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  1. Managed to do Darksiders II in last hour today. Jeeez. You can check my profile for proof.
  2. I'm getting mixed messages here. Some are saying that in-game Comrades is included with the digital Royal version. Some are saying it's not. Don't know who to trust.
  3. Wait, so digital season pass and royal edition will give you access to the in game comrades? I though it will only give you the standalone and you need physical royal to get the in game dlc.
  4. I'm really happy that series are finally working. I just want to adress two things: 1. Delete games from series that are impossible to complete or just make a specific section for them. The best example is Borderlands: https://psnprofiles.com/series/24-borderlands Since Gearbox fucked up, like they usually do, they added a 4th DLC to the japanese stack of Borderlands while updating the last gen console versions. The problem is that the DLC simply do not exist in Japan and there is no possible way to unlock it and the trophies for it. I think if the trophies were never obtainable because someone fucked up, we should just not consider that trophy list eligible for a specific series. Of course the same does not go for trophies that were once obtainable and now are not (because of server shutdown etc.), those should obviously remain. 2. Gimmi dem leaderboards boiiii. @BlindMango attencion tag.
  5. You can level up over 50 now.
  6. 1. 80+ hour game in VR 2. Motion sickness 3. There is no coop in the game so you need to kill raid bosses solo
  7. congrats harry both are long live the creed

    1. harrypotter1997


      Wonder how many more people in the world got all of them done 100%

    2. HeavyAgent007


      Hello there fellers and congrats! I'm also joining the 100% club! I have also unlocked every single Xbox achievement over on Xbox, so a whole lot of AC playing for me! 👍

  8. Hi, can you sign me for the highest tier? I got all games (26 trophy lists) done 100%. Thanks.
  9. I just got my last arena treasure. It took me 4 days to get all of them. Was just doing hunter arena by myself with two consoles all the time until i had one more common left. It took me around 10-13 hours to get it, actually got tired of hunter so i went to arena coop and got it there in like 2 hours.
  10. Any missables?
  11. Hi, new DLC was added to Minecraft and villages were updated. There are 6 new trophies to get and i happend to generate the best possible seed for them. The biggest problem in this dlc is finding the pillager outpost and in this seed it is right next to the spawn. Things you will need: 1. Good sword 2. Good armor 3. A lot of food to heal 4. A lot of emeralds to buy stuff from villagers. Seed: -7161794086502136454 Coordinates: X:33 Y:64 Z:417 - 1st village where you should do the raid trophy. X:-60 Y:70 Z:499 - 2nd village with pillagers outpost. Strategy: It looks like the 2nd village is bugged when you start a raid there because of outpost inside it so what you should do is: 1. Go to 2nd village, inside an outpost, try to make the captain spawn. 2. Try to lure the captain into the 1st village. 3. When you're close to the 1st village, kill the captain and start a raid there. 4. Complete the raid by killing enemies and buy some stuff from the villagers while your buff (that you get for completing a raid) still last until you get a trophy. 5. Dance.
  12. Yup, can also confirme that it works. Man, i hope they will stop with those bullshit "find some random stuff" trophies.
  13. Can everyone who popped a trophy provide a screenshot of it here? That way we can know what spots are needed for sure.
  14. Also, do you have to find all 9 in the same world or can it be across multiple worlds?