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  1. Thanks a lot, but it is not necessary. i achieved the next day, lucky. Again, thank you for trying to help.
  2. Hi I read your post and i thought that you may be interested in achieving the trophy for playing 5 multiplayer events. I tried to get it, but the multiplayer lobby is dead. I guess it will take no more than 5-10 minutes.
  3. The secret to beat every level is replay, replay and replay. I got the platinum this way. Keep playing, practicing and when you get tired, leave it and rest for the rest of the day. When you sleep, your brain will create new neuroral links. This is how we improve.
  4. This is my TOP 3: 1. Injustice: Gods among us Ultimate Edition 2.Mortal Kombat 3.Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition I needed nearly 2 months to plat Injustice. The hardest game i have ever played...