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  1. I had to play 8! games again with a friend. It definitly didnt pop after just one game.
  2. Maybe you have another ps+ account on your ps5?
  3. If you got the trophy on ps4, do you still need to clean 2 milestoness to get the trophy on ps5? Or does 1 already make the trophy pop. Got several other grinding trophys after just starting fut on ps5. Also do i have to do 2 milesstones in one session like the workaround for ps4?
  4. Depends on timing. You have just 20 days left for mls, cause thats what the timer in friendly shows.
  5. Yeah just look in the other topic. The only workoround is to complete 2 milestones in one game session without leaving ultimate team and not disconnection from ea servers. Good luck
  6. Sounds like 2 milesstone group in one game seems to be a save walk as workaround. Even with the new milestone for mls, its not possible for me this way. Cause i cant win a rivals, squadbattle AND fut Champions game in ONE SINGLE MATCH. Its impossible to pair with mls in one game either.
  7. There is no doubt about this beeing a glitched one. The are different theorys. 2 in 1 sessions seems to be a try. But im scared to grind 300 champion wins + 300 rivals wins and dont get rewarded. There were online trophy fixes in the past. Fifa09 got one after psn hack and network restart blocked a trophy for just visiting the fifa09 ingame store. So i have more hope for a patch rather to grind 600 wins against sweety players.
  8. Ok than its impossible for me because i dont have 2 open which can be done in one game.
  9. I finished Stadium 1 2.Assists mastery 3.Stadium 2 4.Transfers mastery 5.Shooting Mastery 6.SBC So i just have squadbattles, rivals and champions left with with at least one to go. Koop und futfan i never played. So i guess its impossible for me to do two of them in one game. Lol i see me completing all and dont get the trophy.
  10. Same here. I just played offline and finished first 3 objectivs. Friend of mine played only online drafts and the counter raised for 100. So i guess for 100 wins you have to do online drafts only.
  11. 4-1 took me to division 3. had no disconnects but needed hours to find 5 games. Never quit search until message pops up.
  12. now made it the 5th time to last room without treassure. no trophy. Last archiever got it 4 days ago.
  13. Lol got over 50000 RPs on this slot while spinning over 5000 times. Cant pass the 3rd door. Always stuck at 2nd or 3rd.
  14. looks pretty easy, but because ea allmost screwed us on nba live 17 i will not get nba live 18. So I dont try fastest or first obtainer.
  15. yeah they also told me that they tried it and completed it. Another player in the forum proved them wrong by uploading a new video where the bug is still there. Im in contact with a supporter on this forum and replied that there should be a new update. after patch 1.40. challenge london semi finals works now.