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  1. #37- inFamous Second Son Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 2/10 I can see myself really getting into this series! Bought First Light already and might check out the older games at some point. #38- Amnesia Collection I'm gonna skip doing an enjoyment rating cause it wouldn't be very fair. It's definitely a tense, thrilling game but horror isn't really my thing. But it was free, and the stories in all three games were really good! I had to play something uplifting straight after I'd finished though lol. Difficulty: 6/10 Fairly straightforward with a guide but you have to stay on top of the collectibles and always keeping your bearings. I found it really easy to get lost, especially cause I'd sometimes get brought to a completely new area whenever I got killed.
  2. 1. Video 2. Neon 3. Smoke 4. Concrete Even though I didn’t like smoke as much because of the lack of speedrunning, a lot of things just felt really awkward with concrete (mainly climbing up buildings) and it sucked that we only got it late in the game.
  3. Just got done with Amnesia. Not a gigantic horror fan so that was an insanely stressful plat for me. D:

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    3. Charizarzar


      @Terra Thanks! I used this guide for the whole plat. They really speed through the game though so I had to really pay attention.  

    4. Hemiak


      Thanks, and grats. 

  4. #36- Farming Simulator 15 Difficulty: 1/10 This was a pretty relaxing game. Not really what I'm into normally at all but I was browsing the PSN store a couple of months ago and just fancied trying a simulator. It's a grind to get the 1000mile driving distance trophy even after completing everything but I rubber banded it overnight. Even though I've not played it and I've had my fill of farming sim games for a while, I'd recommend Farming Simulator 17 over this since it seems a lot more improved and from the looks of it has a less time consuming plat.
  5. Sorta wish I'd used the glitch now. I may as well finish on Uber but chapter 11 is killing me.
  6. 5 years, since 2012. I was still having fun on my ps2 until then. I was blown away by Far Cry 3's graphics. Wish I could change my user ID though!
  7. I really liked this game so I'm tempted. Not sure whether I can stomach going after the 'drive every vehicle type' trophy again though.
  8. Thanks, finally managed to get it! The trick also seemed to be making sure I'd shot down all the enemy ships before going after the big one. Now to keep trying the Riding Shotgun bonus mission. Can't even manage to get 90 kills, let alone 150 or whatever the hidden objective is.
  9. I think it also bugged the 'complete mission without any damage' trophy for me. Even without having the cheat activated I can't seem to get that one at all.
  10. Another game I really enjoyed that was set in the universe was The Hobbit. I guess it was slightly more childish than Fellowship but Bilbo had a lot more personality than Frodo did in that game. I agree that ROTK especially was a big step up from Fellowship. Going the more realistic/movie-like route worked really well unlike some other movie tie ins.
  11. I didn't wanna rush it so I haven't finished yet but I'm liking it so far. Still don't like David. The backtalk challenges are kinda funny. I guess it's supposed to be a unique feature similar to Max's rewind power, and the game still works without the supernatural stuff.
  12. I'd never bother with that. I didn't care about trophies for a few years so unfortunately I have a lot of older games with probably unattainable multiplayer trophies. So I'm not really that bothered if I don't manage to get the platinum, or get close enough to the platinum since my list is full of gaps anyway. I remember stressing myself out trying to get the time trial trophies for Mirror's Edge, and I had to make myself give up because I realised that it wasn't worth it. But paying for it and not earning it myself would have been even worse than all that wasted time. Even buying 'my name is mayo' would be a better use of money.
  13. Battlefield 4 Bomb squad Deliver 5 bombs in Obliteration (of course, only when I finally manage it legitimately on my own do I get messaged by people wanting to boost :P) Oh wow, dude from Reddit. Lol congrats.
  14. Glad I'm not the only one that's not really into Jon.