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  1. What about compared to Crash 1? I’d consider that more of a 5 or 6 out of 10.
  2. Trophy images are a bit bland now that I’ve seen them :/
  3. Sold a few games on eBay recently. Someone still hasn’t paid for Minecraft Story Mode after about 5 days but I’m half-hoping I get to keep it in the end. Enjoyed it a lot more than I was expecting.

    1. MidnightDragon


      I sell a lot on eBay, too. 

    2. Charizarzar


      I started selling recently cause I really need to get rid of some of the games I probably won’t go back to. But already I’ve come across a few non-payers. :(

    3. mako-heart


      Just file the non payment thing to get a fire under their butt.

  4. Who said it was the end of the world? But it’s a relevant topic on a trophy site.
  5. I was playing Uncharted 3 online without problems, then logged off for 2 minutes to do something and it wouldn’t let me back in.
  6. Having to download 60Gb (though it was recently halved) was really annoying for me at the time because I had slow internet, part of the reason why I’ve bought so many physicals in the past.
  7. I personally don’t like the voiced characters. In TFA (admittedly the only Lego game I’ve played recently) the delivery seemed really flat. The old Lego games were a lot funnier to me.
  8. Yeah I’m most surprised by that. UC3 was somewhat active but TLOU has a small but dedicated community. Trophies aside, only giving a 3 month announcement is a bit of a slap in the face. I remember talking to some people on there who couldn’t afford a PS4 so that was the only version they could play.
  9. Alien: Isolation, the game that finally got me more into trying the horror genre. People complained that it was too long but I had no issue with that aspect, and I liked it more than most of the movies (though I suppose that’s not really saying much). The fact that there’ll likely never be a sequel is cancelled Spider-Man 4 levels of disappointment.
  10. It looks too futuristic for my liking. I actually loved WD2 and enjoyed WD1 for what it was but this isn’t grabbing me that much.
  11. Mirror’s Edge: Chapter 2 speedrun. I think I spent almost a solid week trying to do it (that’s weak compared to trophies I’ve grinded for since, but I wasn’t a big trophy hunter then). It made me so pissed off that I never went back to the game, and it’s why I don’t think I’d have the patience for something like Wolfenstein II where all your effort might be for nothing. I also never attempted the other levels cause I wanted to do them in order.
  12. Yeah I do like the general idea but I think a rarity leaderboard would help fix the complaints some people have about feeling that the ribbon system would be undermining those who go for EZPZs. It’d also just be more interesting to me.
  13. I like the plat name, wouldn’t mind using it for a milestone
  14. I bought a pre-owned S1 disc which worked fine so I assume it’d be the same for S2
  15. As others have said it’s easier to do the base trophies by yourself, it’s still pretty active and even if you lose a lot of matches you should still have a lot of resources if you go for easier challenges.
  16. My mind jumped to that film too lol. Then it hit me that it’s 2019 and Robin Williams is no longer with us. Back on topic, I do miss movie tie in games but can’t see myself getting excited about this.
  17. Even 1 or 2 randoms can be pretty annoying if going for 100% because of the no death requirements and having to play on specific maps (Once you’ve played on a map it can take a while for it to become an option again). I remember some people in our group having a hard time because they were left behind everyone else after getting killed, so best to play with a full group.
  18. I honestly didn’t expect them to do that. I guess I’ll have to work on UC3 again at some point, it’s such an annoying 100% though.
  19. I put Minecraft on eBay again as soon as it arrived so hopefully I can get it done before it sells. 😝
  20. Star Wars: Battlefront (Outer Rim, Bespin, Death Star, Rogue One) had extra maps and modes that were better than anything in the main game, wish they’d made it free so it could’ve been more active. Alien: Isolation: Crew Expendable- had no trophies but you can play some missions as the Nostromo crew which was pretty cool, and was harder/scarier than the main game. Watch Dogs: Bad Blood has you playing as T-Bone who’s an interesting character. Aidan from the main game grew on me after a couple more playthroughs but I liked T-Bone more. The OGs for me are probably the Saints Row games, I love ridiculous DLCs like that.
  21. I just tested downloading Minecraft S1 from my disc and bought the adventure pass for the DLC. Can only access it from the disc though, nothing on the store. I know someone else on the forum had a problem where they bought the adventure pass a while ago and the download buttons are greyed out, so not sure what’s happening there.
  22. Sounds really interesting. A bit unsure about how good the story’s gonna be if we can play as anyone though, seems quite ambitious for Ubisoft.
  23. Generally I go for easier trophies first, I’d rather see more progress being made then only have to focus on a few trophies. Though I’ll sometimes do the online first (which is usually harder) just to get it out of the way (like Far Cry 2 or more recently Far Cry 5) or if I’m worried that another session won’t show up for a while.
  24. Easiest: All the Telltale games I’ve played. I think Wolf Among Us had some collectibles but that might’ve been the only time I’ve had to check a guide. Hardest: Probably World at War. The veteran single player campaign on WaW was tough, and it didn’t help that I was ultra depressed at the time which was probably the only reason I pushed through cause I had something to focus on lol. I didn’t care too much about trophies in general when I did that (just liked playing veteran mode for fun), so when I went back to it last year most of the hard trophies were out of the way since the rest of the plat isn’t actually that bad.
  25. Just a heads up everyone, the service will be discontinued on the 25th June so make sure to download any episodes before then. Though I only seem to be able to download from my disc rather than the store. edit: Whoops didn’t notice the thread was updated.