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  1. It's definitely US, had various American spelled words appeared thus far.
  2. Very nicely done, I'm still stuck for the Master trophies (no matter what I do, I always get RNG fluked by the AI) and then the grind to Grandmaster. This game looked so fun and casual, now it's just a timesink. Any tips for Master difficulty championships?
  3. And then it was even worse - grindy - RNG based thanks to Certified Items.
  4. I'm still playing this now and again but somewhat given up hope actually getting the platinum. Still having major difficulty with the two Master trophies! From my experience, the ammount of exp required for each level increases each time. 1->2->3 requires a different total exp to 10->11->12 and so on. If anything if feels like it slows right down, managing a level a day is tough to keep focus to.
  5. Added to which, in the history of recorded Snooker, there's only been 114, 147 breaks officially recorded by actual Snooker players. And they all get up, walk around the table, look at various angles and calculate ball runs and distances using a physical cue when they hit the ball. This trophy in general IS going to be ultimately the rarest in this game and one of the rarest of all trophies ever achieved across all games (in my opinion).
  6. Hmm, I did all the Ramosa, Paradoxa and Peltatum kills on their respective story missions (first time you encounter them). Neither are a difficult fight if you focus and stay up close (personally). The only change away from heavy/cutting weapons I ever did was using a Blaster on the Chains of Peltatum. Dionaea I hacked away at without ever touching a ranged weapon, Freedom Wars is much easier to play up-close than at range, but that's just me. Getting a Blaster (sticky grenade cannon, not Barbara) is level 10 is pretty easy too, as long as you keep it as a Blaster and don't branch out into the elemental variants.
  7. Human, Female, Hunter. Solo'ing Nightfalls back before any of this DLC nonsense Ice-Breaker was my friend and companion through many battles, Sepik being my unfortunate first solo Nightfall. (Done the hard way too, I didn't know of the 'safe' spot for the first portion of the Strike, with those waves of Fallen and Hive - I hid up top behind the objective, somehow )
  8. Ronnie O'Sullivan has been the worlds best for quite some time, and he has 13 (yes, THIRTEEN) 147 breaks to his name at present. He's even regarded as one of the best Snooker players ever to of graced the billiard table. I'll never get the 147 break trophy on Pure Pool, and I'll have the upmost respect for anyone who does manage to pull off this feat. The difficulty is the lack of view and viewing angles, watch any professional snooker match and you'll see them walk around the table, look at the balls, their positions and calculate ball rolls and the likes. Snooker is very much a precision sport, something that can't be easily replicated using a controller in a game. Best of luck to those trying ~
  9. As an FYI to people; It can be, yes.
  10. Aerial goals aren't that bad to do, I missed (missed as in, AI stole my goal lol) two attempts whilst playing through the Season Championship then just went for an easy method I've perfected similar to the videos above (but works pretty flawlessly online if you catch people unprepared) But congrats to everyone managing this trophy, the videos here are good, easy, examples of how to do it ~
  11. *Follow topic* As above, stuck on the barrel trophy at present. We've tried getting (over) 1,000 barrels on main playthrough character and getting 1,000+ with a new character to no avail at the moment.
  12. Rocket League https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/3679-Rocket-League/1-Virtuoso'>Virtuoso Unlock All Trophies 3 Days, 3 Minutes 2.00% T'was inevitable this one, an awesomely good game to play with friends and randomers alike! Would of had it much sooner if it wasn't for work and other life activities ! Platinum difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 11/10
  13. I think there's also something more (or less) to this too. I have all vehicles unlocked and I have NOT used or driven in all vehicles. *shrug*
  14. I know this has been answered by converting to metric, but just for your information: 1 mile = 1.609344 km 1 mile = 5280 ft 500 / 1.609344 = 310.685596118667 miles 0.685596118667 * 5280 = 3,619.94750656176 ft 50 / 1.609344 = 31.0685596118667 miles 0.0685596118667 * 5280 = 361.994750656176 ft Rounding them off: 500 km = 310 miles & 3620 ft 50 km = 31 miles & 362 ft
  15. You have me very curious and interested!