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  1. No, everything with "[Battle]" requires online connection and playing against other players. (These are 11 Trophies.) The others can also be done in offline mode with VR Missions.
  2. For me it works. I can buy up to the level of my main career character for the other sex. You have to be aware though that the player creation also has to be done in the "My player" section and not under "Career".
  3. If you started the career already you can only switch the game/tournament length at the end of the year. When transitioning to the next year you get asked what kind of setting you want Futures, Challengers, etc. and you can also enable or disable skill cards. I don't think there is another possibility to change while already in a career year.
  4. For drop shot hold R1 and use square (slice). The AI is quite weak at playing against drop shot cross or slice cross shots aimed towards the net (as long as you get good or perfect timing). I also read somewhere, that the trophy might pop if you are at 95% and do the sprinting training. (But I have not tried it.) So if you are desperate you might want to give that a go, since sprint training under the gameplay tab is quite fast.
  5. In case anyone finds this and also wonders: IGUnique posted a working solution (at least for me) in the difficulty thread. Just redo the movement training (2nd in "Gameplay"). See here:
  6. So I got my career gal to the challenge 10 in exercises. (Can't win it there though. Still only at like 48 rating and getting obliterated.) Because it is then available in Tennis School mode, I decided to finish it there with Nadal. (Honestly, even with Nadal that challenge is bullshit if you get some decent service player as opponent...) Had to do a few restarts (without going back to menu) and the tracker for how many missed time shot you have in the top right disappeared. After some tries I got it somehow completed with an A+. Tennis school also says 100% in upper right corner. (I have three challenges not on A+ but on B,C- and D, because the aim challenges suck.) But the trophy for 100% in Tennis school did not pop. What is the problem? Do I have to finish it in career mode once? Was the tracking thing disappearing the problem? (I had the feeling I 'too soon'd more than three times while finishing, though I am not sure.) Do I have to A+ everything? I just don't get what the problem is. I even got the coons for finishing all challenges in the profile award page. If someone has some insight that would be great.