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  1. #144 Horizon Zero Dawn Enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: 4/10 So as much as I want to love it, I'm just not as big of a fan of this game as most people are. The story is interesting, enough to make me want to buy Forbidden West to find out what happens next, and the gameplay is fun, but it reminded me a lot of Dragon Age: Inquisition in that I also really enjoyed that story and the open world environment was great to look at, but I think both games get dragged down by the side quests from characters I've forgotten the faces and requests of the second I turn away. I think this is partly because I'm more interested in the "old world" part of the story, while the side quests are more trivial tribe-related things that I don't think Aloy would or should be bothering herself with. Such is the nature of an open world game I guess. To end on a positive though, Aloy really is a great character, good-natured but mostly reserved and sarcastic. Sylens is another interesting one as it's not clear where exactly he stands as an ally or a possible villain. The variety of machines was also impressive, as unlike with, say, God of War (2018) where the enemies were all disappointingly similar, there's a clear difference between them all, forcing you to change your gameplay and not fall into a pattern of the same attacks.
  2. With it being Olympics month I don’t really mind the sports game, but that’s definitely a lineup I’ll likely never play.
  3. Time to…tYON5g1.jpg



    1. AihaLoveleaf


      Nice! Picked up this game a little while ago, but it's firmly planted in the backlog for now. Interested to see what you think about it if you end up posting a review later.

    2. Charizarzar


      I aim to do it legit (kind of) since the EU version doesn’t require any extra equipment so basically all you have to do is tell Mel that you did a great job after each workout and you’ll get a good score, which feels like a bit of a cheat. So I’ll try to at least do the “do a workout every day for 2 weeks” trophy legit.


      But I did one workout earlier and man, it was hard work! 😄

  4. 1. What’s it like being a train driver? Is it a lonely job, or does it suit you? 2. What’s the best and worst thing about living in Sweden? 3. Is there a Swedish snack the whole world should know about? 4. If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life (let’s pretend listening to the same thing over and over wouldn’t drive you up the wall), what would it be? 5. What’s the most physical pain you’ve ever been in? 6. A genie grants you one selfish wish, to benefit yourself, and one unselfish wish for the betterment of others in the world. What are your choices? 7. Favourite pizza topping? 8. What’s the reason behind that one trophy in your trophy cabinet?
  5. It was very much expected but it’s a sad display to see more comments gloating over the losers than actually just congratulating the winners - it makes the congratulations seem kinda false. England have done better than they ever have in 50+ years, even better than their last attempt at the World Cup, and also didn’t close the game with 5 yellows. Considering they were dominating possession wise and had a far better second half, it wasn’t exactly a knockout win for Italy either like many were expecting (including me), and if not for poor management decisions I think it could’ve easily gone either way at the end, or even ended on time.
  6. Man, Pickford nearly saved the day there. Congrats Italy, and to those just here to see England lose. Feel for Rashford though, hope people aren’t too hard on him.
  7. Terrible second half from England.
  8. I feel like there’s a lot of wilful ignorance going on in the thread. England fans are no saints, but ask Mario Balotelli about the treatment he gets from Italian fans. Football fans can be a toxic bunch. But the teams themselves are doing a much better job of trying to stamp this stuff out than past teams have. Even talking about the last match, the Danish defence moved their wall to block Pickford’s view just before the ball was kicked, with the whole free kick brought on by a foul that was dodgy in itself. It’s fair to complain about how the match went, but to claim ref bias or act as if diving is exclusive to Sterling is just silliness. I expect us to lose on Sunday, but the achievement of getting to the final is great in itself, especially against a team like Italy. I’m sure this thread will turn into a shitshow either way, but I wish luck to Italy and hope for a great game. This Euros has been one to remember. 👍
  9. I rarely saw the goal at England's end for almost the whole match. England traditionally do play too defensively which I'm always critical of, but I didn't see that tonight. Just looked up the stats: England Denmark Possession 57% 43% Shots 12 6 Cards 1 1 Corners 3 3 Fouls 9 17 Offsides 0 1 Fouls 9 17
  10. My heart was beating out of my chest the whole game. Shame for Schmeichel, who was brilliant, but England was the better team by far tonight. Not even bothered if we lose the final.
  11. This happened to my friend, fwiw. We were careful to stay out of public lobbies but sometimes you get thrown back into one, and it happened to him there. Can’t remember how long it took (maybe a few days) but Rockstar reset their levels back to what they were before. This was in late 2019 so not that long ago, so hopefully they’ll sort it out for you.
  12. Skyrim is a close second, but Heavy Rain is the clear winner. (These videos are on my cheer up playlist)
  13. #143 Alice: Madness Returns Enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Originally picked this up as part of my panic buying when the PS3 store was announced to be shut. Though I'd heard the name floating around over the years, I didn't know much about the game itself, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised by this genuinely disturbing take on the classic tale, and the voice actress' deadpan delivery actually gave it a ton of personality. The art style reminded me a lot of Bioshock, which also fits with the weird humour. I started off with the DLC, which was the 20-year-old original game that wasn't improved in any way for consoles, and was dreading it based on what people were saying about the dated controls. While it was frustrating in places and I had to abuse the save slots before almost every jump, I ended up really liking it overall, maybe even slightly more than Madness Returns. F*** that Jabberwocky fight though. My fridge is more spacious than that boss fight area. While it was great to jump into the sequel with its massively improved controls, the gameplay still got frustrating in places. Like whenever I exited a keyhole, Alice would constantly veer back into the wall and I'd have to steer the camera away. Thanks to the nightmare difficulty glitch, there was only one troublesome trophy which was for completing this pinball-type minigame in under 6 minutes. It felt like this whole segment relied on luck as the ball would randomly lose all its momentum or the camera would swing to where you couldn't see where you were going. Also, though I liked the story, the first couple of chapters really seemed to drag and didn't have the same imaginative boss and level designs as the first game, and the amount of collectibles didn't help. All that said, this isn't the kind of game I normally go for and it's definitely one that will stick with me for a long time. For all its faults, there was a lot of fun to be had. Though I think it ended in a good place, I'd be interested to see if American McGee(what a name!)'s proposed third game ever gets made and where he'll take the story next.
  14. I think people are under the impression that if you’re playing in a server and someone puts a bounty on you without you intending for it to happen, you wouldn’t be flagged as, unlike with most other hacked lobbies, you still have to do the requirements of the trophy in order to get it, and you’re also not collaborating with anyone to get it illegitimately in terms of how the devs intended. Has the stance on this changed then? This has always been a weird trophy without much of a concrete answer as to whether or not getting it post-2017 would result in a flag. Edit: No reply, so I'll take it that the stance hasn't changed and everyone won't be getting flagged just for having the trophy.
  15. I did the same earlier, but they'll probably take no more notice of it than a loose fart in the wind. I doubt they'd even be paying attention to feedback at this point.