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  1. Whenever my list gets properly updated this one should be gone. My reasoning behind this is the platinum is unachivable since one hill isn't possible to beat because the developers messed up. Went through the ticket process for 3 months, just to be ignored everytime, 100h+ of game time and nothing works. And mainly when i look at my profile i think of the 100% avrage as the finish line, this is something i'll never be able to reach if i keep the game up there and also it'll just bring up bad memories about the developers not caring at all, horrible contact ways and so on. So this is my way of removing my ties to them, hopefully this will remove some mental weight weighing me down. So if anyone want's to dig around trying to find which trophies/games are hidden, it's this one. The game sits at 24/26 trophies, missing just legend (because of that one hill) and platinum trophy.
  2. nice to hear everything worked out in the end
  3. So just got the trophy, had no issues with anything. Played on digital version 1.01 (EU). Think i would suggest do the "glitched" one for last, or just redo all katana challenges incase something didn't count properly.
  4. Playing these challanges myself these last few days, so far all i’ve done is at 100%. Going by the list top to bottom, i’ about to start the speedrun challanges. Besides 97% Sounds like such a wierd number, considering there’s max. 25 level for each challange, which would give atleast 4% for each level. Not sure what has happend there.
  5. @bratMario This is my furthest jump ever on that hill, potentially the limit of what you can reach. Well unless you somehow can clip through the hill and land on the ground beneath. So one thing to note, i fall on purpose because hitting the perfect 100% landing is hard/rare, it seems to gain a little bit in comparison to a land and distance counts for some reason on quick jump, but not on career when falling (only for the first 2 jumps, aka. you can't hit retry after) Can't hurt throwing in a ticket if you haven't already, would be nice seeing this get resolved.
  6. Yes, sadly it's unobtainable at the moment, even though the platinum is very doable (a 4/10ish). The trophy "LEGEND" for gaining the hill record on all hills can't be done because of one small error. There's this one hill called "Willingen" it has a hill record of 155.2m, but even with the best equipment, skills maxed out and about perfect everything you can't really go past 148m. My record being 147.5m for reference. I've contacted the support, it got answered 16 days ago and closed 3 days later. This is the respond: thank you for your report. We have forwarded your issue to the developers. Unfortunately, we can't estimate a date when this will be fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience until the issue will be solved. Best regards, Can't say for sure if i trust this happening, but a guy can hope. If nothing happens here's the place to contact them: https://kalypsomedia.freshdesk.com/en/support/home (2) Unfortunately the sites are mainly working in german and need sign-up before you'll be able to reach support: https://www.kalypsomedia.com/de/account/profile (1) The more we are the more power we've got, should after all be a very quick fix. Alternatively only a glitch would make this possible. Thanks to anyone bothering to read this.
  7. Got all 35 unique games listed not too long ago. Should put me at LEGO Grand Architect for now, until the new LEGO Star Wars game gets released.
  8. So i've been bad at updating, final standings during this event: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands 100% The Golf Club 2 100% Dangerous Driving 100% Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle For Neigborville 100% LEGO The Hobbit (Vita) 100% Human Fall Flat 100% Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom 100% Pierhead Arcade (250th Platinum) 100% Assassin's Creed Odyssey 100% Monster Energy Supercross 100% A Way Out 100% Sniper Elite V2 Remastered 100% LEGO The Lord of The Rings (vita) 100% Jak 3 (Vita) 100% The Crew 2 100% Terraria 100% Troll and I 100% LEGO Marvel Superheroes: Universe In Peril (Vita) 100% The Escapist 2 100% The Forest 100% LEGO Marvel's Avengers (Vita) 100% LEGO Movie: The Videogame (Vita) 100% LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (Vita) 100% LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (Vita) 100% LEGO Jurassic World (Vita) 100% LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 (Vita) 100% LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Vita) 100% LEGO Movie 2: The Videogame 100% LEGO DC Super-Villains (35th Unique LEGO game) 100% PaRappa the Rapper 2 100% Totaling 30 fully completed games during the event
  9. That sucks, don't think it would work but have you tried rebuilding database? It usually works for different small stuff. More than likely there's some issue connected to the verification of your purchase. I've kind of had a similar issue on ps3, purchased a saints row bundle (2,3 and 4 i think) which should include dlcs and everything, only received 3 maingame and 4+dlcs. Went through the whole process you described. Never got the issue resolved, no refunds. I had to purchase the 3rd game with dlcs on disc (since i found a cheap copy). Only to it being removed from the store later on (to my knowledge atleast)
  10. Used this video, you spawn right next to the buried treasure:
  11. Haven't done any updates for this current backlog challenge yet, didn't intend to do any of the borderlands games, it just suddenly happened. Still managed to complete my original games + more. Still have the possibility to do more before the next one starts, also have to decide my games for the next challenge.
  12. Hitman could potentially work very well
  13. @MidnightDragon Really late but i'll put together a quick list for now: Tom Clancy's Ghost recon: Wildlands 11% The Crew 2 LEGO The Hobbit (Vita) LEGO Lord of the rings (Vita) Ni No Kuni 2 Dangerous Driving Would have added my upcoming 250th plat, but i'm unsure of what to do. Also recently started The Golf club 2, but it's at a too high % to add it. It'll be my priority forwards, hence the small list. Should add more when i know more about these
  14. Wish i knew about the quick restart and preview shot at the time i got it, otherwise nice guide.
  15. Took me 5 days 12 hours and 7 minutes or 132h and 7 minutes