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  1. so how can you report or flag when the option to "report these trophies as illegitimate" doesn't show up on a profile or under the game that clearly has been cheated?

    1. eigen-space


      There are two reasons that might happen:

      1) You didn't play the game, so you don't have the option to report (could be due to a region/stack difference)
      2) The option disappears when someone else has already reported it


      If you're really concerned about it, you can always send a message to someone on the CRT.

    2. Arctic Cress

      Arctic Cress

      eigen-space basically got it correct. The option will also not appear if it was flagged in the past and was removed through a dispute, only the CRT can re-flag those if that happens.

  2. yeah no worries. I was purely talking about the reviews not the game. just seems so odd that they're identical, some of the others are vastly different so just seemed odd to me those 4 were identical. visually the game looks amazing even and I like the gameplay from what i've seen. I'll reserve judgemen on the story until it's experienced by myself
  3. Metal_Kizz Street Fighter IV your "reason given by reporter" sounds like a pathetic millennial whinge baby lol MotorStorm: Apocalypse so how can you cunts who run this shit site be all "ooh u earned this too quick" and delete someones rankings ( which don't matter as your site isn't in any way an official sony site ) yet there are people like Hmassq8 who platinum's the latest star wars game in 30 odd minutes yet somehow that isn't a cheater. There's no way someone can platinum that so quick and he's not the only one. yet you give these people free reign and apparently they didn't do something "too quick" so they have their rankings still allowed. Either run the site properly or do away with stupid fucking features when you're biased about enforcing it across the board.
  4. definitely!. a sony 4k uhd player will crap on that awful xbox one s i used for blu rays, that thing broke updating itself and got stuck in an update/boot loop lol.
  5. err you clearly didn't read my comment . The reviews i mentioned are word for word. so no. no it's not THAT good that two different people think of the exact words in the same order and publish it as their own thoughts. The only way it would be the same, is if the reviewer is the same person and working for two different media outlets. I'm not saying the game is good or that the game is bad, just the reviews don't seem to be worth paying attention to when people are giving identical word for word reviews. It's a game that should be played personally and make your own informed opinion on not just agreeing with these two sentence reviews.
  6. clearly some are paid to give set reviews... vg24/7 and playstation lifestyle both gave exact same review did games radar and the guardian.
  7. Metal_Kizz Spec Ops: The Line sorry but whos salty and looking through trophies earned over 5 years ago for these new flags? this site is ridiculous. I've seen accounts completing games in 6 seconds on multiple games that have speedruns which would at least be a 50 minute completion and those accounts are still active and on leaderboards. how come those accounts aren't and cannot be flagged? i've also seen 100% gamers completing games in 100 years when the psn has been up for 13... and trophies only around for 12.