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  1. A few years ago i played Trine 2, I played together with my brother. Took us just a few hours to Platinum that one, was a fun game as well.
  2. These 2 trophies are such a pain to get. For 2 months now I am just logging in and make my dweller go on missions and stuff becasue I just need 4 more legendary outfits.
  3. I don't get why it is so hard for them to fix the trophies. As a software developer myself, it should be something like if you got A + B + C = Trophy. Somehow i don't think it really is a priority at there department, but new DLC are. It is a shame actually, becasue if the game wasn't so bugged more people would play it. I am sure of that.
  4. I just logged in, seeing if ther where new things and maybe that the Medvet Taiga trophies now also would unlock. But it seems like my progress was partly wiped, I am still a level 44 but all my outposts are undiscovered by me. I do have the story missions progress still available. Don't think I will even continue again with this game like this. It is on all my maps. 😰
  5. This game is sure fun to play. I also completed Medvet Taiga (story missions), very nice map. The reason why this game is not to populair on the PS4 is i think the glitched trophies in combination with that the game is very relaxing to play. Some people would call it boring, but I like just walking/sneaking through the forest lurking around and stalking the prey. Good luck with the DLC Guides. 👍
  6. Seems this is still not possible om PS4 and XBOX, only on PC. Guess my neigbourhoods will die out then, not gonna maintain all those other households by myself.
  7. I have made a sim familly that I realy like as neigbourhood people. Because the other Sims you don't play with won't reproduce, I somethimes have to repopulate some lots. I heared the Sims 4 have a gallery so that people can share Sims and Lots. If I am in My Library, how do I upload my Sims for others to download? And how do I download Sims from other players?
  8. Found this article: Culling patch Appears we can turn it off now, that would be great! It kinda a turn off to me when that sims I was playing with died, and was gone. But it also could be a bug, becasuse the game was just released and it was my first sim. I should just try this game again. 😄
  9. I haven't played this game in a while yet, but I am planning on continue again. In my game I had this poor family that was doing better, and they got more money. Just what I didn't like was when one of the old people died, she was removed from the lineage tree. It was like she never existed. Is that still an issue? Becasue I would like to continue again with my family, but then with a almost adult child. But I don't want the others to be gone from the lineage tree like they never existed. Also becasue the sims guy I started with he has a lot of children (he got 7 sons with 3 woman) He has 3 kids at home (incl. 1 set of twins), het got 3 kids in the Goth household and one kid with the woman next door.
  10. I wish I could reset Medvet Taiga. It is a fun map, but the trophies that I do have from that map all popped from doing different activeties. And even completing mission for character B gets you trophy for character E. And E gets you trophy D, etc. Or nothing at all.
  11. You are correct about that, can see it in your profiles. I tagged these trophies as 'Buggy' as well in the guide. What a shame. :-(
  12. I have played the main game and 2 dlc. The main game was okey for me, I only had problems that the trophy about scaring the animals ('Scarecrow') didn't unlock at 1000 more at 4500 scared animals. But this one seems to unlock for everyone if you go for platinum. So don't worry about that one. That ones that also are bugged, and I don't know why are the 2 silver trophies 'Hirschfelden Arc' and 'Layton Lake District Arc'. For some people it does unlock and for others they don't. And it is still not clear why. As for the dlc. for me those are bugged like no other.
  13. I am keeping an eye on this one. Could become a good game. I kinda like these sort of games, and I played evolution games in the past a lot when I was a kid. I would be willing to give it a try, but not much is known at this point. It is expected to be released in december 2019. Official website:
  14. I like this guide. Since I am one of the two authors of the 100% completion guide on this site I was following our own guide with the video's we found at that time. And making adjustmets here and there. But I actually like also that this video's above have a commenting on how to do them. Maybe I should use these for the psnprofiles guide. What do you guys think?
  15. Online is okey. Just you need to make your own fun. The Free Roam world is (unfortunatly) still pretty empty. And we just have a few PvP modes. But I am also the type of player that just like to roam around, mess with NPC and do some hunting and fishing. So I am enjoying myself. But it is still an empty world yes.