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  1. Damn, I was hoping as well the original ones would be enough, I just need two more of those. Now, that's gonna be even more days of farming Kurkuma (and the money for planting it)...
  2. For me it was Horizon: Zero Dawn It was the first game I came close to the plat by just normal playing and sucking up the world and every bit of lore I could find. So I went and did the last bit missing. That sort of changed my way of looking at games. I bought a LOT of shit and just got bored with most of it or just went on to the next one at a release and never came back to anything. At that point I had an average completion of around 12%. Since then (also due to changes in life) I look more carefully at a purchase, mostly buy at sales or if I really look forward to something. By now, I am at 67 Plat and a completion of 26,71%.
  3. Didn't think this would ever happen. Can confirm, loading up a 100% save will pop the Trophy when EXITING the game.
  4. The fish actually is pretty easy - it can drop as room decoration. It did for me with the first time talking to the one in the lodge. Just go to the Sanctuary, mount it to a wall and you can talk to it 25 times in a row without reloading.
  5. I had something like that on iOS and sort of hope it is not VR required but optional.
  6. At least in US... According to their Twitter, EU didn't release since they didn't know they had to submit a separate EU build...
  7. I just reached that point on first playthrough, how long are these segments? It came pretty abrupt and for some reason turned me off a bit...
  8. Can confirm, devs wrote on reddit it should work now. After returning from the weekend, I booted the game up and was several zones past this.
  9. Same here. Wrote this to the devs on reddit, asking for eu release and if an option to disable the tutorial is viable in case there are no release plans.
  10. I just came to the forum to suggest this for average and/or profile library total completion. About 2 years ago I was in a pretty bad phase and got pissed at me that I bought all the games I was interested in, but almost never got around to keep playing them, after a new one was started. On the one hand from a financial standpoint, on the other hand the memories years later and wondering why I hadn't finished them. By then, my completion was as low as 12,x%. Since then, I got my first and another 19 plats and was able to raise the completion to 20,14% as of now, with an average of I think 22,x% even. Soo, yeah, glad I don't seem to be the only one having interest in this.
  11. I'd be available to join a more active guild as well, lvl 80 within this week. Play every weekday, on weekends if my SO is at my place as well. Invite code NACHTKATER_N3SE
  12. Can't say for sure, but as in most cases, unless there are massive bugs to be fixed in a day one patch, offline will work just fine, for online you'll need the latest update. So you should be able to plat in solo play.
  13. Wrote to the devs, they are apparently working on a fix. That remains to be seen though...
  14. Okay, so from about 2-3h in... It's not even that bad of a game. I mean, visually it won't win awards, but it's looking okay. Clearly targeted at kids between 6-12 maybe. But the gameplay is pretty good. I was looking for something close to Infinity Blade for console, and with that mindset, I don't regret the 40€ I paid. I'd say for 25-30€ or below this is not that bad of a investment. Still unsure about the whole "port" thing. According to videos I've seen from the beginning of the mobile game, this IS something different, but based on the same book series. And if it IS a port, I've seen far worse like WH Quest or, as much as I loved it for what it was, WH40k:Deathwatch. Those were terrible 1:1 menu ports with some random inconsistent button mappings. This one is absolutely good to navigate and control.
  15. I hope my local store has it already today, if so, I'll report back. Though, looking for gameplay on youtube today, I found the first 4 parts of a walkthrough already that looks like it's different than the mobile game. Also didn't look too bad.