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  1. #72 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy


    This turned out to be even better than I was expecting, and actually managed to get me to like Nadine. Doing crushing difficulty on the first playthrough with no cheats enabled was pretty excruciating for me though, I ended up giving up on stealth 90% of the time. Enemies were way too observant.


     I wouldn’t feel that the series was being milked if they did a few more short games with different characters. Maybe Young Sully or Chloe and Cutter. 

  2. I’m just impressed with anything over 90.
  3. Will it still work if I only have 3 diamond slots left? I hadn’t looked into this glitch while I was doing manuals boosting so I was just using diamonds willy nilly whenever I unlocked them. I just helped my boosting buddy get it but he had 18 diamonds. Either way I’m only level 17 so won’t be attempting it until I get to 20.
  4. The doctor had a black assistant in 2007 so it’s not really anything new, plus she’s getting a group of companions now. As long as the show is decent enough people who were outraged about the gender change will will probably just forget why they were so bothered about it. I get kinda fed up of everything being turned into a huge issue, and not even necessarily by SJWs.
  5. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Been mostly going through my backlog this year so I’m looking forward to starting something new. Plus Chloe is one of my favourite Uncharted characters.
  6. Not really familiar with the majority but always been interested in Mafia III. I have a habit of liking games that got poor reception.
  7. I like having that info, not just on my page but it’s cool seeing how quickly someone finished it (even if it doesn’t account for the exact time played) or how they decided not to give up on it after 7 years, etc. But I can understand what you mean.
  8. I’ll go with the Uncharted 3 DLCs which I’m kinda doing in my spare time when I’m not boosting other things. Mainly the treasure collection trophies. Basically having to complete some long treasure sets where the only way of getting them is from random drops from enemies you kill in specific game modes. The drops are also pretty infrequent so it’s just a chore. Since they’re just DLC trophies it doesn’t make me too mad though.
  9. I’ll join that list of people who’ve had issues with that user. Why do those people join? Especially when they get added to large group chats, it must surely get annoying to see messages pop up all the time if you’re not involved. He was always online too. Argh. Anyways, I’d be in favour of something like this, though as someone mentioned manual approval is a good alternative. I’m guessing the feedback system still doesn’t really have a function atm? I guess there’s reasons for not seeing everyone’s feedback rating but I feel like we should be aware if someone consistently gets marked poorly.
  10. I've seen Order 1886 predicted every month for the past year so I'd like to get a chance to play that.
  11. I really doubted you would change it again, so thanks.
  12. The only context we got for her being gay/bi (until it was established by Neil) was in Left Behind, so it’s pretty necessary to play that or at least watch the cutscenes. It didn’t feel forced in that game at all imo, she just seemed to get caught up in the moment.
  13. Only thing I wasn’t a fan of were the conversations, since a couple of times Ellie wouldn’t do her pun after the library encounter and I had to redo the section all over again. I guess if you’re not a fan of the multiplayer it would suck but I liked most of them.
  14. It’s a good game but not really something I’d feel motivated to play again quickly. The fact you made a post about it might indicate you should wait at least a little bit. 😝 I even felt a little burnt out after going back to finish the PS3 version almost a year after doing the definitive.
  15. Why would you even want to bring kids into a world like that?