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  1. Try driving in the vicinity of the quest.
  2. So you can't start off the leash? My method if quest givers are not calling is I sleep at the apartment
  3. Dynasty Warriors 8 XL still t one of the best for me.
  4. I think most of the hate comes from the levelling system.
  5. After playing it I see why people hated bl3's plot. Might as well buy it again since I played it on ps3, not the best experience.
  6. My main issue with the game are the lies from the trailers and how cdpr scammed a lot of poeple. The game is good if you did not watch any trailers.
  7. You need 2 special memory for the female characters. For the male characters you have to use all tickets on them on one sitting.
  8. Still can't download the game thankfully I haven't finished cs3 but this annoying that I can't download the game I bought.
  9. Looks the same to me. But the guys just got one trophy for the bonding.
  10. Trails of cold steel is harder than persona 5. Trail of Cold Steel > Persona 5 Compile Heart makes decent RPG!!!!
  11. This is really a gamble. How will Sony react to this.
  12. I got it early too even though I heavily invest in alchemy some regents are still less than 10.
  13. The loading takes time. I have a ps4 pro and I'm not using external HDD.
  14. Is it a short game? Never played it.
  15. Fun game if your are not planning to plat it. I found the platinum tedious.