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  1. This is amazing!!!! I'll probably start using this over the regular store. Thanks so much for this!
  2. I want to get into this game so bad, everyone always talks about how great it is but no matter how many times I try I can't get invested. I don't usually like visual novels but Danganronpa 1/2 are two of the best games I've ever played
  3. I see you didn't make much progress lmao
  4. Looking forward to the launch games. Hopefully they have some killer titles cause every Sony launch this mellenium except the Vita and maybe PS2 has been pretty meh.
  5. Has to be Final Fantasy VII!
  6. Why would you ever want a download over the disc lol. I would just pick up it at that price physically
  7. Never in my life had I actually said "what the fuck" out loud to a game before today
  8. This is actually a fun game....for the first 30 minutes. Running through the plat all in one sitting can become a drag later on but at least it's short. Nice little game on it's own though!
  9. This list is either the weirdest or stupidest I've ever seen just for the structure...
  10. tbh anything over $1.99 for this game is unacceptable
  11. tbh This probably just means current gen ports of the game, like they did with De Blob, Darksiders, Red Faction, Lock's Quest, etc
  12. Looks like Telltale has finally broken their tradition of unmissable story only trophies. Should be interesting to try and unlock them.
  13. God I love game soundtracks, to me the music might just be the most important thing after gameplay (depends on genre). In no order, 5 of my favourites include: Ocarina of Time Nier Kingdom Hearts Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy XV Seriously though there are so many good ones to pick from. Most of the Nintendo classics are missing when only 5 are included!
  14. I emailed NIS about this a month ago and even then I thought they had abandoned this game. Now I can finally open it! lol Watch it be for another region though and North America is still in limbo
  15. Go play 7, I wasn't old enough to be a gamer when 7 came out and it still held up when i went back and played it on PS1 a few years ago. Plus as mentioned before the combat systems are totally different so it's worth playing both