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  1. Just got these trophies with the help of a fellow trophy hunter. I do also believe that it's likely that these trophies are impossible to get offline.
  2. The first time I downloaded a game with psx download helper it was the updated game as well. I deleted it and tried again; then it only downloaded 1.00. I don't know why this happens, but it seems it only works sometimes? Anyway, if you you have managed to download the 1.00 version, it will still download the update/patch once you have reconnected to the internet without the proxy. The only thing you can do is to disable the automatic updates and pause the update/patch download file. You can also delete the download file, but then it will start downloading again once you start the game.
  3. I read your last post and had the same problem. I had to temporarily disable my firewalll, windows defender, for it to work. I hope this works for you as well.
  4. Hi, I know this is an old threat, but you might still be interested to know that you can go back to 1.00 using this guide: Have a good one! Edit: to clarify, in the 1.00 version you can save the game.
  5. I am sorry that this happened to you. But thanks for the advice, I shall be careful and make many saves.
  6. Thank you for your kind words When I use the D-pad the cursor doesn't freak out but the sensitivity is still inconsistent. I guess I'll just have to ignore that, but I am a little bit more motivated now.
  7. I bought this game for the ps4 and have the latest update installed. I even reinstalled the game but this hasn't fixed the bug. Sometimes the sensitivity in menu's is normal but sometimes the sensitivity is so high that it is very hard to select the right row/column, and when I use the thumbstick to select something in a shop the cursor freaks out. These people had the same problem but there is no solution. Does anybody know how I can fix this?