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  1. If this is the site: http://www.sonyrewards.com/ it don't open to me, I'm in EU.
  2. I personally don't support any pirate/ hack/ screw/ fcku/ bypass/ glitch/ steal/ lie/ etc... methods to do this! Sadly that we (last ones) lost some plats for some amazing games like these, but that's the life... For good or bad. Otherwise, I apologize for that Q's in old topic here, but can any1 explain me what's exactly the difference btw these 4 versions of the game and which one to pick up (will buy it on retail disc, phisicaly, from local friend on ultra cheap price), because I want to get max possible trophies up to date and enjoy the game on full time: Gran Turismo 5: PrologueGran Tursimo 5Gran Turismo 5: Collector's EditionGran Turismo 5: Academy Edition
  3. It can't be for nothing Platinum Trophy
  4. RDR 2 theme
  5. 😀 A Way Out 😤 Grand Theft Auto IV
  6. All FORZA series ORI both parts RYSE
  7. Completely support that!
  8. Buy, Dwnld, Play, Plat, Del!
  9. That's the guy who will ''make your day'' with that: UAE_BOY87 I want to recommend his services, honest and responsible he brought the trophy to my collection in less than 30 minutes. Thanks to the SharePlay, things have come into normal. It's good to have a good i-net connection, from there just leave the DS in his hands and watch him handlewith this hard trophy! And I absolutely confirm and guarantee for him.
  10. I got my retail copy last days (Hakuna Matata - KOREAN version, but English import) from Amazon.uk, it cost me almost 50 euro. 😰 The game is too expansive, rare and really unique, I like it many much from the release. But... sadly this version have NO trophy support, I finish dozen of missions and nothing pop out?! Incidently, is there any method or solution to get all trophies? P.S. I read today that online services are determinated in august 2010 - if this can be any reason to not recieved trophies? Saw this: No trophy patch! And this too: Asian version have no trophy list! + No trophy patch at all in Hakuna Matata! I was wrong, i had to read here and in the PST forum before making a purchase... 😓