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  1. I've had this game for a while and I haven't been able to make much progress because my games always freeze in the 3rd quarter or so. Is there a solution to this? It's not a disc issue, by the way. EDIT: It seems if you are offline, there are no problems
  2. I started working on all the characters on med+ before I got the update and I just finished getting my last title related for the arcade completions and the trophy didn't unlock. I either got hit with some super annoying rare glitch, or I have to beat arcade mode with every character I beat arcade with before I got the update. Beware
  3. I just checked the down detector and it appears that the servers are down. I thought an egregious error took place
  4. This is interesting, because I got the error code 80710016, which seems to be an IP band, but I don't illegally download anything, or visit any bad sites. This is so ridiculous.
  5. You can no longer earn ranked trophies, but you can earn the 4 versus trophies. If you see people earning those but not the ranked trophies, they are most likely earning them legit.
  6. Can the trophies that don't have "in public matches" in their description be done in private? Like resurgence and rescue mission
  7. I've been doing heals when the other 3 survivors are injured and it hasn't popped for me yet. Either this is glitched or it needs to be 10 full heals
  8. It doesn't say "in a public match" in the description, so can this be done in private?
  9. I'm doing that now. I just wanted to tell folks that for the people won't work for this, especially if people are confirming the counter works
  10. Unless the counter is broken for this, for the people will not work. I did it 11 times and the trophy did not pop.
  11. Does anyone know which room this is?
  12. Apparently my whole profile is set to private and i can't check my progress. I didn't change anything, and this happened somehow
  13. I have definitely downed well over 100 survivors with the hatchet from over 24 meters. Did something change in the new patch?
  14. It looks as though the mission "Temporal Ambassador" can not be found as a Romulan, and that mission has been attached to the accolade for "In Shadows". The trophy appears to not unlock because the accolade can not be completed as a Romulan, anymore. Maybe I missed something? Edit: You can't complete this trophy until the end of the game, after Iconian War
  15. I just need new romulus 5:8