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  1. Still can't download the game thankfully I haven't finished cs3 but this annoying that I can't download the game I bought.
  2. Looks the same to me. But the guys just got one trophy for the bonding.
  3. Trails of cold steel is harder than persona 5. Trail of Cold Steel > Persona 5 Compile Heart makes decent RPG!!!!
  4. This is really a gamble. How will Sony react to this.
  5. I got it early too even though I heavily invest in alchemy some regents are still less than 10.
  6. The loading takes time. I have a ps4 pro and I'm not using external HDD.
  7. Is it a short game? Never played it.
  8. Fun game if your are not planning to plat it. I found the platinum tedious.
  9. Video game is a time waster so hunting trophy is a waste of time. You don't have to depend it to others as long as you enjoy playing games and trophy hunting.
  10. I plat what i like mostly RPGs. But I play easy plat occasionally if the game is super cheap.
  11. If you like JRPG I would recommend The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. If you are fine with a game with jank and rpg with small budget I would recommend Elex or Greedfall. I will also recommend Nier: Automata not sure if this classified as a rpg but since it's nominated as rpg of the year in 2017 I will classify it as such.
  12. you need to be level 50 to start a warzone trophy. You just have ordinary leveling system you can still use item with low level without being punished. for example if you an eye implant whit a crit chance you still use it for a long time.
  13. Hope the trophy will as hard the game. Must buy for any JRPG lovers.
  14. I think this happens if you don't sync games on ps3 immediately after obtaining the trophy and obtain trophy on other consoles.
  15. how long to max the rank if you take them to the city and talk to them?