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  1. Hi guys, what is the max score to take S in mission 8? I did 4797 style point, I don't understand where I'm wrong, it seems to me anyway a high score, I didn't have any problem with other missions, only this one is creating problems :/
  2. Thank you so much!
  3. Hi Guys, I have defeated all 15 Spirtnite-Eaten, but the trophy not pop. Is a buggy trophy? :/
  4. Hi guys, I wanted to speak to you of the trophy in matter.How come the trophy is still to the 0.0%? does still buggy result by chance? Because also the first one in the leaderbord that has the 95% of the trophies, hasn't unlock it.
  5. Section UN-05, is a plushie of the station, L2+X and unlock the trophy
  6. Thank You so much, the mission completed worked in private lobby!
  7. After seeing the cutscene with Orwell and Haluk, the mission bugged with an infinite spawn of enemies outside the Fortress. Did any of you have had the same problem? because I've tried three times, and I'm really tired of it.
  8. Down in Italy
  9. After the new patch (1.05) realased today, the trophy stil buggy Is someone of you trying?
  10. PARTNERS Hank and Connor were friends until the end Detroit Become Human
  11. Hi guys ^^ is it possible to make all the secondary missions during "Premium Adventure" or must I begin a new run?
  12. Lost Sphear [EU]
  13. 1) Day of the tentacle 2) Jazzpunk 3)Bloodborne 4) Horizon Zero Dawn 5) Nier Automata 6) Kona 7) MxGp3 8) Parappa The Rapper: Remastered 9) Game of Thrones (Telltale) 10) The Town of Light 11) Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice 12) Uncharted The Lost Legacy 13) Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 14) Dishonored Death of The Outsider 15) Amnesia Collection 16) Star Wars Battlefront 17) Middle Earth Shadow of War 18) Assassin's Creed Origins 19) Guardian of The Galaxy (Telltale) 20) Final Fantasy VII 21) Rime Next Platinum maybe, South Park Stick of truth, LiS Before The Storm, Minecraft Story mode Season 2
  14. Exactly position of village,please?
  15. Hello Guys I have a problem I have completed all mission and subquest on Frozen Wilds but don't pop-up " "Drained the Flood" (Completely drained the floodwater from inside the Greycatch) Any ideas? Thanks!
  16. EDIT: DONE, No problem
  17. Hi! I'm having trouble with this object, you will not be just, is it a bug? I just miss this item and I took 100% of the game, I also did the various finals and got everything there was to take
  18. Same here, hard difficult and Tarot Card. Any ideas for a little fix?
  19. I just finished the game in hard mode and took various collectibles but I unlocked anything, you know if this is a glitch at the moment?
  20. ​As we all know all, today was released the patch 1.03 for Doom, unfortunately the trophy IDFKA still hasn't been fixed. Do any of you have found a method to unlock it even after this patch in my opinion worthless? ​