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  1. Warhawk - October 25, 2018 PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - October 25, 2018 Twisted Metal - October 25, 2018
  2. Because it was port of PSP/PS1 game running on wallpaper background, they just made poor mix of old games with no plat and no full screen. And we want Darkstalkers 4 like SFIV/SFV/SFxT
  3. Crysis 2 was also in every Xbox 360 bundle.
  4. They keep servers online for 7 years. Even if they shut down them in 2020, you would say same.
  5. what about Burnout Paradise patch?
  6. They shut down Wipeout (3 games) only after remaster released (same 3 games)
  7. Twisted Metal won't be shutdown until remaster will release on PS4 with a new game (sequel) It's Sony most favorite/classic series
  8. Skate 4 confirmed. I never had Skate 3 because of unachievable trophies, now i finally can buy it
  9. I bet this game sold like 80 copies worldwide
  10. Looks like Cabela's game
  11. This is my GOTY
  12. I hate this game and Bloodborne. Agree.
  13. I never wanted to play Absolution, so i don't care...
  14. This game is just another TLOU/GOW 2018, plays same, feels same, looks same, same animation, everything
  15. Semi-Final 2 Qualifiers: Norway Serbia Denmark Moldova Netherlands Australia Hungary Sweden Slovenia Ukraine