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  1. Ok, got it. Thanx, pal.
  2. Hi, Can u give a link? I tried with many words in search filter @ the store, but couldn't find it. Still... 😕 Regards!
  3. Thanks a lot, friend.
  4. Gameplay Grand Theft Auto III - 100% / Is That all You've Got? Trophy Guide Walkthrough Demon's Souls - Full Trophy Walkthrough Niche Subnautica Trophy Guide DLC Driveclub - Tour DLC Trophy Guide Formatting The Last of Us Part II Trophy Guide Imported 真・女神転生 III NOCTURNE HD REMASTER Trophy Guide Original Content Creaks Trophy Guide
  5. I'll try it ... again. F***in really hope so this time to work and get done with this crappy sh***y trophy, to take the PLAT and DELETE this BS game forever!
  6. Started @ 26.10 monday morning, on 28.10 evening I already have 4 screw collecting scrap and this morning get it: P.S. I also work, eat, sleep, doing daily stuff and somehow it's seems that could be achieved for 4-6 days with no worries...
  7. As Mad Max and Middle Earth - Shadow of Mordor this will be gone forever... (@ least 1st two had a deadline)
  8. A little Masterpiece. Completely worth it. Highly recommend. Especially for beautyful, nice aand quick PLAT.
  9. It's ok already, was in Wastelang category.
  10. Fellas, I have a weird situation... I hop in Settings > Legen and check out carefully the titles and desriptions on absolutely all challenges. Thers is ''A Penny Saved - Earn 500 scrap from Scrap Crews'' (which I already completed), but there is NO/ NOTHING /NIENTE /ZERO/ NADA so called ''Dividend - Earn 2000 scrap from Scrap Crews'' in the whole list. No line, no description, just absolutely nothing... What am I missing? 🤓
  11. off - Memories from my childhood...
  12. My couple of cents above, beside these I got a few more on discs and digital which I haven't even installed (like TDU2, Prince of Persia series, etc...) A lot of time and efforts to put in, so some day... I hope so. 😂
  13. One Percenter
  14. Naah... Next time (year or 2).
  15. All DLCs r include there.