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  1. This game rarely gets any love, but it’s one of my favourites in the walking sim genre, just behind Firewatch. Yeah, the default walking speed should’ve been faster considering the scale of the map, but I liked how it was similar to SOMA in that you can miss a lot of the story if you don’t spend some time exploring away from the main story path. Not great for trophy hunters wanting a fast plat I guess, but I think it’s a cool way of encouraging players to get the most out of a game. It also helped that I really loved the environment as I don’t think I’ve played anything with a rural England setting (and visually it looked great). It’s rare to see any UK-set games at all. OP did bring up an interesting point about depression. It’s hardly the game’s fault of course, but most of the walking sims I’ve played have either a gloomy or lonely vibe, so I can get why they’d feel like that.
  2. Interesting read. While being pretty averagely skilled myself I like the idea of adding to my UR count. Was thinking about starting Surgeon Sim sometime but I wanna be in the right mindset before I take on a plat that requires patience and this has been a very tough year on me lol. I harp on about this game a bit too much because it’s the only tough UR plat I have, but (so long as you don’t mind racing games) Trackmania Turbo fits with your interest in lots of short levels that you’ll eventually get through with enough practice. There’s a multilap race for every 5 races you get a gold medal on, but the hardest ones are still only about 5 minutes long in total and it’s mostly just about perfecting the way you do the first lap and then getting through the last two with the muscle memory you’ve gained from playing it over and over. The single lap levels are usually under a minute long. I procrastinated a lot and played other games when I made it to the hardest levels but I definitely would’ve finished months sooner if I’d just stuck with it.
  3. No, it’s just a glitch.
  4. Don’t think they were being serious. Lol.
  5. Went on there just now cause of your comment and played a game of Ice Cream Machine. That site has barely changed lol.
  6. Haven’t tested it myself yet but according to Reddit the Roswell Get There has been nerfed. You don’t need to do the High Deck gap anymore, just the Low Deck.
  7. I just finished and I agree with the others that it gets much easier once you unlock the ability to command your squad. In some missions you can also fly to the hangar if you’re low on health and have to wait ages for a refuel. The only part I had some trouble with later on was the Lindon boss fight because you’re on your own, but you can still fairly easily keep away from him if you’re low on health. I guess you can also make some missions harder on yourself by choosing the wrong ship. Personally I don’t like using the bombers on ace because of how slow they are- your health just gets chewed up.
  8. Can’t see anyone saying it is.
  9. Would it be possible to share a recording of this so I can add it to the guide?
  10. I’ve noticed that the kissed the rail exploit (?) where you hold triangle while going around doesn’t seem to be working anymore. That’s gonna make the combo score trophies harder and affect the current macro strategy. I’ll need to update the guide when I can get on my PC.
  11. Have read this over a few times but not sure what you mean by it, lol.
  12. Seeing the higher quality version of the plat trophy definitely makes me like it more. Before that I’d only seen the blurry one being shared. I’d prefer silver to be a little less dull looking though.
  13. The feathers in Assassins Creed II glitched for me twice so I spent a ton of time doing that, especially since you have to play until you unlock Venice before you can look for the rest of the feathers. The first time I remember getting 100/100 but no trophy, and all I got for my efforts was that lousy cape that makes you gain notoriety everywhere. As I was following the guide I remembered getting to a spot where there was no feather and I was almost certain I hadn’t been there before, but since I hadn’t been keeping track I just assumed I had. I’m still not sure why it counted 100 in my stats. A few years later I was in the mood to go for it again, so I meticulously followed another guide and the same thing happened again where I collected them all and got no trophy. However out of desperation this time I went backwards in the guide and eventually found a feather in a spot I’d 100% been to before as I’d been marking each location off as I went and could remember picking it up there. Outside of glitches, the pigeons in GTA IV took me forever to finish because the sheer number of the buggers was ridiculous.