogether.  Options abound where I live, so I'm lucky in that regard.  Almost every grocery store has a 'natural food' section, and quite a few vegan restaurants are around. 

    3. Vynzen


      It's difficult and slow process, definite, Things get extremely heavy when you do not have a lot of choices or certain options. For me, veganism is not only about stopping  consumption of any animal products, but also for Global conservation of water, air, land, animals and plants. here we are talking about limiting the use of many other things from everyday life, it's not just food!  I dedicate myself to an organization like https://www.worldwildlife.org/ ; http://www.seashepherd.org/ ; http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/  of course not backwards and less of https://www.rspca.org.uk/home ; https://www.peta.org/  ; http://www.ifaw.org ; https://www.aspca.org/ ; https://www.aspca.org/ and so many more around the World!  Some of the WORLD'S GREATEST HEROES http://www.onegreenplanet.org/animalsandnature/10-incredible-animal-protection-heroes/ too...  ♥️

  12. After I've watched the trailer I'm pretty sure that dlc will have a trophy list!?!
  13. Same here... 👍
  14. I will following this thread for futures development, it's interesting! P.S. I already gave my first feedbacks to a past session!
  15. AceSoloMcCloud, man... It's shame that you don't work there, probably could save some gamers souls in the world! 😎