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  1. I have heard these servers can be unstable, but has anyone else had this issue? Is there a fix for this? I've done the first two races of career mode and tried just about everything to get this to work and before you ask I have the online pass.
  2. Hey willmill, I think that's pretty impressive that you did it all the red bull challenges with the ds3 it shows the difficulty is probably around 25 to 30% harder or so without a wheel. If not even more of a difficulty curve. I think it took me 10 to 15 tops with a wheel if not less. What I remember from when I did this game back in 2016, I used a wheel and at first you're worse I find with the wheel but when you get used to it, it becomes way easier to get faster lap times than with a ds3.
  3. The glitched spatula in my play through was the spatula you get after beating the Flying Dutchman as it never appeared at all. Hoping this broken game gets a solid patch.
  4. It took me 2 days to get my last treasure. This was roughly about 6 or 7 hours of fruitless farming until the last treasure finally dropped which was the Tibetan Vase (rare). In all honesty I got lucky but this treasure system seems to be complete crap shoot luck based with no proven facts to increase your chances of getting a new treasure to frop.
  5. Are you able to transfer your injustice save from the PS3 vanilla to the PS4 ultimate edition and if so how do you do it? What trophies would pop in the transfer/ do some trophies get excluded?
  6. I personally found approaching the shortcut from the left pipe at a 90 degree angle while maintaining turbo is what got it work. You have to be maintaining turbo and i press x and R1 close together and it works nearly every time for me. Oxide isn't too bad on sewer speedway if you can get the shortcut consistently.
  7. Worst case scenario going through all of the missions on veteran again at least you get some kills. For the decoration. I got a rough idea of what missions it could be as there are only 11 in the game.
  8. Black Ops 3 still appears to be glitchy with stat tracking especially if you are not host. It reminds me of Twisted Metal alot.
  9. 21:36:02, after 3 days of failing I finished it on 1/5/2019
  10. Thank you, I caught a non legendary fish first and didn't realize it
  11. I have boosted Black Ops 3 with a friend and I got the decoration for veteran without dying. However my friend did not, do you have to host for this particular decoration. Every mission where there were connection issues were done over again.
  12. I have no idea but it seems like a bug of some sorts. It has the option grayed out when you bring in the fish or leave it on your horse outside.
  13. Long nose Gar. It is found next to Saint Denis
  14. Tried everything that deliver a fish that is too heavy to be in the cargo and is placed on the back of the horse. It seems to be glitched and unable to be sent in the mail