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  1. Here is a factsheet I found on all animals in all reserves. Maybe usefull for players who are working/playing certain reserves. I added Hirschfelden and Layton to the trophy guide, but MedVet is also usefull for me. This player made a real nice list, link below. Factsheet
  2. Would love a DLC for this game, maybe adding colour/fur genetics. Maybe more diffecult biomes, even harder then the Ocean. Or a snowy biome region.
  3. At first it did run very smooth on PS5, I even was traveling a lot more then on the PS4. Loading times where very fast, and I loved it. But the game is really broken right now, don't think they will fix it fast eather. Kinda sad that EA treats console gamers less, as many of us also bought a bunch of DLC packs. 😢 Maybe when Paralives releases I can swap to that game on PC, but no release date known for that game yet. I am for sure not gonna buy any more packs. Would also be pointless right now, LoL.
  4. As a long time sims 4 player I would like to warn people who are planning to buy this game on the PS5. Sinds patch 1.39 the game freezes a lot, really A LOT. Like every 5 minutes of sooner. EA is aware of the issue, but 3 patches (in 3 months) later it still hasn't been fixed yet. Official EA PS5 freezing topic: [PS5] Sims 4 freezing
  5. I think the better name for 'Online' should be 'Death match' or something. It took me 1,5 hours to get those 5 wins. I also have never seen any other player online, only Hard AI, who are extremly good. Richard was super easy compaired to these guys, LoL.
  6. That is a shame for sure. I agree that this game is the best hunting game for PS4/PS5 at the moment, I also wish they would test their patches more before they release them. I do am happy they also changed the animal score, before that a diamond was so hard to get. As well as with the constructive harvest and instant kill played a role, and that was the time somethimes a animal would sort of teleport to lay dead somewhere else. Like the gold lynx I one time shot in Medvet. The blood trail ended and then he was gone. Found him back in a field further away with 0 tracks in the neighbourhood. (Collecting the Lynx also gave me a bunch of those collectabe trophies for free I guess, that was so weird. 😄) But then I did complete some story mission for Medvet characters, and those throphies didn't unlock at all. Started the Yukon a few days ago, love the map and the terrain. Might do the story missions here too.
  7. I learned the hard way of that making a frequent backup of this game's save file is a must. (trophy lodge whipe out with a patch 😑, lucky thing: didn't have much animals yet) I keep coming back to it, because I love the relaxing nature of it. And then the happyness if you got a nice harvest. The game is still enjoyable for me, but I really don't care about the DLC trophies. I tried to get Medvet after getting Platinum, but the ones I got didn't unlock or the other ones unlocked at random. LoL At the moment I kinda only play in Hirschfelden and Medvet reserves as well, I haven't really followed the story line though just free roam hunting.
  8. I haven't really found a list of this, but maybe someone else knows/found it out. At this time I try to collect uncommon/special coat or patterns for in my trophy lodge. As well as animals with a diamond score. I have for example a piebald female fox in my lodge that I am very proud of because I never have seen a piebald fox when I played this game in the past. However, I cannot seem to find out what % of foxes are piebald. I don't know if they ever released those statistics or that dataminers on pc found it out, but I think it would be intrested to know. I also got the feeling some coats are more available in certain species like the Dark Gemsbok I see kinda often, but the Gold Gemsbok I see less. Edit: Nevermind, I used some different google search words, and I found this post: Fur coats Very intresting.
  9. LoL This game has so many DLC with Trophies PC/PS/XBOX all said 'Enough achievements/trophies!' 😄
  10. Sounds intrestring, will keep an eye on it.
  11. Thanks for the fast reply. 🙂 In that case I am gonna sell the game again, doesn't sound like a game i will enjoy.
  12. The game runs very smooth on ps5, also loading times are much better. Fast traveling around goes faster now, in every game.
  13. I bought the game because I like the theme and survival/building stuff. In the beginning I was a little worried about it being online, and with other players in the game, as from my experience (as a peacefull player) a lot of online players are griefers. I heared this game had a system to prevents/discourage that. But literately the first player I met (me: level 3, he: level 338) started shooting me, and throwing some kind of grenades, and folowing me around. I noticed you could play private if you take an monthly subscription or something, but is that the only option? If this is another griefer infested game, I would ditch the game right away. LoL
  14. The game does take patiance, but that is why I do always go back to this game. I love Hirschfelden and Medvet the most, and I recently started a new save on my PS5. From reading this I heared the trophies are fixed, but I had so much bugged DLC trophies here I think it also need a bit of luck to unlock them all. (Or in my case, the ones I got for Medvet all unlock random or not at all, but that was in 2018.) If you are going for the main game trophies, they all should work now. Even the DLC ones should work as well. Just make a backup of the game often, somethimes an updates will break something (ehm, the trophy lodge), but then you can just put the save file back after a hotfix. I would for sure recommend the game. 😀
  15. I find this game to be a little buggy overal. My character is in Norway, and she already met an invisible quest npc as well as the screen lags a lot if I ride around on my horse.