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  1. How do I get more Bronze trophy ?

    1. ikemenzi


      Playing a lot of games :)

  2. now that your profile has updated you are very close to hakoom, I believe that in a few months you will be #1 !

    1. ikemenzi


      I came back. I'll try!

  3. Thanks everyone for the discussion. TrueTrophies also failed to update the trophy at the same time. When I contacted, it was resolved. But for a while, only the vita game wasn't updated. I think changed it to update for each platforms.
  4. Congrats on being number 1 in the world now bro! :) 

    1. ikemenzi


      Not number 1 anymore lol

  5. @Sly Ripper If you can update the trophy level, please fix my broken trophy update...
  6. Welcome back :)  

    Now finally I can see what games I need to buy each week

    1. ikemenzi


      I'm back😄
      But the update is still unstable..

    2. AffectatiousDonk


      I look forward to bumping into you again next year in NASCAR Heat 6. Happy gaming

    3. ArmoredSnowman


      Yeah congrats @ikemenzi on getting your acc updated on here.

  7. Congrats on reaching 100k trophies! A truly impressive achievement! Keep it up! 💪

  8. Congrats on winning 7 episodes. Good luck in going for 5 wins in a row.

    1. ikemenzi


      Thanks. However, 5 wins in a row is impossible😇

    2. ArmoredSnowman


      I feel the same, but maybe one day :D 

  9. RIP to Ike :( 

    1. kidson2004


      If you don't mind me asking: What happened?

    2. DaivRules
  10. Thank you for creating this forum. I am sorry that my English is so bad. Share your interactions so far. I inquired by email last month. reply Certainly, I can't see https://my.playstation.com/profile/ikemenzi/trophies I contacted Sony. I'm waiting for a fix now.
  11. Hi, some time 3 weeks ago it's just stopped working, despite the site displaying successfull 6-hour updates because of your premeium membership. Manual updates don't do anything either. I earn trophy every day. Updated successfully on other trophy tracking sites. https://www.exophase.com/user/ikemenzi/ I'm playing the 7,843 games. No more games can be updated. Can you improve the tracking method?
  12. I asked if I would sell in a Japanese PSN store. eastasiasoft answer: Yes, the game with the same trophy list will release on Japan PSN on March 6. I'm glad😆
  13. Is Citadel any good ?

    1. ikemenzi


      Sorry for the late reply.
      Hard because there is no cheat code.

      There may be an administrator mode that is not yet known.