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  1. Mine is the argument at the ranch too. "Everyone I have ever cared for has either died, or left me. Everyone, fucking except for you! So don't tell me I would be safer with someone else because the truth is I would just be more scared."
  2. + If I ever get time to finish Trackmania soon I'd love to start Bioshock next. Horizon wasn't something I'd really planned on getting but it was one of the only things really grabbing me in the summer sale, so thought I'd use the discount for it before it expires. 😋
  3. Agreed, but I get déjà vu reading through these threads now. Just “Rata bad” followed by 30 posts all saying “let people play what they want”. Would be more worthwhile just asking for a rarity leaderboard fix.
  4. I don’t have any (well, only alt accounts for boosting with my own if I’m able to) but I can understand someone testing out a game on one and maybe using that profile for playing games without caring about the trophies. Doesn’t really interest me though.
  5. Call of Duty: Black Ops
  6. I like the mobile design as is but on my phone at least there’s hardly any text box functions. I like that the mobile version doesn’t zoom in too much like some other forums do.
  7. Just a few random suggestions of plats I found fun, don’t think you need to buy DLC for them. - Spyro Reignited trilogy - Bully - Heavy Rain - Skyrim (PS4) - Wolfenstein: The New Order
  8. I usually wait though there’s a few exceptions (The Last of Us part II, a new GTA release, Elder Scrolls), either due to hype or just wanting to know the story before it gets spoiled. There’s a lot of other series/games which I enjoy a lot but can happily wait even years for the price to go down because I’m not quite as invested. I regret paying full price for Battlefront II as its cheap nowadays and I ended up not liking it as much as the first because it lacked features. So I try to not let hype get to me too much anymore.
  9. Oh nice, wasn’t planning on buying anything for a while but might have a look around. It took quite a while after checking the marketing box to start getting emails off them, though I rarely (basically never) get special offers anyway.
  10. Best and worst thing about living in Canada? Pootine, yay or nay? Best pizza topping? What’s the first game you remember playing? Favourite Far Cry game? You get first dibs on a third Mirror’s Edge but you have to sacrifice all your ultra rare trophies. Would you do it?
  11. I’ve been asked before a few times after posting on r/trophies, but it surprises me how common it is based on this thread.
  12. That seems weird that people would harass you over it. Can’t imagine why someone would care about a similar name or be looking for accounts that sound similar.
  13. Pretty good. I wanted to get Sniper Elite 4 a while ago after having fun with 3. They’ll probably be sitting in my backlog for a long time though.
  14. Order 1886 and Watch Dogs 2
  15. L.A. Noire (plat) GTA IV (Get Good Wood)