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  1. I'll try it ... again. F***in really hope so this time to work and get done with this crappy sh***y trophy, to take the PLAT and DELETE this BS game forever!
  2. Started @ 26.10 monday morning, on 28.10 evening I already have 4 screw collecting scrap and this morning get it: P.S. I also work, eat, sleep, doing daily stuff and somehow it's seems that could be achieved for 4-6 days with no worries...
  3. As Mad Max and Middle Earth - Shadow of Mordor this will be gone forever... (@ least 1st two had a deadline)
  4. A little Masterpiece. Completely worth it. Highly recommend. Especially for beautyful, nice aand quick PLAT.
  5. It's ok already, was in Wastelang category.
  6. Fellas, I have a weird situation... I hop in Settings > Legen and check out carefully the titles and desriptions on absolutely all challenges. Thers is ''A Penny Saved - Earn 500 scrap from Scrap Crews'' (which I already completed), but there is NO/ NOTHING /NIENTE /ZERO/ NADA so called ''Dividend - Earn 2000 scrap from Scrap Crews'' in the whole list. No line, no description, just absolutely nothing... What am I missing? 🤓
  7. off - Memories from my childhood...
  8. My couple of cents above, beside these I got a few more on discs and digital which I haven't even installed (like TDU2, Prince of Persia series, etc...) A lot of time and efforts to put in, so some day... I hope so. 😂
  9. One Percenter
  10. Naah... Next time (year or 2).
  11. All DLCs r include there.
  12. Im in the game already, it's amazing title.
  13. D1... Too many good titles for PS3/PS4 ''sit on the line'' waiting for my atention. so I will skip PS5 atm.
  14. I just got lvl 40 today, so waiting for S2 to see how it'll goes....
  15. I'm near to win 7... in the future. 😎