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  1. Picked up the BF4 premium. Once I’ve got some games finished hopefully I can go through those trophies. Wish I’d waited a few weeks before buying the Lego Force awakens season pass though...
  2. Would be more interesting than another armoured suit to me, and looks more appealing than some of the others included (like that ghost rider suit). I know it gets called out for being too similar to the classic but I much prefer the long spider to the fat one, and I just really like the eye shape and raised webbing. All the things some people love to hate. Anyways yeah looking forward to these two trophies. Felt it was missing a trick with no difficulty trophies. And I’m surprised some people (well one person, haven’t read through the rest of the thread yet) are saying they won’t bother with another playthrough. If I’d spent a decent amount of money on a game at release I’d at least be interested in doing another playthrough to get my money’s worth if anything. It wouldn’t take that long to run through the story, probably even on Ultimate.
  3. Yes you can remove/edit it.
  4. Doing the pigeon collectibles in GTA IV. I’m having SO much fun! 165 to go...
  5. I enjoyed it, I thought Moffat had overstayed his welcome tbh and the show needed a change. Haven’t really warmed up to the companions yet, though Yaz seems promising. Really liking Jodie so far.
  6. I’ve gotten a bit more attached to mine, especially since I’ve made some PSN friends who know me as Char, but I wouldn’t be against changing it some tone in the future. I made it without much thought really, just used the same username that I had in other things. Incredibly unlikely and I know there’d be issues with it but I sort of wish they’d give the option to take over names of very inactive accounts like Xbox used to (I was looking at one with a name I liked that hadn’t been touched since 09, one game played). I’ve also already used a couple of names I liked on alt accounts for trophy boosting for my main which probably wasn’t the best idea, since it’s hard for me to decide on a name I really like.
  7. It was a pretty fun DLC I thought apart from the Impress Warren Vidic trophy. I can understand why it’s not for everyone though, gameplay is very different to what you get used to in AC.
  8. I never really liked your real name being displayed on PS4 so I just used a fake goofy one anyway. Wouldn’t really see the need to share names unless they’re a close PSN friend or someone I already know irl, but it’s all down to preference.
  9. It’s all down to preference really. I’d say the burst rifle (don’t have to pay for it) is the most popular and is really good for skilled players. My favourite was the variable though, since I played Factions a lot and not just for trophies it was worth it.
  10. Would be cool if I could, already own most on ps1 and ps2 but would still like to play the ones with trophies again
  11. I’d be grateful for some coins too if anyone ever has any spare, probably gonna take me a while to get this trophy (if ever).
  12. A rumoured Harry Potter RPG? Yes please.

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    2. Charizarzar


      First time I’ve seen the leaked footage though. At the same time I don’t wanna get my hopes up too much.


      And yeah the first 3 games were great. Goblet was awful but they did improve up until Deathly Hallows. Loved the Gameboy versions too!

    3. Deluziion90


      They should remaster the first game from PS1.


      they should keep hagrid original

      lets be honest best graphics ever this face always cheers me up 😂


    4. dermarx



      Including a 'Trailer' :hmm: nothing official yet

  13. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. Everyone seems to dislike it though lol.
  14. Tomb Raider: Underworld (digital) I heard there was a Tomb Raider sale on so I couldn't resist. Was aiming to get Legend but could only find the PSP version.
  15. Juggling different games. With Fifa 16 I'm trying to win one more match to get the trophy for winning a season. The matchmaking is awful though so I haven't had much luck boosting, got lucky earlier with finding someone who quit halfway through (understandable cause the lag was pretty awful) and gave me a free win. Once I get that I just have one more trophy for the plat, but it's really difficult to do legit on top of all the matchmaking bs, and the boosting method is too complicated for me to be bothered with. I'm slowly going through the Watch Dogs DLC to give myself something else to do, and after that I might move onto Assassin's Creed III.