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  1. You already had the PS2 version for that Also, OP, here's a few more games that aren't compatible. Note: These haven't been tested on a Vita TV, but they all feature camera/touch mandatory that are mandatory to play) - Uncharted: Flight for Fortune (Download) - Reality Fighters (Physical) - Escape Plan (Download) - Rayman Origins (I imagine the game works but there are touch-exclusive collectibles making the plat impossible) - Paint Park (Download) - New Paint Park (Download)
  2. Yup, shared trophy list, same with Ar Nosurge
  3. I use to want it to update but due to the fact that 99.9% of PlayStation owners don't hunt trophies all of the ones we have would be Ultra Rare lol. So keep it the way it is. The system in place also shows us the level of rarity within the collecting community
  4. I haven't played the game yet, but it's looking to be the easiest platinum for an RPG. Which is awesome since I've pre-ordered it
  5. Mine was Batman Arkham Asylum. I was a handheld guy then (PSP, DS, retro systems), but one day I went on Youtube and the featured video was the Arkham Asylum launch trailer. Watched it and bought a PS3 that same day.
  6. In no order: - Gravity Rush - Uncharted: Golden Abyss - Persona 4 Golden - Tearaway (I'd have platinumed this game if the fucking save file didn't corrupt in the middle of me playing. Will eventually get it but taking a break since I was on the second last level ) - Ys: Memories of Celceta (Awesome game that a lot of people ignored, defiantly pick it up)
  7. Season 2 should only be used for games with episodic formats >_>
  8. Blackberry Z10
  9. This was announced a long time ago, already had it pre-ordered on disc LOL. I'm a collector so naturally I need a physical copy. Anyone play this game yet? How is it?
  10. We'll have to wait and see which is better, a week for release plus another week or two for impressions and experience until we can really contrast and compare.
  11. Fuck this game
  12. Hey, welcome! I'm the the same situation. I've been on this site for years but never bothered with the forums. Personally from Toronto (Maple Leafs > Oilers )
  13. Well, let's be honest, Capcom isn't in a good spot financially, they won't bother wasting resources and cash on a game that won't make them a profit.
  14. Absolutely not. Despite me not using it as much as my PS3 or even my retro consoles (NES, Saturn, etc.) it's a great machine that I love owning.
  15. Agreed. Though I can admit 2 is better overall, and I have yet to open my copy of 4, I enjoyed this the most. Best characters, plot, world, and just the fact that my favourite period in history was 1700s-1800s Canada/USA.
  16. I really didn't like this game lol. I'm more of a Sly/R&C guy when it comes to 3D platformers though. I would use this as my fastest platinum but bought it when the collection came out, played it for 30 minutes, shut it off, and the set has been on my shelf every since. LOL
  17. The Dark Knight Soundtrack - A Watchful Guardian
  18. This actually isn't hard to do at all, I got this second try with random guys. First time we failed on round 10, when we started again I got discontinued. Searched randomly again and completed it with other strangers first try.
  19. 82