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  1. I'm playing with the Episodes of Liberty City Disc, I have won the cage fighting championship and completed up to the not so fast mission in this dlc which should have unlocked a trophy as well. The game is on the latest patch and I did use cheat codes but not during the missions and from what I've looked at they shouldn't block trophies. I had to delete my base game gta 4 data to install the complete edition I don't know if they had anything to do with this issue.
  2. What they should do Is when the game servers close is do an end of life patch so when they don't support the online, the game isn't a total waste to own anymore.
  3. Yes he did review my account at the end of 2019 if I remember correctly wow time flies. I'm pretty sure I remember he rather recently reviewed your account too. While level 29 is extremely difficult and there are some advantages to 1.03 such as being able to pause in coop and it actually pauses the game. The AI projectiles and movement is also slower I believe. I'd assume you get hit scanned less on that patch too. I did get the platinum after redoing level 11 of all levels I don't know why that one in particular was it. I recommend making sure both controllers are on and one of them isn't dead and to not switch between shareplay and local coop midway through a level either. If you plan on doing this solo with 2 controllers I'd get the lift where the cacodemon spawn is (the white barron blocks the switch) open and wait for the platform to raise up all the way with the second controller before going all in with your geared up primary account. Then train the cacodemons away from the lift with the second controller so you have clear space for as long as possible this is where a second moving player would come in really handy for you. As it is less enemies to deal with putting you in a better position for the final room with the 3 switches. Best of luck with level 29 man it is a nightmare indeed. If you do use Charles I'd stay off the internet to avoid automatic updates as well.
  4. Hey all, I met the requirements for this trophy on the latest patch (1.08) doing all 30 levels on this version. I used the secret exit on level 15 but I've heard this does not matter on this trophy. I did levels 27 through 29 consecutively to get level 29 done. I have redone levels 1,12,19,20,21,22, and 30 again but still nothing popped. I have not done the secret levels (31 and 32) but those don't appear to count and other than that I'm lost. I have posted my level 29 run here if anyone wants to see it. We used 2 controllers on the primary which was my account to make level 29 easier. So that the geared up account did not have to endure as much enemies and switches to hit. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.
  5. No problem! I never saw a forum post about it so I figured I'd mention I just tried lowering the friend list and the freezing went away. It was the same for me as well, I would either freeze instantly or loading into a lobby, or after first round of cops and robbers. There are other games usually older ps3 online games which have weird issues like this.
  6. A tip for everyone, if you have issues for freezing in the online and in general, I recommend purging your friends list. I had over 160 friends and when i brought my friend count down to under 80 friends I had no issues anymore.
  7. I'm having this exact issue as well. Did you guys do anything different that worked better? I've been freezing consistently all day in cops and robbers.
  8. I have heard these servers can be unstable, but has anyone else had this issue? Is there a fix for this? I've done the first two races of career mode and tried just about everything to get this to work and before you ask I have the online pass.
  9. Hey willmill, I think that's pretty impressive that you did it all the red bull challenges with the ds3 it shows the difficulty is probably around 25 to 30% harder or so without a wheel. If not even more of a difficulty curve. I think it took me 10 to 15 tops with a wheel if not less. What I remember from when I did this game back in 2016, I used a wheel and at first you're worse I find with the wheel but when you get used to it, it becomes way easier to get faster lap times than with a ds3.
  10. The glitched spatula in my play through was the spatula you get after beating the Flying Dutchman as it never appeared at all. Hoping this broken game gets a solid patch.
  11. It took me 2 days to get my last treasure. This was roughly about 6 or 7 hours of fruitless farming until the last treasure finally dropped which was the Tibetan Vase (rare). In all honesty I got lucky but this treasure system seems to be complete crap shoot luck based with no proven facts to increase your chances of getting a new treasure to frop.
  12. Are you able to transfer your injustice save from the PS3 vanilla to the PS4 ultimate edition and if so how do you do it? What trophies would pop in the transfer/ do some trophies get excluded?
  13. I personally found approaching the shortcut from the left pipe at a 90 degree angle while maintaining turbo is what got it work. You have to be maintaining turbo and i press x and R1 close together and it works nearly every time for me. Oxide isn't too bad on sewer speedway if you can get the shortcut consistently.
  14. Worst case scenario going through all of the missions on veteran again at least you get some kills. For the decoration. I got a rough idea of what missions it could be as there are only 11 in the game.