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  1. Yup, can also confirme that it works. Man, i hope they will stop with those bullshit "find some random stuff" trophies.
  2. Can everyone who popped a trophy provide a screenshot of it here? That way we can know what spots are needed for sure.
  3. Also, do you have to find all 9 in the same world or can it be across multiple worlds?
  4. I feel like i'm playing Wind Waker all over again. Been sailing for 5 hours already. Maybe it's bugged in some way?
  5. It should be 10 but it is actually 9. One base ocean and 8 added. There is one more in the game but it's unaccesable.
  6. Same, 3 hours and i have no idea what i'm missing. I feel like i've been everywhere. And most bioms look the same so there is no way to be sure what you have and what you don't.
  7. I genereted the best possible seed for the Frozen Ocean biom: 7235209121157513081 If you find any more good seeds for ocean bioms please post them.
  8. Btw is anyone having snow textures glitching? Or is it just me?
  9. Had the same problem, running at them fixes everything.
  10. That doesn't lock trophies. Just a weird thing the game does but it'll all good.
  11. As long as your uncles and brothers allow that, it's fine.
  12. I hate Assassin's Creed and i dare you to look at my profile.
  13. Ok, so what about buying digital Royal Edition? Will that give you comrades? Cause if not then i will have to get a new, sealed copy of 5 regions which will be a big pain.
  14. @MMDE What do you think about this? Will you allow to save FFXV from being unobtainable?
  15. What about EU? Do they share same servers with China?