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  1. They are actually stating it’s a trophy game in the game picture «gold, trophy» and «platinum, game», no shame basically.
  2. That makes the list complete. This it possibly the hardest of the ones i've done in these challenges since i started joining about a year ago. I'd say it took easily 400-500h to complete everything, possibly more. I think i'll skip the next one to work on red dead 2 without having to battle the clock. Maybe i'll join again during the summer challenge.
  3. Didn't intend to do Monster Hunter: World at first, but i ended up completing Star Wars Battlefront 2 way quicker then expected, so ended up adding it to the list. Next up will be Middle Earth: Shadow of War, i've been putting it off for way too long by now. Then it'll be Human Fall Flat, which will be a bit of a wildcard, since i don't know much about it. And finally Jak and Daxter should be done in one sitting, maybe i'll try to challenge my fastest platinum time. There's a lot to keep track of so i'm not sure yet, first time around i did the whole thing on my brothers account, right before i bought my ps3. So i didn't have too bad of a time finding a good route. Guess you can call this a "halfway-there-update"
  4. It's delisted, didn't find the hobbit, but i found lego the lord of the rings: https://store.playstation.com/en-za/product/EP1018-PCSB00125_00-LEGOLORDOFTHERNG?smcid=ps%3Ashow-now%3Avisit-playstation-store%3Aps-playstation-store Good thing i bought it last month
  5. Here’s mine: https://www.playstation.com/no-no/explore/ps4/my-ps4-life/my-ps4-life-video/?psid=DiafudUla9&et_cid=em_352192&et_rid=49650159&Linkid=PS4LT-T-061218-CE-PLA-FLX&emcid=em-ot-176788 First game Infamous second son: first light (was originally supposed to be The Crew) 8317h across 134 games Most played: 1st Nioh 301h 2nd No Man’s sky 236h 3rd GTA V 232h 9574 trophies since PS4 launched 186 777 2188 6423 Rarest trophy: Play 1000 matches «Pool Nation VR» (Sports Bar VR) with 9 total achivers
  6. Paying a visit to a friend here :lol:





  7. Final result, didn't think i'd get much farther because of Super Meat Boy. But in the end i ended up with 15 completed games.
  8. I'll take a shot in the dark and guess Battlefield 1, since it's been on deals a lot and the season pass was also recently free. Along with possibly The Last of Us Remastered. As for PS3 which i have no clue/don't care about, Adventure Time: Finn and Jake investigations and Goat Simulator. And Finally Vita. Stardew Valley and League of Evil. For most of these i searched up either newest or oldest for the platform, which seems to have some kind of pattern from time to time.
  9. Whoops, hard to keep track since of all these name and image changes. A complete mixup on my side, sorry about that. Edit: Should definitely have taken the time to scroll to the top of the page, rather then take a guess on a recent post. You live and learn i guess. Thanks
  10. @Spyro Finally went around to update the list
  11. I wonder if there could be user created levels, if so the expert trophies might not be too bad at all. Normally the game looks very fun, but the platinum looks to be a nightmare. That is unless you have a good rhythm and good coordination skills.
  12. I find this more interesting then rarest platinum, some 100%s can be brutal compared to just the base game. But they can also be a bit useless percentage wise (rarity), like minecraft and rocket league since the majority wouldn't even care to go for them. Then there's games like Batman arkham knight and GTA V (PS4) which gets way harder with added DLC. For the topic: I’m not on a PC right now, so no pictures. Edit: Pictures added Top 3 rarest this year: GTA V (PS4) 0,11% Minecraft (PS3) 0,16% Super Meat Boy 0,17% (Doesn't have DLC, just put them in rarity order for the year) And top 3 least achived: The Golf Club 2019: 26 achivers (No DLC, but the one with least achievers) Monster of The Deep: Final Fantasy XV: 60 achivers (No DLC) The Surge: 79 achivers (Rarest with DLC for the year)
  13. It's a little bit different (not that i remember both that good anymore). Controls are basically the same, bigger character roster, new abilities and an interactive hub area. As for trophies everything should be fully obtainable, and the DLC is free so no need to purchase any deluxe edition.
  14. My rarest platinum this year/overall Super Meat Boy - 0.17% Impossible Boy alone took close to a month, but in the end i managed to complete it, making it my 200th platinum. It was a very fun game up until the last quarter or so, did the no death levels backwards, so at around the Zombie Boy trophy. Guess it'll be some time before i do another game with very low completion%, unless a game i want to do randomly has it. Who knows.