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  1. Not yet but we know it won't have online trophies. They announced a while ago that work on the single player got too demanding to handle both, so the online might eventually become its own separate thing.
  2. [Trackmania Turbo]



    Took me ages (I started listening to the Order of the Phoenix audiobook just before I started this track and I'm at the part where Dumbledore escapes from his office) but I finally beat #180! Even for me it was a really bad attempt and almost every turn had a bad landing, but I managed to catch up right near the end. I only decided to keep going so I could practice the final turn with the 2 speed boosts cause that's what normally messed up my runs.

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    2. Stardroid


      Great stuff. I have the game on my to do list as well. I will be testing that audiobook magic (maybe)

    3. BB-BakkerJ


      Nice work! Definitely one of the harder tracks. Do you have Gold medals on all Black Valley tracks now?

    4. Charizarzar


      Thanks everyone!


      @Atoya Good luck! If I can get through them anyone can. I think Valley has been generally tougher but I was glad to be done with Canyon.


      @Stardroid The audiobooks have been good for keeping my concentration stopping boredom. (Not that it's not a fun game, but it can get tedious failing at the same spot over and over) I can't stand most of the music in the game so I play with my TV muted :P


      @BB-BakkerJ Thanks! Yeah. Was tempted to skip some of the harder ones for later but so far I've been sticking with each track until I get gold on it (Though I did get bored at one point and went back for the trackmasters)


  3. I'd forgotten about the Gollum game. I love LOTR but Gollum wouldn't be my first choice of character to play as. Excited for Dying Light 2 and Elder Scrolls 6. Really liked Watch Dogs 2, but the trailer for Legion didn't grab me much. There's a few other interesting ones on the list but it'll probably be a couple of years at least until I get a PS5. There's still PS3 games I haven't got round to playing. 😄
  4. I guess it sucks for people who don't like online shooters, but this wouldn't be a bad game for Plus. Granted I did play it as soon as it came out so I don't know how active all the modes still are, but the trophies were easier than the first game's (though unpopular opinion, I preferred the first one).
  5. Intended to buy a new controller, but got this instead. 😝
  6. Nice job! I'm really average at this game compared to most, but the trackmasters didn't take me too long. Well, I almost got through the first two Harry Potter audiobooks while doing them, but in fairness they're pretty short. I thought white and green lagoon and canyon was mostly pretty easy.
  7. [Trackmania Turbo]

    Managed to get past a notoriously hard track after only around 3 hours of trying (which is very good for me as I’m really average at this game). Finally starting to feel closer to the end. 😁




  8. Thanks for the heart attack. Don’t want to revisit those online trophies just yet. 😄
  9. For me it was pretty easy except for the Mile High Club trophy.
  10. I got bored with just going for golds so went back and finished off the trackmasters. Lagoon probably took the least amount of tries
  11. I’ve preordered (barely spent money on games this year so it wasn’t really an issue). I didn’t like what I read from the leaks either and for a long time didn’t want it to even get a sequel, but I’d still like to see the finished story.
  12. The trophy list looks bad but I don’t really remember it seeming that grindy. It’s a whole lot less grindy than other Rockstar games anyway.
  13. I like Uncharted but I think the main series ended pretty well, and 4 games is a good run. There’s lots of movies/shows and arguably game series that dragged on for too long and are remembered negatively for it, so it’s better for it to end on a high. Maybe Nolan North wouldn’t want to keep playing the same character again anyway.
  14. I did that as soon as I heard about it, but then someone posted them on an unrelated Reddit thread. Even on here someone thought it was a good idea to post the spoilers on their status lol.
  15. Lmao, not sure I’ll be trusting a leak again. That said I don’t really mind these two. Simulators definitely aren’t for everyone but I had a pretty good time playing Farming Sim 15.