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  1. Hello there! I would really appreciate an invite from a high level crew and could help grind the rest to level 50 if needed. Thanks in advance! PSN: kobeyard
  2. Resident Evil 6... I heard a lot of bad stuff about it and still gave it a try. Let's just say the Coop was the only thing that helped me getting through this abomination of a game. Ada's Campaign was somewhat decent, the rest unforgettable in a bad way.
  3. When it comes to boosting for the 50 Wins in Public Matches I can recommend doing it in Doubles with your boosting partner. Tried it before in Singles and had no luck finding each other for a good 30 minutes, even with servers set to Oceania or Southeast Asia and Ping on 'any'. These same options in the Doubles Playlist allowed us to find each other after just one minute. So if both players have access to a second controller, I would recommend doing it this way if you run into the same problem.
  4. Just unlocked the Data Expert trophy for completing all Tier 2 Networks and it works fine. You have to complete all the "server maps" in each network. The Darknet files are not necessary except the one you need to do for the trophy. Don't know if it's fixed already but make sure not to have over 100 PSN friends on your list to avoid experiencing the corrupted save file issue and also make sure to use the Free Movement with R2 since a few server maps are located on seperate grids far off the main path.
  5. Hey, I think you're right but with maxed out stealth camo this shouldn't be a problem. Just in case you guys don't know already, Powerpyx posted a few good tips for the stealth playthrough: On top I noticed that this game seems to be glitched at some points. In the last mission make sure to knock out all 11 guards in the big lounge area. In case the key card holder isn't randomly determined each playthrough start with the guy that's at the end of the hall right from the doors which lead to the boss fight. He's patroling but mostly standing infront of a stand filled with champagne bottles. Afterwards try to work your way from this point slowly back to the start of the area where you came out of the elevator. Did it the other way around and for some reason random alarms triggered and the final boss cutscene started before giving me the time limit. After you cleared everything, go to Miller, then Marchenko and finally to the delegates. Worked fine this way. Hopefully this saves other peoples time trying to figure it out in case they encounter the same problem
  6. Hey, ran into the exact same problem on my run today. Actually there are two ways to get out of this area. The big hole you mentioned always triggered the red "searching". Left from this hole should be another entrance. If I remember correctly it was even the one you first entered the area from and you'll end up back on the streets. This approach didn't trigger any alarms etc.
  7. Hey, you actually have to kill an enemy with every gun. That goes for the explosive Barrel aswell. As for the white propane tanks (Chapter 8, Bridge Encounter) and the powder keg (Chapter 20, Ship Graveyard Encounter), you need to throw them to an enemy and shoot it (like when you blindfire) while it's in the air for it to count.
  8. Hey, I mean it's just a thought but shouldn't it be possible to get most of them with a boosting group of 12 players?. It sounds like a huge pain but two seperate teams consisting of six people each (maybe with the two party leaders living in the same region/country) queuing up in quick match at the same time should help getting both groups matched against.