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  1. It’s now : get 2 Kills without getting damage from the enemy
  2. Nomads requirement has changed... No specialists needed anymore. So nice!
  3. They changed Nomads requirement.. iβ€˜m so happy now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  4. I meant matches, Not wins 😜
  5. 150 Matches for all characters? With boosting or legit?
  6. Nomad is missing and iβ€˜m at 55h or something like this. I think i will have the same time like you.
  7. So i know a guy who boosted all 10 sepcialists and he needed 420 Matches to get all 10 chars. I think it’s Not a Time Saving Method...
  8. Will try it tomorrow 😜
  9. When you check the windmills, do you drop near to a quad location or do you run the whole way?
  10. Same Here, tried it For maybe 30-40 Times.. Never n item
  11. Do you really find a item in this Box? I Never found a item in it
  12. Thats exactly my opinion.
  13. I read, that some guys are going to boost it in Solo matches. They team up with 3 other players, search For the same Lobby und search the item... when they find it, they kill each other. What do you think about it?
  14. There are 4 characters available actual. Recon ( I Ching Chips in supply boxes (small or big one)), Crash (Poker Chips in medical boxes), Ajax ( i dont know the right name for it, i think crushed armor pieces from dead people), Torque ( Torques notice from the supply drop (airplane)). I got all of the items exactly in this spots. And I got the characters in 2er coop... eg for Crash you only have to be in the top 8. I think this is easier than 4er coop.
  15. Nice. I'll try this today