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  1. I haven't experienced any trophy glitches - have been co-oping this with a friend, played through the main campaign twice, overwatch missions twice and currently working through the DLC Trophies have popped when they should for both of us (I am host, friend is guest) Only issue we have had is occasional drop out of one or both of us but think that's more to do with dodgy internet than the game
  2. I am seeing quite a lot of "502 Bad Gateway" errors when navigating the site - anyone else experiencing this? I am using Chrome Version 69.0.3497.92 Thanks
  3. Create a multiplayer league and have you and your friend join - you don't earn coach XP but you get spp, trophies etc. I have a feeling this trophy is going to be annoying - I need a bash heavy team to come murder a weak team I create and then concede so I get 2 x MVP
  4. I wouldn't worry I ran one over and they keep respawning even after you finish the story and have all the map revealed - if they have nothing to tell you they just make a remark about something you have already done but it still counts for tasks.
  5. Yeah same here games I have deleted still showing on psnprofiles