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  1. Haven't done any updates for this current backlog challenge yet, didn't intend to do any of the borderlands games, it just suddenly happened. Still managed to complete my original games + more. Still have the possibility to do more before the next one starts, also have to decide my games for the next challenge.
  2. Hitman could potentially work very well
  3. @MidnightDragon Really late but i'll put together a quick list for now: Tom Clancy's Ghost recon: Wildlands 11% The Crew 2 LEGO The Hobbit (Vita) LEGO Lord of the rings (Vita) Ni No Kuni 2 Dangerous Driving Would have added my upcoming 250th plat, but i'm unsure of what to do. Also recently started The Golf club 2, but it's at a too high % to add it. It'll be my priority forwards, hence the small list. Should add more when i know more about these
  4. Wish i knew about the quick restart and preview shot at the time i got it, otherwise nice guide.
  5. Took me 5 days 12 hours and 7 minutes or 132h and 7 minutes
  6. Hidden list image words: Word, Wheel, Gold, Platinum. Yet again what a surprise...
  7. Seeing you've not gotten it yet, i'll try explaining it. When starting a game you'll need these settings: -Tournament -World Circuit - Team play Off After these you'll need 3 hard AI opponents. In this mode you'll have to complete 20 games, but each individual level can only be done once. Meaning all 20 has to be played within the same game. If you finish 1st after the 20th level, that's one down and 9 to go. In total you'll have to play 200 levels (each individual 10 times) for the minimum amount.
  8. Sorry, didn't read that part. Device: IPhone X Timesone/country: Gmt+1, Norway Date: Yesterday and time of the post, did browse random forum sites right when entering the site also happened twice right after each other when looking at my profile. Browser: Safari Screenshot: https://imgur.com/0AZav5I Hope that's all you need
  9. Recently i’ve had add from this site: gift.gifts-for-free.online, it automatically rederecting me after taping 1 or 2 subsites here while on my phone and not signed in. It’s one of those where you have to tap previous page alot rapidly to get away, without closing the whole thing. According to the first post this shouldn’t be used here.
  10. I’ve been doing 100% completions since i bought my ps3, not sure why i did it. I’ve always gone for the challange of unlocking them, it’s kind of like many small goals to achive. And always go for games i’d like to try, not games i don’t care to play like less than 1h plats, walking sims. I’d like to have some fun while doing them. Most of them takes 20h+ to do (i think). Including some hard games like Super Meat Boy, Trackmania Turbo, GTA V+DLC and so on. If you really want to get to the 100% i’d suggest starting with online trophies, that way you wouldn’t be locked out after shutdowns. Cleanup old games before starting new ones, preferably one at the time. And finally, please don’t lock yourself to certain games because of difficulty. All games i’ve played i’ve gotten through with enough patience and determination.
  11. Think i’ll join this time around, since i finished red dead 2 during the previous challenge. Games: Assassin's Creed Origins 100% God of War PS4 100% Marvel's Spiderman (Finished before challenge window) Jak 2 (vita), orb glitch. 100% Touch My Katamari (vita) 100% The Grand Tour the game 100% Guacamelee 2 100% Borderlands 2 100% Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 100% Borderlands 100% Futuregrind 100% Spyro 100% Spyro 2 100% Spyro 3 100% Danger Zone 2 100% Might change the list, depends how far i get before the start of the challenge.
  12. Pierhead Aracade, you have to be some kind of super human to be able to do one specific trophy. So while writing this i noticed someone has earned the platinum and you get major bonus points on the last stage of the mini game. This actually makes me want to possibly go for it in the future, but it's still easily a 9-10/10 game.
  13. They are actually stating it’s a trophy game in the game picture «gold, trophy» and «platinum, game», no shame basically.
  14. That makes the list complete. This it possibly the hardest of the ones i've done in these challenges since i started joining about a year ago. I'd say it took easily 400-500h to complete everything, possibly more. I think i'll skip the next one to work on red dead 2 without having to battle the clock. Maybe i'll join again during the summer challenge.
  15. Didn't intend to do Monster Hunter: World at first, but i ended up completing Star Wars Battlefront 2 way quicker then expected, so ended up adding it to the list. Next up will be Middle Earth: Shadow of War, i've been putting it off for way too long by now. Then it'll be Human Fall Flat, which will be a bit of a wildcard, since i don't know much about it. And finally Jak and Daxter should be done in one sitting, maybe i'll try to challenge my fastest platinum time. There's a lot to keep track of so i'm not sure yet, first time around i did the whole thing on my brothers account, right before i bought my ps3. So i didn't have too bad of a time finding a good route. Guess you can call this a "halfway-there-update"