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  1. Honestly glad it's a Switch exclusive, I only play exclusives on my Switch so that's another game I get to enjoy on that console 😁
  2. Unpopular opinion: If this is all you're gonna show just don't show anything lol
  3. PSNProfiles says October 2014 with 250 trophies was my best BUT in reality it's December 2016. I remember halfway through Dec 2016 I realized I could set a personal record so i went ham that month. On New Years Eve at like 9pm I got my last few trophies for a platinum on Jurassic World Vita to set my record before I headed out for NYE celebrations, but for some reason PSNProfiles tracked those few in January 2017. So even though on here my Dec 2016 says 246 it should really be like 254ish.
  4. I agree it's pretty pathetic to judge what a game is worth based off it's trophies, but too be fair games that lack a platinum with small lists are usually really short games, maybe this is a sign Doom VFR is only like 2 hours? I'm pretty sure it's a different game from 2016's Doom.
  5. Thanks for this! I'll defiantly refer back to this when I eventually go for the platinum!
  6. *SPOILERS AHEAD* Are you sure you played through the entire prologue? It's a pretty lengthy prologue, I thought it was gonna glitch for me too after nearly two hours of playing lol (but i also messed around a bit). In case you haven't gotten there yet, the prologue trophy unlocks when... At least that's when it unlocked for me.
  7. It's probably a good idea to have unlocked the platinum yourself before writing a guide. Not saying you'd be wrong or that it's even required but it just seems sketchy if someone writes a trophy guide without having all the trophies themselves. Good luck with the guide though! I'd been hoping someone made one for Danganronpa V3 soon 😀😁
  8. Nice collection, I'm at about 130 Vita games myself. Going for the full NA physical set 😄 Thankfully I've followed all the online exclusives like Limited Run Games and NIS ones from the start so I just need various retail released games to round out the set
  9. I think I'm the only person genuinely excited for this game. I'm also probably the only person who really liked the first one.....
  10. NHL is considered the best gaming sports franchise by a bunch of people. Some of these trophies seem like they'll be really fun to get, especially the expansion ones (since I almost only play Franchise mode in the NHL games)
  11. Got one the other day advertising NHL betting on some no name site. Funniest was from some random blank profile a week ago: Them: "Are you there??" Me: "Who is this" Them: "i found your username from the profile search on psn messanger... i'm just bored and looking for a new person to talk with... .....How old r u"
  12. That's why I don't cheat
  13. Luckily for you, your account is new enough where you can just make a new one if you really care that much about trophies
  14. I'm super hyped for Kiwami on Tuesday so this is awesome. Yakuza Kiwami 2 is such a weird name though, Kiwami makes sense as a remake for the first but adding two to the end of the first remake's name seems weird to me...
  15. Damn man that's too bad, especially on Red Dead since that's such a good game, but I get it. Another thing that sucks about hiding trophies is that you drop in the world rankings, you look like an asshole for having hidden trophies and it messes up the like 'prestige' of your trophy set. My trophy highlights (ie 50th platinum, 3000th trophy) used to be filled with games I loved/tried to have as a 50th plat like Uncharted 4 (Uncharted is my favourite series all time) and now ironically most of the shittier games I've played like Madagascar Kartz have replaced them since I hid LBP 2 lol. I mean my fault for trusting that guy but I'd prefer I didn't get flagged again (and this time for something out of my control) you know 😛.
  16. 65 hidden I have is for LBP2, long story made short but I was gonna trade a guy a double of a game (Megamind on PS3 back in like 2012; got it cheap so I didn't mind, usually I'd never let someone else play on my account and he wanted the game bad) I had for finishing a few trophies off for me in Little Big Planet 2. Well he didn't do them legit and hacked the game to get them. Didn't send him the game but now I have the hacked trophies on my account. Got flagged for them so I hide them. I don't like hiding if I don't have too If you can hide individual trophies I'd totally do that instead but since I'm a noob I don't even know if you can do that so I just hid the whole list lmao
  17. It's $3 in Canada, I'm not paying that. MAYBE if it was $1
  18. These trophies are gonna be a bitch to boost if you ever get to the point where you'll need too
  19. The trophies seem pretty responsible especially for an RPG. It'll probably be lengthy though seeing as Aquaplus' other strategy RPGs take dozens of hours to complete. I wouldn't go out of my way to platinum this though but I did pre-order this title for Vita so it'll be nice to get some seemingly easy trophies while going through the game.
  20. Damn I don't know if it's impressive or sad that you found this out
  21. Persona 5, Prey and Toukiden 2 are gonna be taking up my time for the next little bit so even though I'm getting the game launch day I won't be able to play it till maybe a few weeks after. So be sure to post here and let me know how it is!
  22. This should be the physical release that's exclusive to Play Asia
  23. First off I have no idea what the flipping fuck this is. But the poor title translation, the lack of capitalization in the title, the no joke launch title PS2 graphics (judging by banner for PSN Profiles trophy list), and fact tigers are badass; this seems like a game to import lmao
  24. I could see this being one of the hardest PS4 plats, or at least lengthiest. Certainly of 2016
  25. For me, these are the best trophy images so far, the one's for the other games look kinda generic. One thing I hate is that it's "EA SPORTS" instead of just "NHL 17", it'll be out of order now alphabetically in my trophy list. Pumped for franchise mode though and the new unique trophies.