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  1. Lol you've really spit your dummy out haven't you. If they don't release all the episodes you'd still be entitled to a full refund. Instead you've gotten the refund and now saying you'll buy it again if they do get released...
  2. Anyone know what's happening with this? Release date for third episode was November 6th and still nothing to download on the store or within the game...
  3. What would people recommend playing on PS Now?
  4. PSN ID: Ballmeister7 PS Systems: PS4 Accepts Blank Friend Requests: Yes I'm up for voice chat {English} during play sessions
  5. Is this going to be harder than rogue legacy? Because plating that game almost drove me insane
  6. I've done exactly what is needed for this trophy more than once, in fact more than 20 times and it won't pop. Anyone know why/have the same problem?
  7. I just did it and this trophy is stupid lol spent so many coins on it, but it was made up for when I got James Rodriguez in my pack after completing the trophy
  8. Any Assassin's Creed game
  9. I think there needs to be something for when you've platinumed the game but don't have the dlc trophies instead of just having 'A'
  10. I managed to find all 13 in the end which was very lucky because one in another area was trapped in a wall
  11. I have 11/12 of the lockboxes in Acropolis and cannot find any more i've checked all the houses and none are showing up on the maps anywhere. I don't know if my game has glitched or there are some extremely well hidden ones. Can anyone help?