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  1. Injustice 1, got it a few years ago and love it, but no one is ever online. No matter how long I'm in queue no matches pop.
  2. What game is the girl with pink hair on your  gamer card from ? :D

    1. MattsOnlyHope


      Wait.. its Date a Live isn't it <3


    2. Akrioz


      Itsuka Kotori from light novel Date a Live. There are two visual novels on ps3(soon coming to ps4, even in the west if I am correct) I used an image from one of them. Sadly, now you can only choose from the games you own.

  3. Showed up as the vita version for free on the ps+ deals, went to my my library on my ps4 and it downloaded the ps4 version just fine. You guys are making this much harder than it is.
  4. I don't know if its glitched on PS4 since I'm just starting the game but it is glitched on PS3. I played through the entire game and this trophy never popped on ps3.