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  1. Can the private servers be made for any game? I would love to do Resisance 2 platinum but since the servers are down i won't even start it. Would that be possible to set up private server on this game, earn MP trophies long after official server shutdown and not get flagged?
  2. I just done Killzone Mercenary and with that i got 100% in every single Killzone game. I need attention. Fml.
  3. How to get that one? Since it's a Vita game the only way is to buy physical version. But is there even physical release for Hong Kong version? Or maybe Chinese will work?
  4. Can someone send me a link? I can't find it on JP store.
  5. So if i want to get the japanese trophy list i have to buy this physical? Oh well.
  6. Is it physical only or it've been delisted?
  7. Something wrong with the 1st one? I like to compete, what can i say, haha.
  8. So i got a couple suggestions for the site. 1. Ultimate 100% page First of all it's really cool that you added the "series tracking" where we can see how many for example Assassin's Creed games with trophies are there but i would love to see a page similar to 100% club where we can see how many people got 100% in all games from f/e AC. I like to call myself a series trophyhunter cause i love completing all games from a series and it would be a great feature in my eyes to see how many people apart from me got 100% in all FarCry's or Ratchet & Clank's. Probably i'm alone on that need tho, haha. 2. Re-naming japanese titles to normal ones. This is is kinda tied to the 1st one. When i set my trophy list to alphabetical order it looks really cool when you can see 12 Ratchet & Clanks in a row with 100%. The problem is when i want to get for example Danganronpa ultimate 100% because there are 7 game titles written in Japanese so they will go right to the bottom of my list. Same with Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, already got the PS3 and PS4 versions done but the Japanese PS4 version title is written in JP so no point in doing that for now. I think that you should re-name the games only if there are other global versions of it cause there is no point in translating some japanese only visiual novels or stuff like that. 3. Unobtainable trophies mark That was probably suggested a lot of times but if the unobtainable trophies were marked that would save a lot of time searching for informations and would save some people from starting the game that already got unobtainables. 4. Special Info window That can be added right below the informations about the game window and you could write there stuff like server shutdown date with countdown. Well, i think that's it, i hope i'm not suggesting some crazy stuff here and that all of it is possible to achieve. Have a good day!
  9. They are not working for some years now, you have to guess what score will be enough for the Top 1%.
  10. And Saints Row trophies are still obtainable even tho the servers are down, you just have to try uploading the character, you don't have to succed.
  11. There are 2 actually, normal PS3 and Japanese specific PS3 version.
  12. Not possible without hardcore boosting (like 10h per day) and there are around 20 players getting this trophy every week.
  13. Oh, that's so sad, i won't be able to get 100% in all Contrasts now unless someone gives me acess to his JP account. I would even pay for that lol.
  14. I am, helping a friend.
  15. I already got the trophy last week with 31k.