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  1. Still bugged for me, Discount Doc mission, I can't find the last body and the shard, send a crew :/
  2. I have the NA version of the title. Someone who has the platinum, could you tell me the position of the "safe key" for the trophy dedicated to SH4? Seeing some videos, just complete the three chapters and the keys will appear in the bathroom, but nothing. Did any of you find it in some other particular place? Thanks a lot to those who will help me!
  3. I appreciate, thanks man 💪
  4. Hi guys, for those who have platinum-plated the game, I would like some advice on the following trophies. Hit me if you can - What they mean Warden "the guardian"? maybe something was missed and I didn't pay much attention to it Improvise, adapt, overrun - best way to do it? can I use "supreme and have it killed by a simple enemy eventually? Running wild - I've tried many times to do it, but I can't, which chapter do you recommend, or any strategy to adopt? Thanks to those who answer, and GG!
  5. Thanks, I did it, Just waiting 😁 Thanks for this beautiful message man, I relly appreciate 😁🤟
  6. FrancescoS4658 Gran Turismo 5 I know very well that a long time has passed and I was almost an unconscious child, I realize the mistake and I will pay the consequences if necessary. Trophy hunting is my favorite hobby and I am absolutely against cheats or any other form. I hope you enjoy an honest message, from a simple guy who loves platinum, like all of us anyway.
  7. Section UN-05, is a plushie of the station, L2+X and unlock the trophy
  8. Hi guys, what is the max score to take S in mission 8? I did 4797 style point, I don't understand where I'm wrong, it seems to me anyway a high score, I didn't have any problem with other missions, only this one is creating problems :/
  9. Thank You so much, the mission completed worked in private lobby!
  10. After seeing the cutscene with Orwell and Haluk, the mission bugged with an infinite spawn of enemies outside the Fortress. Did any of you have had the same problem? because I've tried three times, and I'm really tired of it.
  11. Hi Guys, I have defeated all 15 Spirtnite-Eaten, but the trophy not pop. Is a buggy trophy? :/
  12. Down in Italy
  13. After the new patch (1.05) realased today, the trophy stil buggy Is someone of you trying?