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  1. The Last of Us. The "I want to talk about it" trophy would not unlock, I tried on several attempts on several different PS3s, with multiple save files and it wouldn't unlock no matter what method tried or how many times I did it. I didn't really care for the online in this game so abandoned the Plat a long time ago.
  2. You DO NOT get this trophy from killing the Convicts, or the Cultists.
  3. Platinum # 134 (PS3) Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust Movie Mogul This is probably the worst game on seventh generation consoles, and knowing what I know now, I would have never even touched it. People online say that it is an easy platinum, but this game can actually be incredibly annoying at times because of the awful controls and the camera CONSTANTLY fighting you. I don't even want to get started on the HORRIFIC walljumping and on-rail shooting mechanics, that will make you want to kill somebody. This platinum is the ultimate test of patience, heed all of the warnings that you see online telling you not to play this crap. This game was released in 2009, but it feels like a game released in 1999. Bad platforming, bad graphics, bad framerate, bad humor, bad VA. bad game.
  4. Battlefield: Hardline
  5. Twisted Metal (broken online makes this one tough) Warhawk (say goodbye to everybody you know if going for this legitimately, but boosting still takes forever) Starhawk (same as Warhawk, just not quite as much of a grind. Earned this one a few months back) Grand Theft Auto 4 (a tough platinum now made harder do to many modders online. Earned this one a while back) Max Payne 3 (a very tough platinum, I had all of the achievements on my Xbox account and know how tough it is)
  6. I am Sweet Tooth 0.31%
  7. Arby N The Chief Also saw some guy on GTA4 named "XSwagYung-Jay" or something like that
  8. Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust. I bought this game for a couple of bucks (thankfully) because I heard the trophies were easy. I earned a few trophies and stopped playing. The gameplay is atrocious and unfortunately that game is now on my list with only a few trophies. I have been doing Achievement/Trophy hunting for years (since 2006) and this IS the worst game I have played probably ever.
  9. Not counting the PS Plus games, I have Far Cry 4, Shadow of Mordor, and Infamous: Second Son that I need to play.
  10. Having done all of this on ZombiU, almost everything here is easy to do. The survival playthrough may be a plat killer for some though.