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  1. Got these as a surprise for my birthday. At least now I don’t have to worry about which one to buy.
  2. I just got mine, so I guess they’re sending them out in batches?
  3. Could you upgrade me to Champion? I’ve finished now
  4. I love Deus Ex but I’m so glad to be done with the Breach mode trophies. Never deleted a game fast enough...

    1. Rick_Sanchez


      Breach mode sucks so hard. Hope it never comes back.

  5. Maybe they didn’t have much time on their hands, were waiting for the price to go down etc?
  6. Speed runs. I’m pretty slow at games even when following a guide. Even though the ones I’ve done had fairly lenient time limits I just don’t enjoy constantly having to think about rushing though each area. Have no clue why ND thought UC4 needed one. Not a fan of mountains of collectibles either. I like ones that are useful (like outfits, music etc) that are preferably relatively easy to find (some collectibles can be in pretty cheap places that you probably wouldn’t find without a guide). That’s not very common though and a lot of open world games just have hordes of collectibles you can’t even make use of to force you to spend more time in the game. Assassin’s Creed games (at least the ones I’ve played) were pretty bad for this and GTA to some extent (pigeons = shit, but the spacecraft parts at least got you a cool buggy, though I’ll never forget getting the reward on the PS3 version, then promptly getting it permanently stuck after reversing onto a tyre pile they decided to put right outside the garage while it autosaved). I prefer text to video guides for the most part so it can get annoying to constantly pause a long video until you travel to where the next collectible is, it usually takes me at least double the length of the video to finish.
  7. Disney’s extreme skate adventure
  8. People can play what they like but I personally don’t think much of those games. I like to look at other people’s profiles for various reasons (usually to see if there’s anything I might be into) and I tend to just gloss over those ones. That’s assuming you just mean the < 30 minute type games. I’ve played Telltale stuff, easy plus games like Burly Men and more recently Goosebumps just so I could get to the next milestone a bit faster. So I can understand the appeal but wouldn’t want to spend money on anything I couldn’t at least spend a decent amount of time on or that doesn’t have a story attached to it.
  9. So I finally finished the original GoW series after maybe a month. I'd been a bit worried that it would feel outdated but I had a ton of fun playing through them all. I think the combat really holds up and the highlights were the set designs and soundtrack.


    Favourite to least favourite:

    • 2
    • 3
    • 1
    • Ascension. People seem to outright dislike this one but I enjoyed it. Some of the fights before you start levelling up were pretty tough and I didn't mind having different magic skills. I can understand people being fatigued with getting another prequel though. 
    • Ghost of Sparta
    • Chains of Olympus (this was the only one I was meh about). I actually had the hardest time on the final boss fight even though I read this was one of the easiest ones. Failed at blocking Persephone for about an hour before realising I could just spam the same combo over and over.


    As I was playing 3 I kept wondering if it was gonna top 2. It had a lot of elements that outclassed the other games in the series, particularly setpieces, and it was great to fight against a lot of the more interesting gods and have more fights in general (which is my main complaint about 2) but some of the boss fights just didn't feel all that challenging and I didn't like the weapons quite as much, apart from the Hercules gloves. It was still fantastic though, and I def wasn't prepared for that ending.


    The hardest was probably 1 because of the last challenge. Think I stayed up till something like 4am to finish because I didn't want to give up and have to restart them all over again. I knew the challenge was notoriously frustrating but I'd misread someone's comment about having to do them all in one go because it wouldn't save progress, and assumed you'd have to restart from the very beginning if you failed one of them. So it actually wasn't quite as bad as I'd been expecting. :P 


    Sorry for the small essay but it's not often I go on a big marathon like that, normally I'd expect to get burnt out pretty quickly. And it helped me to finally decide upon my 100th plat. 😜  

    1. DamagingRob


      It's an awesome series. Congrats on getting them all done, and reaching 100 Plats!

    2. PooPooBlast


      We have the same taste! I also put 2 as my favourite but 3 is pretty darn close though



    3. Charizarzar


      Yeah I really enjoyed 3 as well but I loved the story in 2, and that final cutscene with Kratos and all the titans climbing the mountain was just too good. Tbh, I wasn’t expecting to get thrown off quite so quickly lol (thanks a lot, Gaia). :P

  10. @Cleggworth was able to do it the other day, but it wouldn’t work for me. I can exit the other person’s game with my stash open (though have to disconnect in settings rather than dropping out in-game, guess I’m too slow) but my packages are never in there. After hours of attempts I gave up and just farmed stuffed turtle till about level 90 to max out the more important skills. Good thing I don’t mind grinding. The guide you quoted says to store the packages when you’re in the other person’s lobby whereas the other guides I’d been following said to do it before you joined. But I’ve just tried both and neither worked, so not sure what the issue is. But it definitely still works for some people.
  11. Sign me up for survivor please 1. Far Cry 2 2. Far Cry 3 3. Blood Dragon 4. Far Cry 4
  12. This is a really nice month! I was only just thinking about getting Hitman and MGS4 so I’m glad I held back.
  13. 98: God of War II Trophy of Gaia Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 2.5/10 I've been marathoning the PS3 GoW games lately and they just seem to be getting better and better. This has definitely been my favourite so far! Interested to see if III can top this. It's made a lot of improvements on the first game- smoother gameplay, and additional mechanics such as Icarus' wings, more boss fights and an awesome ending. Also, trophy-wise it seemed a lot easier than all of the others. I don't mind a bit of difficulty but it was nice to be able to save after each challenge and to not really get frustrated by anything.
  14. 28 Watcha Got on the Hot Plate? Solve the riddle of the Fire Phoenix Statue
  15. Couldn’t find a short clip but in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when you got spotted by a prefect who’d scream LOCOMOTOR MORTIS! at you. The background music made it 10x worse: