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  1. Yesterday Visceral Games have been shut down, i think everyone who ever wanted to get co-op trophies should hurry up cause we can probably expect sever shutdown soon.
  2. It's still nearly impossible to drift and touching enemy car will almost always result in doing 180°. You are basically driving on ice. I can't understand why the f some ppl are calling this game a masterpiece. Metracritic ranking is a joke.
  3. Yea, same issue, can't connect with Dany. :/
  4. Why does the trophy guide says it is possible again? Can anyone confirm that? Or the person writing the trophy guide is giving false information?
  5. Again on sale, -83% at EU Store for seasson pass
  6. Well, i know it is the Japanese region but i wonder what trophy list will you get if you buy it in Hongkong store? This one? Cause it would be weird if it was the EU list.
  7. If i buy this in Hongkong store will i get this version?
  8. Someone earned the trophy recently, is it obtainable again or is he a hacer?
  9. Nope, you got the cross buy with ps4 and vita on psstore. And for the shrine, i really hope that my theory isn't true ;-;
  10. Well, one thing... it is Toby god damned Fox. You never know. Never
  11. Well, i thought of naming my stream Undertale World PS4 Premiere, now i'm thinking about Undertale - The Great Search for Dog Shrine.
  12. Oh my god, it just got to me. Do you guys know how to get to the secret dog room? You have to dodge every credit in the credits section, and it's pretty hard, you can see it on some yt videos. What if we will have to get there for the shrine? If so, it would be a really hard platinum. ;-;
  13. There are many items in the game, getting four is like nothing. Other trophies are story related, nothing hard either. The only thing is that there was nothing called Dog Shrine in the game so it is a mystery right now. Also, getting 350 gold is nothing hard either.
  14. Looking ultra easy. Wait, where actually is the Dog Shrine?
  15. Yea, only through fangamer, i payed about 120$ for the package of PS4 Collector's Edition + PSVita Standart Edition + ArtBook + Shipping to Poland. Not so bad of a price. Also preordered game on PSStore so I probably will be streaming getting platinum without a break from the premiere. Some of the pictures of the artbook are on my instagram: Lombaxies instagram.com/lombaxies