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  1. Don’t know why some people are so anti-whatever console they don’t own.  😄augnwk.jpg

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    2. Spaz


      @Viper Nintendo's first big mistake from what I remember reading about was their choice to stick to cartridges. Capcom, Konami and Square (before they were called Square Enix) moved over to the Playstation 1. Their respective Mega Man, Street Fighter, Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy franchises had great success on the Playstation 1. Nintendo was basically left with their first party exclusives Mario, Legend of Zelda, Kirby and Star Fox among others. 


      Then came the Gamecube and it was basically seen as a big gimmick by people who weren't Nintendo fans. A generation later, the Wii does it's own thing and Nintendo since then has gone off into their own realm.


      Nintendo first party games and indies are the only things keeping Nintendo afloat. Third party support is terrible compared to what you get on Steam, Xbox One and Playstation 4 because of the inferior system capabilities of the Nintendo Switch. I'm sorry for saying it, but the Switch is yet another console that is doing what the Gamecube and Wii had started.


      I'm not saying Nintendo doesn't make good games anymore, that's far from the truth. But they're no longer in that competitive atmosphere.




      The console wars is absolutely pointless. So is all the PC fanboys bragging about how fast and snazzy their custom PC is. I have plenty of games on Steam I play every now and then, I'm not just a Playstation gamer. I couldn't care less, most people who bitch about the console wars are young, arrogant people anyway who don't know what they're talking about.

    3. LegacyJKO09


      to add to what Spaz said, i feel where as playstation and xbox are similar with their hardware and have companies putting amazing games on both. Nintendo likes to always be different.... why do people love gamecube controllers? it's the last normal fucking controller Nintendo had. if Nintendo decided to get a solid system and use discs. imagine Zelda or Mario in Unreal4Engine for example. Nintendo is too reliant on kids. indy games and their own AAA. I just feel.the next console they do should be able to do 1080p AT LEAST. Switch only doing 720 is pathetic. 

    4. Spaz


      @LegacyJKO09 As I said, they have gone off into their own realm.


      It's sad, because I was a huge Nintendo fanboy and I literally grew up with Nintendo. The Switch does not have the capabilities to compete, let alone run any major AAA game without too many issues that isn't Nintendo property.


      However, they are the last bastions of the old and original gaming generations. Nintendo has stuck with the business since the early 1980s, I have a huge amount of respect for them lasting that long. I have all the respect in the world for Shigeru Miyamoto and what that man has done, defining a generation of gamers like myself who literally loved to play Mario and Zelda back when they were the shit.


      Nintendo's latest Zelda game was met with great praise, so they are far from going out. But unfortunately I just see a road going downhill from here on out, unless they change their business perspective and make a big comeback. Nintendo is going the route of the Apple corporation.

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