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  1. Good to know. Thanks
  2. Why 2 and a half playthroughs? With 2 playthroughs you beat all bosses and find enough Lapis Lazuli.
  3. I hope not. 😁
  4. I think he wanted to Tell me, that buying a character doesnt count For trophies ;-)
  5. Yes, but Dempsey and Nikolai dont count For the Trophy, cause this are special editions of the Characters. And Richtofen is the original character For the Trophy.
  6. And now you can buy the character Richtofen for 600CP. 🤮
  7. I can confirm this method.
  8. Yip, everyone is now avaibable.
  9. Nope, found Brunos item in a Solo Match. Btw the blightfather ist again at the graveyard. Got bruno there and takeo
  10. It’s now : get 2 Kills without getting damage from the enemy
  11. Nomads requirement has changed... No specialists needed anymore. So nice!
  12. They changed Nomads requirement.. i‘m so happy now 😂😂😂
  13. I meant matches, Not wins 😜
  14. 150 Matches for all characters? With boosting or legit?