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  1. I agree. I like the Online, and I am level 62 right now, but I already bought all weapons I like and i already got the ability cards as well, as well as 3 good looking outfits for hot/normal/cold weather. At the moment I see Rockstar is mostly focussing on adding more PvP modes and clothing. But I don't need those. I would like more things to do, and I feel like it is going too slow. Like the online is released already for 4-5 months, and still no new free roam content (read: things to do), just clothing and PvP, and some weapon. Decide to come back if they add more online free roam content. Like properties or something, let me own a ranch. It still has potential, and I keep an eye on it. 😉
  2. But that is the point in every game, where would the fun be if you right away at level 1 get the best horse, the best weapons etc. (And in my opinion the Red Arabian is not the best horse...) I also started at level 1 with nothing, and I saved up my money carefully to buy the things I think help me progress in the game. I don't grief newbie's or anything, in free roam if they leave my alone I leave them alone. But to just constantly try to 'Vote to kick' me iin PVP is kinda lame, and unfortunatly people that play as posse's are somethimes even succesfull at kicking. But still kinda lame. 😒
  3. People are scared of me/us I guess. 😈
  4. I somethimes play Team Gunrush, because along with the Horse races I like playing those. But the thing that I do notice more and more is that for example when I join (and I am a lvl 50+) there is always one or multiple players that try to kick me right away. And somethimes the players that are MVP, people will try to kick them as well. Why? Are we not allowed to play or something? It is getting realy annoying that people constantly try "Vote to Kick" me, and I don't even have a microphone connected ot something. So that is not it. Just like they look at my level or something, and try to eliminate me already before the match.
  5. * Looks at the PSNProfiles Trophy page from Topic Starter.... * Red Dead Redemption 2 completion: 87% Appearently you didn't find it boring enough to go and play a different game.
  6. I would like to thank everyone who voted on our Red Dead Redemption 2 100% Guide. Don't know what to say, I am speechless. My second guide I ever worked on had a price for being a good guide. 😄 This is amazing.
  7. Well I can understand that the Online part is not for everyone right now. I personally love to just fish, hunt and explore the map. Just messing around a bit. But it would be nice if they add more content, I agree with that for sure. :-) But if you realy only play Online to get to lvl 50 and go for the Trophies you might also wanna try the PvP shootouts. You can get a lot of xp there and it also gives you a little bit of money at the same time.
  8. How about just playing the game, without the grinding? You will level up by just playing, and if you 'grind xp' you don't have money to upgrade your weapons and stuff.
  9. Is it just me or did they change the player density on online servers? I usually found a cluster of players on a part of the map, but tonight I could only find servers where players where all over the place. I also feld like there where more players then usuall.
  10. 😂 Makes me think about that time when I was at Van Horn and my camp in the Heartlands, and Cribbs moved it to Gaptooth Ridge. Could not be further away. 😰
  11. For some reason I always encounter players who go my direction and shoot me for no reason at all. When I am shooting back these chicken griefers don't know how fast to get out. 😂 Just anoying that they constantly need to interfere with my gameplay, and then I need to fight them off. Just leave me alone for gods sake, I am minding my own business. I so hope that anti-griefer bounty system is commng quick. I would go actively go out and hunt down those griefers and collect the bounty. 😎
  12. I would like to have a camp dog. 😋
  13. I do hope they will add more content soon for Free Roam.
  14. In Online we only have 1 camp NPC, and for some reason he seems to be very good in moving the camp around (incl. the wagons) across the map. At the moment I posses the only horse that we have, and I don't lend it out to Cribbs. So he is moving everything by himself, pulling those wagons etc. But what if Rockstar would upgrade the Online camp a little bit with more NPC, and also the ability to assign horses to camp NPC's. Horses that you can see grazing next to your camp, same as in Singleplayer. What horse breed would you choose for Cribbs? Personally I think I would go for a Red Chestnut Suffolk Punch Mare. A draft horse will suit him well.
  15. I don't mind the 100% one or the Online trophies, because I do like those. The on trophy I might not do is the 70 gold missions one, or maybe when I am extremly bored or something. But a game should be fun, so i am only doing the fun stuff. And I can so see that that 70 gold missions one might be the reason why I woun't get the Platinum. But that is fine I guess. :-)