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  1. Completly understand that, don´t blame me for it i have only use game share once on my brother ps3, and this time cause we were so sick of playing 2k.. Still i think we are going a bit off topic here.. theres a way of popping all of an specific profile trophies in to your profile.. am i the only one who thinks someone can exploit this glitch to go up some trophy levels in seconds? i mean do you imagine if my friend was a trophy hunter? ill be like level 30 by now, in just over a night... Sony should fix this asap, before some people really start to exploit this
  2. Yea its call game sharing, its been around for ages now... thing is on the PS3 works great, however i was not aware of the fact that on PS4 if you delete the user, you can´t access the game download from that user... Still game sharing doesn´t explain the fact that i got the same 10 trophies that my friend has on his profile, out of nowhere.. that its just a f**kd up weird glitch
  3. Ok that does make alot of sense, as my friends account doesn´t have a ps+ subscription and its only link with his PS4 so i think that qualifies as an offline account... and now that you mention i do remember checking my trophy list on his PS4 while my account was link to it so probably his offline trophies went to my profile for some stupid reason.. As far as the option to choose that particular PS4 to be the primary, i choose not to, idk if that had to do with anything that happen.. still if this is a thing what im scared of is people exploding this to get some easy levels I care more about people exploading this ¨glitch¨ than if my profile has some unobtainables.. lol i even own some unobtainables prior this ¨incident¨... (Damn you treyarch fix BO2!) Now i did forgot to mention that we only play FEZ and Rogue Legacy during that night and i deleted my profile in the morning before i went home.. i did come to find that basically it was all for nothing as he couldn´t access those games when i deleted my profile from his PS4.. it was just all a mess so i end up getting some trophies i didn´t want to..
  4. Well first things first, Hello everyone this is my first post! I´ve been a member for a while now, but i rarely look at the forum part of this site... generally only use the site to check my profile or join gaming sess... Anyway i decide it to make a post about what just happened to me cause i can´t seem to find any information about this anywere. so i hope someone here can help. Ok so basically what happen was that i stay over a friends house a couple days ago, i usually go to this friends house alot and after a while it gets tiring to be playing the same 2K and FIFA games.. so me being the great friend that i am, i try to login with my ID on his PS4 to see what games that i had buy were Cross platform, so that we could download them and play them.. Now keep in mind i don´t own a PS4 atm so i only had like 5 games that were compatible with a PS4. Anyway after the games were install i made sure to delete my profile from his PS4 precisley to avoid what happen next. Which was unlocking some trophies i dind´t want to. Now he didn´t play on my profile at all, however when i got home and got online on my PS3 i notice i had 10 more trophies than usual, which were the exact same 10 trophies that my friend has on his account (yes he only has 10 trophies lol) and they were unlock like a year ago...around the same time he unlock them.. Now im stuck with a bunch of games that i dind´t want on my profile, 2 of them are unobtainable plats And even though i dont care that much about this it does suck that i now have to scroll down a bunch of games that i didn´t want to have on my profile and deal with 10 more trophies that are gonna mess with the 1000 trophies milestone´s here on PSNP. And yea you can hide those trophies and watch the trophy sets in offliine mode.. but still in online mode i can see them... Anyway looking pass that first world problem that i just narreted, i´m more concern about the reason on why this happen AND more important if theres a way to fix it or avoid it? IDK if this was a glitch or what but i think is pretty BS the fact that if this is a thing, pretty much anyone that has a friend with a bunch of trophies and a PS4 can go from like level 0 to 30 in like no time, as this unlock all the PS4 trophies from that specific PS4 primary account and make them look ¨legit¨ on your account as they get unlock at the same time the real trophy popper did.. Moral of the story: Dont drink and access you´r primary account from a friends PS4, it would ruin your profile