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  1. Looking at the trophy list, i think some are going to be a real challenge. But I am looking forward to this game.
  2. Vurhonga Savanna
  3. I still got a backup from the day before the patch, I hope they are not really gone. Just invisible I hope. I am gonna wait until that hotfix to see if it brings the lodge back, and if not I will set my backup back. I know this game is plagued with bugs and issues. I remember back in 2018 we had a patch that made all of Hirschfelden and Layton 'unexplored' again. Still kinda a shame, it is a unique game, and real fun. But backups are a must!
  4. I wanna warn people who have a Trophy Lodge DLC. I installed the patch that was released yesterday, but it seems that it deleted my Trophy Lodge, incl. all Animal Trophies that where in there. Everything is gone! Last week I had so much fun getting special coats and the best scores. But now the whole Lodge is gone it is so demotivating. This game is so great to play, but these bugs....
  5. I just followed this guide, and went to these locations for the Shed Hunter Trophy. When I had collected 5 Moose Antlers, and 5 Reindeer Antlers the Shed Hunter Trophy popped. Thanks for the locations. 😄
  6. I think I got all her missions, will see if any new one pops up. Hope it. I am still going through the rest of the missions, because they are fun. So on the 28th we will be able to find an even more higher scored animal out there. I wonder if they will also look more 'special' 😆
  7. I have to conclude the Arc mission trophies for Medvet are stll bugged for me. After the completion of the last mission for Dr. Svetlana Isakova the trophy 'Dr. Svetlana Isakova Arc' again did not unlock. I will now assume the other trophies won't unlock eather, so I will just hunt and find good scoring and special fur animals for in my trophy lodge.
  8. Those lodges sure are big! Might take a lot of time to get one full. I even can combie some animals. If I have 2 or 3 fallow deer male I can combine them in one statue. But for now every special one gets his own statue. I also can hang the heads on the wall. I do am gonna try to get all the missing Medved trophies, and also try to find some nice trophies (diamonds and special furs) for my trophy lodge. I already did find a Blond fured Bear yesterday.
  9. Thanks for letting me know. I now got 4 reserves total. When Vurhonga was released I bought that one as well. But the plains felt empty and the animals already spooked from 250 meters away. Even when you where sneaking and the wind was in your favour. If you managed to see Antilope in the distance they where always in 'Flee' state. This game sure is beatifull to play, but real buggy. This is also the reason why I don't wanna persue any trophies for the DLC ones.
  10. It is trophy lodge tab and the under 'Friends'. But I believe you also need to have your account synced with beta account (or something?) that you upload your game data to their servers. Guess that is how others can visit when offline. But my lodge is pretty empty for now. I stored in the first Male Fallow Deer I harvested. (Wanted to do that, and he happened to be a Gold as well.) And I got a nice Female coated Fallow Deer next to him.
  11. I bought mine becasue I think it is nice to have a place where I can store my best harvests, and not just make a screenshot of it. (Like I did with a Leucistic African Buffalo). I also am not into the multiplayer as well, but I think I read somewhere friends can also visit your lodge even when you are not online. They gan just wander through the building, even if they don't have the pack themselves. I also wonder how these Great Ones will work, and if we can find them.
  12. I remember those Diamonds hunts yes. That trophy 'Diamonds Are Forever', was diffecult to get. I remember I learned the max. scores for each animal in Hirschfelden and Layton out of my head. And while I was hunting foxes for a mission (Sommar nr. 4) I encountered a Roe Deer. I first walked passed him becasue I wasn't looking for deer. But then I remembered that his score was kinda high, and he might a diamond. So I went back, sneaked up upton him, and killed him instant shot. And he was a diamond. 😄 I got one trophy lodge setup so I can store all my albino coat harvests and diamond harvests. It is nice to not just make a screenshot out of it and then it is gone. I think for now the 4 reserves I got is enough, but Spain reserve also looks cool as well. I also wonder how often we will see these future 'Great ones'. Maybe they will call them Emerald or something. Edit: I took a look into the new scoring. Diamond seems much easier to get now. You only seem to need a diamond score animal, en shoot it not more then 2 times with the right weapon, and one other harvest check. You don't need the constructive harvest score and the 100% instand bonus anymore. I do hope they didn't lower the diamond animals... I know I messed up some possible diamonds becasue I didn't had the instant kill bonus. @det_gittes @Destructeur3 @ColdDarkAndEmpty Do you also have a trophy lodge?
  13. I might try getting all Medvet Trophies, because in 2018 they where so bugged that if you completed all missions for chracter A, you would get the trophy for character E. And the collectables for that map popped randomly. So that was nice. 😁 I did look into the new animal scoring, seems some of it is still the same calculations, but there is also a checklist you have to do in order to get the max score for a harvest. But it is not that bad, looks more easy then in the past. Sounds also like it is more easy to specialize on certain breeds. Like for me Fallow Deer, Wild Boar and European Bison. I kinda like this game because it is slow pace, and the stealthy aspect of it. (I also learned to back up my save file for in case a story mission trophy doesn't unlock.)
  14. I just came back to this game after completing it in 2018, seeing all these new reserves and even Trophy Lodges to display the best harvests you caught. The Trophy Lodges was really something I wished for back then, Great to see it is added. Currurently I am replaying Hirschfelden and later on Medvet, becasue those are my favorite maps, I did start on a new save file. Now a level 5 again. 😆 I also notice they changed the animals score recently, so I might need to update my guide as well on multiple points, but getting a diamonds seems much easier. This really motivates me to find those rare coats and the best scoring animals.
  15. Yes. After completing the game you can buy up every house as much times again as you like.