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  1. So, to get this trophy, you need to win the women's world cup final. I've just completed Kim Hunter's 'journey' - the thing is, when I was prompted to switch from Alex Hunter to Kim, as soon as I got to the main menu of Kim's section, the trophy popped. I hadn't played the final yet and ended up losing it anyway. I still got the trophy so I'm not complaining, just wondered if anyone else has experienced the same thing?
  2. The first LEGO Marvel Superheroes was the first game I achieved a platinum trophy on and I'm currently well on my way to achieving a platinum on LEGO Marvel Avengers. Just got the main Manhattan HUB to complete. I'll definitely be buying this!
  3. I've started playing Resi myself and haven't got too far. My mate and I started a new game the other day and have got further than I had got in my original save file. The thing is, I am only able to load the second game (mine and my mate's). When I select "Load Game" from the main menu, the game asks if I want to load the most recently saved data. If I select "No" (in an attempt to get to my own save file), it just returns to the main menu. So my question is; Is there any way I can load the original save file?
  4. I personally always look forward to the new FIFA every year and any upcoming LEGO games/LEGO Dimensions packs.
  5. SORRY ABOUT THE IMAGE SIZES! I Got this for Christmas: Along with all of these:
  6. RollercoasterTycoon 3 The Sims 4 Planet Coaster (looks good, haven't played but have seen gameplay...so it goes on my list!) Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets FIFA Football 2005 - The first FIFA game I owned
  7. I'm going to have to disappoint you lads, but need to be honest! My main gaming platform for about 5 years was an Xbox 360. Started gaming on PS2 not long after it's release here in the UK. Then went off gaming altogether for a while and bought an Xbox 360 back in 2009 after all my mates bought one. Stayed on that until late 2013, when I purchased a PS4 and have since (not too long ago, not sure how long exactly) bought a pre-owned PS3 from GAME, (our main gaming outlet) for a grand total of £60.
  8. Thanks all, thankfully, I have a PS3!
  9. £A Sports strike again... Most of us have paid between £45-£80 (depending on which edition you bought) for the base game and having explored the menus for the first time last night, as far as I can tell, we don't get any free attempts of the Online Draft this year. (Correct me if i'm wrong!) Obviously, we don't HAVE to pay to play the Online Draft...I've already decided to just try and grind the coins this time around, spent far too much cash on FIFA Points last season.
  10. Thanks, how do I change the background colour? Sorry!
  11. I've recently been browsing other member's profiles (like everyone on here does) and noticed that many of you have different coloured text in the list of games you've played. For the record, the text on my profile is blue Does anyone know how I can change the colour of the text on my profile or is it something I can't change? Just curious really, not bothered if I can't change it, this is merely a question! Thanks
  12. No one likes the FUT Online draft trophy. Its ridiculous.
  13. No one has the patience to grind the coins. And so what? It's still paying to play online.
  14. FIFA 16 & 17 (apparently) have this type of system. In order to Platinum FIFA 16, you have to pay for FIFA points to get access to the Online Draft (unless you complete it first time, which is free). Ridiculous.