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  1. How did the writers lead them on? I played the first TLOU briefly and looking at Joel and knowing there will be sequel I'm pretty sure he will die so that Ellie can take lead.
  2. Back to play more backlogs I guess.
  3. I really want to see the happy ending of a game and get stressed if choices given to me is vague. I usually check for the consequence of my choices.
  4. Well it's a fun rpg that combines a lot of mechanics from different games. A lot of people see the passion of the creator and saw what it can become. So maybe a lot of people hoping it become franchise that rivals other rpg. And there is drought of rpg in ps3/360 era.
  5. They bought it 2 years ago. Its becoming their brand by putting weird subtitle in their remasters.
  6. Microsoft store Leaked this. Will buy the game if true.
  7. As far as I know you can only respec your last 3 skill points you spend.
  8. For me I think they are not replacing the original game or trying to forget it exist but making a new game with what ifs scenario. And look at the bright side they put more thought on it than any other remakes.
  9. FF7 remake is great game made me want to buy the 2nd game immediately. DQXI is good a DQ game they did not change much stick with what made it great. But Nier Automata made me feel something in a game that I can't explain heck I did not kill the robots in the game if they're not attacking me. After all this year I can still remember the game vividly.
  10. Did you get the chest in the airport? i think that one is easy to be missed.
  11. Did you use detection quartz? The best you can do is travel to all places you can before the final campaign.
  12. 4:00 am at my timezone it's either I don't sleep or wake early. Quarantine messed up body clock.
  13. Happening to me too.
  14. The Wrath of Heaven - Dragon Age Inquisition
  15. EDIT: the time gap is quite big so forget what I said