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  1. Sum of All Zeros Down 45 Japanese Zeros in 'Black Cats'. (Solo only) Trophy is a slight pain in the ass because you don't really have that much leeway to miss any of them and it takes a little while to get to the part where the planes appear if you have to restart the mission.
  2. Middle-earth Shadow of War. The DLC was alright, wouldn't really say it was worth that amount though.
  3. Harry Potter (Philosopher's Stone) on the ps2 was the first game I played on my own console at age 7. It's a ps1 game but to begin with I pretty much just had ps1 games for a year or so. I didn't know that the ps1 memory cards would work so I always just played it for as far as I could get in one sitting. Before that I remember playing Tomb Raider III and Crash Team Racing on my cousins' ps1s. Actually now that I think about it I used to play a lot of PC games so my earliest was probably
  4. Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Zelda. I would've said Metal Gear but I ended up really liking TPP so I think I could get into future games.
  5. #50: Middle-earth: Shadow of War The Bright Lord Middle-earth has been saved. For now... Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 2/10 I loved this game, and so much more than the first one. Not really needing to use stealth anywhere was weird to get used to at first but I think it gave it a nice change of pace, and I liked that we got to see a lot more of Middle-earth. Also really fun to play, and the humour is great. Trophy wise, there were a few grindy ones but nothing really too bad. Probably gonna be my last trophy milestone for a while. 😄
  6. Shadow of War, and after that (and the DLC) I might start Ratchet and Clank now that that's downloaded. For the ps3 I'm thinking about finishing up the trophies for either World at War or Black Ops. The final part of SoW is gonna take more than a few hours though, so it might be a while before I get started on any of these.
  7. I remember spending almost a whole day trying to do Burn 'em Out. I didn't have as much trouble with Heart of the Reich (granades galore, but I'd gotten used to it by that point). I thought Downfall was worse, there was one part in the last area (before planting the flag or whatever) that I really struggled on. Weirdly I don't remember Relentless at all. Maybe I had a stroke from the stress or something.
  8. And now the Shadow of War endgame grind commences...

  9. Maybe just complete one before starting the other if you're fussed about your completion rate since it shouldn't appear on your profile until you start or earn your first trophy. I haven't had a chance to play R&C but I've heard that Horizon is an easy plat. Heavy Rain is quite easy but like Until Dawn you'll have to replay a few chapters, I think for one of them you basically have to start again from quite early on if I'm remembering right.
  10. Well I guess it doesn't matter or mean much anyway since the 100%ers also have the plat lol.
  11. I'd rather have a 100% than a platinum but I often find that I don't want to be bothered with buying DLC. I usually only do that when I really liked the game and depending on how cheap it is. Like the platinum for MW3 only gets you about 60ish % which is disappointing (I'm usually happy with 70+%) but the 5 DLCs are all still full price, so yeah forget that. It's also kinda disappointing (to me) when new DLC is released years later that includes trophies. I liked having 100% on GTA V but I just don't think I can be bothered with all the requirements for doing heists perfectly. @Beyondthegrave07 I actually pay a bit more attention to the completion rates but that might just be me. I think it's just because it's interesting to see how dedicated people are to sticking with a game until it's completely done. But obviously a lot of people (like me) can't really keep up with the expense so I guess it doesn't mean that much.
  12. Better than rushing it. I've been interested by this one though kind of on the sideline of whether it'd be for me or not.
  13. I think it’ll be a while before I try again but thanks and I’ll keep that in mind! I’m trying to sort through my PS3 backlog so I might get to it eventually. Feel free to add me.
  14. It's a lovely looking game. Kind of average otherwise but I found the ending really touching. I can't really complain that much about Plus games.
  15. #49: CoD: MW3 Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 7/10 For the most part this is pretty fun and I like the fact that it can all mostly be done by yourself unlike a lot of other cods (though I had a few great partners). Everything else is pretty straightforward but some of the spec ops 3 star missions were a bitch to do lol.