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  1. Yeah I tried that, didn't help
  2. I tried completing a run of The Pen and The Sword (Hantu Port Sniper level) to see if that would cause the Pure Poetry: Complete all The Pen and the Sword Challenges trophy to pop and it didn't. So I guess I'm locked out of ever getting it now, and probably all the other ones that failed to pop after importing my data. Fun! The only "mastery" trophy that failed for me was Whittleton Creek.
  3. All my mastery trophies popped except for Whittleton Creek, even though the game still shows it as 20/20. I'm confused. Also it's kinda weird that the mastery levels and completes challenges for each destination carried over but not the completed mission stories. Also none of the Sniper Assassin trophies for completing challenges popped but they are all sitting at 27/27.
  4. I wouldn't even call it a game. It's a combat system. The rest of the game seems to be missing.
  5. Okay I've tested this out by creating the sword with all of the possible base weapons. The only one that Sparkly accepted was the Scimitar. All the others (Claws, Broadsword, Flamberge, Shotel, Falchion, Kilij, Uchigatana, and War Scythe) were rejected.
  6. I just tried this and I can confirm that trading a Large Sword of Searching made from a Scimitar+8 with Sparkly the Crow does indeed get you the Providential Ring! I will test this out with the other weapons that can make the sword and post my findings.
  7. I’m glad they ditched the fourteen weapon reinforcement trophies form the original, those were the biggest slog.
  8. Agree. The trophies themselves, I really don't like. Ugly images, weird ordering, and inconsistent naming, casing, and punctuation.
  9. I’m playing on a PS4 Pro and I experience constant lag and frame rate issues. It’s the worst when the map is open. The other her big problem I have is when I take enough damage in combat to the point where I’m in danger, the screen goes completely red and it becomes impossible to see anything. At that point the fight is basically lost unless I luckily stumble into some health drops.
  10. I've only finished the first world. So far it's a neat mechanic, but I find that most of the time I'm doing a lot of trial and error attempts rather than sitting and thinking / figuring the puzzles out properly. It's also extremely finicky at times, where you need to make sure the screen is frozen in just the right place with split-second precision timing, so there's a lot of unnecessary deaths. This is coming off having just completed Hue though, which was a game with a mechanic that was simply and beautifully executed, so my thoughts may be skewed.
  11. I tried following the YouTube video and was still having trouble. After throwing the apricot either the wrong soldier would get alerted, of the head solder would just turn around and not walk away. I was finally able to get it after like 30 tries. I posted a video to hopefully give people a different angle to view it from. You have to make sure you only distract the head soldier and he has to physically walk to the side. If you simply throw the apricot into the planter behind him and force him to turn around without walking away, it won't work.
  12. Thanks! I'll check it out later.
  13. They're the same as black and white. Now I think there might have been a slightly different rule depending on the colour of the tripod symbol, but it was only in a couple puzzles so I can't remember what it was. It might have affected the colours of the other symbols it could be paired with.
  14. Here's an example (this is not the solution to an actual puzzle): Hope that helps!
  15. That symbol basically excludes one of the other symbols in the puzzle from its usual rule. The white symbol has to be grouped into the same section as the symbol you are excluding.