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  1. Lol, i had the same idea. Thought about it on the 2nd or 3rd of January. Good luck and have fun
  2. No trophy for me...
  3. Hey, any idea why i didnt got the trophy? Try to get it for more than 2yrs...
  4. The UFO trophy is buggy for me. I destroyed more than 70. If you play with max bet you can clear about 20 missions per hour. I lost 400k while doing 100 missions Edit: Okay, went to another slot machine and got the trophy after i destroyed one more UFO.
  5. You can. I downloaded it an hour ago.
  6. The Last of Us Remastered
  7. Hi there. I started a new game three days ago and went down from 91,56% to 91,2X%. Earned the platinum yesterday, updated my profile last night and had a completion of 91,58%. Since now it shows me 91,27%. Maybe it was my bad, that i updated my profile, while this site had an Update too? But when i see the other posts here, the "problem" should be another one, i guess. (sry for my bad english^^) Edit: Nevermind, missed Sly's Response