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  1. Official announcement from Xbox. Of course I hope they won’t make them exclusives, but I think it’s a big likelihood.
  2. Will give them ownership of Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Doom, Wolfenstein, Dishonored and more.
  3. Looking forward to the PS5 but I'm not in a particular rush to get it any time soon. Even though Miles Morales looks interesting, none of the launch games make me want to get it straight away, so I think I'll wait until games like GoW2 and Hogwarts Legacy are closer to release.
  4. The Harry Potter RPG! The subreddit is finally gonna be happy. It's been 2 years of non-stop rumours.
  5. I’m still addicted to The Last of Us’s online mode, which has definitely helped contribute to my lack of trophies this year.
  6. I’m actually quite glad to have an excuse to play this again- it was pretty fun for a free game.
  7. They might still add the trophies later, like with Amnesia.
  8. Um, anyway. I reckon grounded is gonna be much harder this time around. There were a couple of tough spots in the first game, but I was generally able to stay in stealth mode for a lot longer.
  9. Pretty happy with this month. Fall Guys looks hilarious 😆
  10. This reddit post seems to confirm that it’s all random. But at least we have a little while longer for the notifications to get sent out.
  11. She’s wearing Dina’s bracelet at the end (she wasn’t in Santa Barbara) which implies she’s already been to see her and JJ and that she’s heading back to Jackson to be with them. (ND decided to leave out a scene where she takes a toy for JJ with her to make it more ambiguous). Her leaving the guitar behind is a way of saying goodbye to Joel, so I think that implies her PTSD won’t be as bad. I disagree about Abby. I’m sure she regrets losing all her friends, and probably blames herself for it since she let Ellie go.
  12. A bit disappointing really. Tomb Raider is nice for those who don’t already have it, but a sports game seems a strange choice for a 10th anniversary.
  13. "I have never personally played The Last of Us, or any other Naughty Dog games. But screw it, the story of the sequel DOES sound awful. As someone who writes and cares about good storytelling, you have my support for a better storyline as well. ND better make it worth their money, and no identity politics or narrative manipulation this time around!!" One of the more stupid comments on there. 😄
  14. Battlefield 3- 95%. There's a couple of co-op trophies that I just can't be bothered to do because they require precise timing. I don't mind co-op if it's straightforward but I'm not a fan of co-op stealth missions. Even if I managed to do those and get the plat, one of the DLC trophies is glitched for me.