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  1. I've been doing heals when the other 3 survivors are injured and it hasn't popped for me yet. Either this is glitched or it needs to be 10 full heals
  2. It doesn't say "in a public match" in the description, so can this be done in private?
  3. I'm doing that now. I just wanted to tell folks that for the people won't work for this, especially if people are confirming the counter works
  4. Unless the counter is broken for this, for the people will not work. I did it 11 times and the trophy did not pop.
  5. Does anyone know which room this is?
  6. Apparently my whole profile is set to private and i can't check my progress. I didn't change anything, and this happened somehow
  7. I have definitely downed well over 100 survivors with the hatchet from over 24 meters. Did something change in the new patch?
  8. It looks as though the mission "Temporal Ambassador" can not be found as a Romulan, and that mission has been attached to the accolade for "In Shadows". The trophy appears to not unlock because the accolade can not be completed as a Romulan, anymore. Maybe I missed something? Edit: You can't complete this trophy until the end of the game, after Iconian War
  9. I just need new romulus 5:8
  10. add me on the psn, funker1987 psn: talkbackxx
  11. Those people are losers that have nothing else going for them in their life. This game exists as a means to kill time in an entertaining way. It isn't a religion, but a lot of people treat it like it is life or death. Just play your way and know that when you don't act like the people that send hate, your life has more meaning than theirs, and just hope that they find some way to fill the void in their heart.
  12. I'd like to trade the romulan datachips. They are far too expensive
  13. I've beaten this level numerous times without being seen by the lights and it hasn't unlocked. Also in the first game i encountered a glitch where the 4th storage tank wouldn't fill up EDIT** I replayed magna centipedes level on a new run and the trophy popped. This may need to be done on 1 life and before the boss is beaten.
  14. I have all the secrets that pertain to 1001, but the secret itself/trophy didn't pop. What am I missing? Does the bestiary count?
  15. Did you do any kills you hadn't done before?