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  1. I'm struggling to get the "Perfect, Soldier"" trophy, but as you know, Crysis received an update with the ascension mission, and in this mission there are more optional objectives. Is it necessary to complete the missions in this mission to win the trophy?
  2. Buying the Season Pass can I get all DLC trophies? Edit: I bought the season pass and I can't download any content from it. Do I need the full game too? Because I have the PS +.
  3. Is the complete map of the first Redemption available in RDR II?
  4. Very bad game. For me, only the trophy of killing 100 enemies in arena mode is missing. My record was 91 ... I hope to finish soon.
  5. I have not had a problem until now. I just do not understand why the game is no longer listed on PSN in order to synchronize the trophies.
  6. If I make the trophies now will the dates be recorded normally?