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  1. DANY SER JORAH (defending Lyanna) JON SNOW SANSA (I think she'll become the ruler of the North) ARYA (Not really sure about what's gonna happen with her, Melisandre said they'd meet again but still don't have an idea about why that would be) GENDRY GHOST (Unless they bring Nymeria and her pack back, I'm not sure what else they can do with Ghost) TYRION JAIME (Either dies in this battle and Arya takes his face to kill Cersei, or he survives and does it himself) BRIENNE CERSEI BRAN (A bit unsure about Bran but I don't think he'll survive to the end, I think that was why he told his story to Tyrion. Sacrificing himself to weaken the Night King maybe?) BRONN SAM (Sam taught Gilly to read and write, so maybe he'll die and Gilly will live to write down the history at the end) GILLY SER DAVOS ONION KNIGHT (Probably dying next episode, defending the girl with the burnt face) VARYS (Melisandre told him he'd die) NIGHT KING VISERION ICE DRAGON DROGON (one on one with Viserion) RHAEGAL MAESTER QYBURN ZOMBIE MOUNTAIN HOUND (Dying after fighting the Mountain?) BERIC (Maybe he'll give his last life to a dead Hound? He's able to do that in the books, and it would be kind of funny to have the Hound revived by the Lord of Light when he hates him so much) GREY WORM MISSANDEI MELISANDRE EURON GREYJOY YARA GREYJOY THEON GREYJOY TORMUND DOLOROUS EDD LYANNA MORMONT PODRIC
  2. + Mafia III season pass in the sale
  3. Soundgarden: Superunknown (1994) Alice in Chains: Jar of Flies (1994) Nirvana: In Utero (1993) No Doubt: Tragic Kingdom (1995) Sneaker Pimps: Becoming X (1996) Sublime: Sublime (1996) Green Day: American Idiot (2004) Stone Temple Pilots: Core (1992) Soundgarden: Badmotorfinger (1991) Stone Temple Pilots: Purple (1994) Portishead: Dummy (1994) Massive Attack: Mezzanine (1998) The XX: xx (2009) Tool: Lateralus (2001)
  4. Something’s gotta go down in the crypts. There’s a theory going around that the dead Starks will fight for the good guys but that seems a little cheesy for the show (in the books it mentions that their bodies are magically protected) and I’m not sure whether or not that’s been mentioned in the show. After the disappointing way they ended the Arya faceless man storyline in S6 I don’t believe as much in these theories. 😄
  5. God of War (2018). I loved the colourful setting and spent probably most of the game just chilling in the boat listening to Mimir tell stories. The trophy list was nothing too crazy either, apart from maybe defeating the Valkyries. And the side quests were limited and relevant to the characters which made a nice change to most open world games that drown you in fetch quests.
  6. Yeah, I’m a little worried about that. Especially if it’s gonna include an epilogue too. On the bright side though, they have 5+ hours to finish the story which is technically still a lot of time, even though I wish they’d had a 10 episode season. Last episode felt as great as some of the early ones (didn’t much like the first episode of the season, it felt rushed and the dialogue seemed awkward at times). Even though the plot didn’t progress much we got some awesome moments to remember before a lot of people are inevitably killed off. Brienne getting knighted and Tyrion, Tormund, Jaime, Davos and Pod getting drunk on their last night together were the highlights. 😝
  7. Hangin’ Out was the worst for me too. With a lot of the other harder ones such as Spaced Out, Pack Attack, Piston It Away and Totally Bear I got muscle memory after many attempts and was still having fun. With Hangin Out I kept getting caught by the metal robots, then when you get past that stage you’re dropped down into water where you can easily get stuck and waste time trying to jump to the next platform. Cold Hard Crash was the worst gem one for me because of the death path, but I ignored that when going for the relic and still got gold so I think that one is fairer than people give it credit for (for getting gold at least). Spaced Out wasn’t too bad once you learn the path and the tricks that can save you a couple of seconds at the beginning, but sometimes I’d go to slide one of the enemies after sliding underneath something and get stuck in a crouch, allowing it to walk into me. But if you can get close to the end with at least 2 masks you can start taking more risks and run into enemies. Sometimes got caught out by that last scientist guy though and fell off the edge with him.
  8. Super Meat Boy in 13 seconds? You got skills.
  9. Charizarzar, First Blood (Far Cry 3) Actually not a bad title for a first trophy 😝
  10. I think it’s pointless to get someone to do it for you but I don’t think it’s cheating either (other than cheating yourself) since the trophies were still earned legitimately on that account.
  11. 1. Where are you from? West Midlands, England 2. What year were you born? 1994 3. What is your favorite movie? It’d be easier for me to list 10 favourites (and then I could put Shrek 2 on there without feeling like I’m gonna be judged), but the one that probably jumps out the most is Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. I tend to like the middle films in trilogies the most because you don’t have to sit through the introduction or deal with a sad ending. 4. What is your most favorite video game of all time and why? Probably a tie between Spider-Man 2 on the PS2 and The Hobbit (underrated Zelda-like game, fantastic soundtrack, based completely on the book and is honestly a better adaptation than those awful Hobbit movies lol). I know it’s cheating to mention 2 but I really can’t decide between them. 5. Who is your favorite band/artist? Soundgarden 6. Do you own any pets? If so, what? A spaniel called Bailey, he howls a lot if I’m being too quiet because he thinks he’s alone in the house. Was hoping he’d grow out of it, but he’s knocking on for 5 and starting to get grey hairs... 7. Do you smoke? If so, how expensive are cigarettes where you're from? Only smoked a handful of cigs and don’t plan to again. Don’t know how much they cost since I’ve never paid for any, there’s just a lot of smokers in my family so there’s always been a lot of them lying around. 8. Do you vape? If so, what flavor of juice is your favorite? Never been interested in vaping 9. Do you have a historical figure you idolize/admire? Hm plenty of people to admire but wouldn’t say I idolise any of them. 10. What's one thing you want to do before you die? Similar to Viper’s answer, things are at a low point rn so just getting my life together would be nice.
  12. It's really pretty annoying that Sony rarely does anything for those outside the US, but at least you can get the theme if you sign into that website with a US account and then redeem the code, then sign back into your main on the ps4 after installing it. Avatars are account-locked though unfortunately, quite fancied the smug looking Cersei one.
  13. Search far and wide for solutions, cry a little... This happened on Battlefield 3, I paid for the server and organised the sessions and was the only one in the group to not get the trophy for getting a kill with all the weapons in one of the DLC packs. I'm likely never gonna get the plat anyway so I wasn't too fussed about not having 100% but it was still pretty annoying when I'd checked I'd done the requirements several times. I checked some forums to see if there were any solutions, apparently it's a very glitchy trophy but none of the known workarounds helped me. Generally I probably would start over unless I was very close to the end. Haven't had to do that often, iirc just on Master Reboot when I got the last collectible and nothing popped, though that game was fairly short so it didn't take long to get back to where I was.
  14. It was a bad idea to have a different director for TLJ; Rian clearly wanted to take things in a different direction to whatever JJ had been building up to with Rey’s background and Snoke. I didn’t hate TLJ but felt that it didn’t really add much to the story other than the stuff with Luke.
  15. Interesting title, kind of goes against what the last film was centred on but that’s ok with me. I’m mainly excited about Palpatine now!