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  1. “Show Off” from Fallout 4 was my coincidental 2000th trophy. Nowadays if I remember to pay attention to my trophy/plat count I plan them based on whether I like the trophy image (and if I loved the game!)
  2. I haven’t completed 3 yet, it’s actually a pretty fun mp but some of the trophies are very grindy, I got bored of spending hours just hoping a treasure that I didn’t already have would spawn. I didnt find 2 as bad but I was boosting with a good group who made it less of a drag. I’d definitely boost some of the trophies, but play matches while you’re not boosting to speed up the total kills trophy. It’s still quite grindy though, and unlike 3 you can’t use extra controllers do you’ll need 6 players for some trophies.
  3. PS3 but I was very late in getting one (I think 2012) because I was still having fun with the PS2. And even then I didn’t really get really interested in trophies until years later. Got the Far Cry 3 plat and was pleased with myself for having just one. 😄 Started to get more interested in trophies in probably late 2015. Definitely feel like I missed out on a lot which is why I look around for PS3 sales so I can try out series I’ve heard a lot about but never got around to playing. Even nowadays my PS3 seems to get a lot more use.
  4. I’m currently doing a marathon of these. Hoping to be at the top soon, but for now I’m a mere Spartan. Ascension Chains of Olympus God of War God of War (2018)
  5. Was a nice surprise given I’ve never been rewarded for anything before. Got the plat in May I think.
  6. Don’t know why some people are so anti-whatever console they don’t own.  😄augnwk.jpg

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    2. LegacyJKO09


      @Spaz well put. I grew up on Mario 3,mario world, and link to the past (still my face zelda of all time), but while Odyssey was fun,  it was also not as much of a challenge as some Mario games. As for Zelda, I liked the original e3 demo they showed that was not cell shaded. I hate the lack of dungeons and the food mechanics and cel shade. didnt feel like zelda to me. If Nintendo was smart, the games on Wii u that sold or they felt need another look,they should push out. Give me Mario 3D, give me Skyward Sword so it's not using Wii plus. but I feel switch is dying already. lack of battery life makes its handheld mode pathetic. I could.go on about how little I use the switch and dont like it. 

    3. Spaz


      @LegacyJKO09 Nintendo did give me some fun with Super Smash Bros for Wii U. Felt that was a pretty solid entry for the console given that Pacman and Mega Man both made appearances, as well as Ryu. I don't know much about the new Smash game.


      The Smash series and Mario Kart series is still going good. But honestly I haven't felt anything terrific about the Mario platformer games since Super Mario Galaxy 1 and Super Mario Galaxy 2. I think those were the last truly great platformers that I played. Nothing else has jumped at me.


      Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World and Link to the Past, all time classics. Of course I cannot forget Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Earthbound also deserves mention, and Super Metroid is well, what all modern day Metroidvanias aspire to be.


      But it's just like you said. Nintendo needs a good modern controller, why is that so hard for them to figure out? To this day I cannot stand those motion censor controllers unless I'm playing something like Wii Fit or Wii Sports. I ended up plugging in the Gamecube controller to play a number of games.


      I don't like the way the Switch looks, and it's a shame because Nintendo could of used that time to make a more powerful hardware system with an actual controller. The Switch is basically the Wii U 2, only it's more mobile.


      Let the Nintendo DS Lite or whatever handheld Nintendo has now handle the mobile stuff. Keep the main console separate from that.


    4. LegacyJKO09


      @Spaz Nintendo worsened things by releasing joycons with dpads that were only useable in handheld mode. what the hell...

       the new smash was fine, I played and finished it fairly quick but it got repetitive and the online was a mess. 


      in regards to Mario I loved galaxy. however I am dying for a remake or HD port of Sunshine. 


      switch also sucks online in the sense they give NES games.... that's it. but theres a new classic and SNES classic... why not have n64 games or gamecube if they wanted to sell their online service and have it worth its price.


      if I can use a GC controller i will. motion stuff is terrible. while the switch has a pro controller. its alright. but its battery is crap as well. 


      I remember seeing the blueprint screenshots for the NX and how it looked like a Wii U gamepad. I laughed thinking they woukdnt be stupid and use that again yet here we are. they essentially did.  

      So Wii U console subtract Wii Console = Switch Console.... or a modified Wii U Gamepad. took them how long to get the system out while Xbox and Playstation just released upgraded models of consoles. 


      I know it wouldnt happen but I'd love for Nintendo to just be like sega and work with all parties. have Zelda on Xbox or Playstation. I suppose anything would be possible however. but you would get far better looks on a more powerful system so as long as Nintendo pumps out half assed ideas and calls them consoles.... their IPs will never appear elsewhere lol

  7. Those couldn’t be legit, since you need to spend 10 hours each on the Dragon’s Teeth, Final Stand and China Rising maps. edit: Nevermind, forgot about auto pop. That could explain all or some of them, if they have the PS3 version on their list.
  8. None, but there’s a couple that I didn’t enjoy, barely started and probably won’t go back to that I’d delete if I had the chance.
  9. For me the maps were far better which is why I found the first more replayable. But yeah it was definitely casual.
  10. People have different strengths. TLOU was totally fun to me and I didn’t notice a grind. Yet I’m absolutely useless at and have no patience for the challenges in Arkham games, even though the first game has a fairly decent plat percentage.
  11. Disappointing to say the least... not if it had been a different story in the universe but I don’t like the idea of Amanda’s story being told in a mobile game. Don’t think I’ve wanted a sequel for anything this much since watching District 9. Edit: Might still be some hope, who knows... but not sure why they announced a mobile game first.
  12. I like seeing the ranks go green but it doesn’t bother me that much, I’d hate to be anywhere close to the top anyway.
  13. 41——> 90 (+49) 2512 ——> 3915 (+1403) 702 ——> 1208 (+506) 186 ——> 319 (+133) Overall: 3441 ——> 5532 (+2091) Level: 20 ——> 27 I definitely peaked this year, went through probably 85% of my backlog. Now I’m at the point where I don’t have loads to choose from and it’s mainly the hardest or most annoying of the bunch that are left. Highlights of the year were getting into the Deus Ex series (which I previously knew nothing about) thanks to PS+, and finishing games I didn’t think I’d complete like LittleBigPlanet and Far Cry 2. I also ended up liking a bunch of games on my second run, even ones I flat out hated the first time like Wolfenstein 09.