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  1. We’ll definitely take care of it, though for any other issues like this please use the advice in the first post for reporting a guide privately. We just want to avoid authors being called out.
  2. That's a bummer. I forked out for the season pass a while ago before noticing that RTTO wasn't included. Since then I've been waiting for a sale. :/
  3. My personal favourite was "I hope your whole family dies in a car accident" because my Battlefield server was set to private.
  4. Signing up! - Published 5 Guides: 7 in total, soon to finish my 8th - A Published Guide has exceeded 100,000 views: Marvel’s Spider-Man at 243k - Your Guides Have Exceeded 100,000 views overall: 384k - You have had 1 of each guide type published
  5. I wonder if there'll be an awkward sex scene in this one. I don't mind Quantic Dream's stuff but this seems like too weird of a combination to imagine, especially with SW being very action-oriented (unless it's just a bunch of QTEs). That said, I'm down for more studios picking up SW games.
  6. If I really enjoyed the platinum journey (for me, Alien Isolation is a good example), then I'm happy to do it again as well as support the devs in some small way. We all trophy hunt out of enjoyment (hopefully) so I don't really see the issue with it.
  7. #145 Get Fit With Mel B My Body is a Temple Enjoyment: 5/10 Difficulty: 1/10 I haven't been this sweaty going for a play since Trackmania Turbo. Though you can plat the EU version with your eyes closed since you can basically just tell Mel that you did brilliantly at the end of each workout instead of needing a camera, I wanted to make the most out of my purchase by actually taking part in the workouts (well, most at least - I won't do toe press-ups even for Mel B, and the dance workouts were way too energetic for the space I had around me; the neighbours were probably wondering why there was an elephant running loose in my house). I would say it's not quite as motivational as the Wii Fit games. It's like they got Mel B to do 10 generic workout moves and superimposed the same facial expressions onto each one. When you do a good job (or tell her you did), her tone of voice is about as flat as it is when you only get a bronze medal. Still, I'd recommend this to anyone looking for an easy plat (EU version only though), as the game seems to be going for pretty cheap, or to anyone looking to shed some post-lockdown pounds.
  8. My dirtiest plat is Conan Exiles. I did have a bit of fun messing around with it with a friend, but I played it primarily for the easy trophies. Intended to at least keep playing for a while so I could get something out of it, but the game did absolutely nothing for me and I ended up deleting it soon after. I did go back recently to finish the DLC trophies though so I haven't completely learned my lesson. Including Conan, the other ones that feel a bit dirty are all from PS Plus: Burly Men at Sea, Hatoful Boyfriend and Steins;Gate (with the last two, while I don't think I skipped anything I remember eventually getting super bored with the story and not paying much attention, just don't think visual novels are for me). I don't really have much else on my list that I bought myself though. I've got about 10 Telltale games which some people would probably put in that category, but I take my time with them and play them for the story. Same thing with walking sims which I get a lot out of despite the lack of gameplay.
  9. This is the first I've heard of it but since you mentioned GTA, the guy in the banner does look a bit like a medieval Jimmy from Bully. Gameplay doesn't really look like my cup of tea, but the blurghblarghbluhblug dialogue is pretty funny.
  10. Here They Lie is one I haven't seen mentioned. Was on PS+ a couple of years back. Wasn't my favourite, but had a nice creepy vibe to it.
  11. Can't wait to kill more chickens and have the whole town after me.
  12. That sounds like a good alternative, I think we could add those in. 👍
  13. Since there are a lot of things you think need adding, I agree with Stevie that making a new guide would be the better option, even if it's just a smaller gameplay guide of some kind. In this case I don't personally have anything against you being added to the guide since it doesn't look like the author will come back to make fixes, but it's best to wait to hear from Dreggit.
  14. #144 Horizon Zero Dawn Enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: 4/10 So as much as I want to love it, I'm just not as big of a fan of this game as most people are. The story is interesting, enough to make me want to buy Forbidden West to find out what happens next, and the gameplay is fun, but it reminded me a lot of Dragon Age: Inquisition in that I also really enjoyed that story and the open world environment was great to look at, but I think both games get dragged down by the side quests from characters I've forgotten the faces and requests of the second I turn away. I think this is partly because I'm more interested in the "old world" part of the story, while the side quests are more trivial tribe-related things that I don't think Aloy would or should be bothering herself with. Such is the nature of an open world game I guess. To end on a positive though, Aloy really is a great character, good-natured but mostly reserved and sarcastic. Sylens is another interesting one as it's not clear where exactly he stands as an ally or a possible villain. The variety of machines was also impressive, as unlike with, say, God of War (2018) where the enemies were all disappointingly similar, there's a clear difference between them all, forcing you to change your gameplay and not fall into a pattern of the same attacks.
  15. With it being Olympics month I don’t really mind the sports game, but that’s definitely a lineup I’ll likely never play.