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  1. Makes me happy to receive that hate mail it's almost like a trophy in itself.
  2. A friend just did this last night on a dummy account cause he couldn't understand why it would work for some and not for others. He says the reason why it won't pop for people is cause they already finished the game on an easy or normal difficulty. If you don't have any trophies that you completed the game it will work. I am Currently doing it now and will update when I find out if it works.
  3. as of the posting of this msg the grounded Plus glitch still works so just clear the game on easy mode and grab all the other trophies on Grounded Plus. Gonna be fun since I only cleared survivor on Ps3. Didn't want to pay ten bucks for Grounded mode seemed to be a waste of money to me.
  4. I don't understand how people are playing it solo and not having bots spawn inside the walls or the game crashing on them. Happened to me frequently so that the game took me nine hours.
  5. If solo get ready for a little bit of a grind If your co oping which I would suggest about two to three hours. It's much more enjoyable in co op as well even though people said that it's a crappy game this game was definately designed for co op. I had it lock up six times on me and had to hard set eachtime which was not fun.
  6. It's a very buggy trophy no doubt about it I had to do it five times before it poped. Saving it before hand of doing it doesn't help at all since I did it about a hundred times I actually had to start from the beginning in order to get the trophy to pop, on my fifth family I made and proceeded to do the firestorm it finally popped for me.
  7. The Walking Dead on PS4

  8. Coming from Xbox and buying a Playstation, I only had one choice of name to pick. Thank you my adoring fans on Playstation.
  9. last time it was on sale was when they had the season pass available for the US.
  10. Actually I just watched the creator of a the games interpertation of the ending and when I thought about it, it did make sense of what he explained but I thought of something all together different. It's not the audiences low intelligence but rather what the game and it's story of what it was actually trying to say and explain to us. I think people actually wanted to know the real thoughts of the creator and although we can imagine what ever we want we still want the real truth of the story through the creator. Now before you start saying that people have low intelligence or anything of that nature just remember you are probably one of the dummiest people here for throwing those kinds of words around.
  11. Hey thanks for that I have never seen that before.
  12. That would be V-100 and you don't really get nothing but the mask and your side bar ability will unlock faster for it. Still you will get 120 of skill to use.
  13. Black bulldozers seem to be more aggressive and has a better shotgun than the green one.
  14. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone this is definately a great site.
  15. that is so funny forget about it.