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  1. That’s right. 1200 match took 29 hours lol
  2. try to clean your backlog yo

  3. Screenshot your trophies at 123,456 :)

    1. kevao97


      Last chance, next only after 1 million trophies on ps20😁

  4. Congrats on #1 man! I knew it'd happen eventually 👍

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    2. Dreggit


      @TicTacZakk Please do not spread misinformation. While the visible value of bronze trophies is limited to 65,535 trophies, he is still appropriately accredited the points that he would normally earn regardless of this visual limitation. While it was true that the site could not process the amount of games he owned for some time, such an issue was fixed a long time ago.


      At the time of this writing, Ikemenzi has 4,477,890

      By performing simple math, we can prove the theory is untrue
      :bronze: 65,535 = 983,025 points
      :silver: 28,013 = 840,390 points
      :gold: 20,711 = 1,863,990 points
      :platinum:  2,358 = 707,400 points
      Total Points = 4,394,805 points

      If your theory was true, the calculated total above would be the same as the actual total of 4,477,890 but is proven not to be. The deficit of 83,085 is made up of the 5,539 bronze trophies that are not visible in the stat total, but are represented in the total trophies total, and moreover, Ikemenzi's rank.


      In the end, all of Ikemenzi's trophies are calculated appropriately in the ranking, and point total, on the site regardless of the 65,535 limit

    3. TicTacZakk


      LOL I feel so bad cause I totally did my own math backwards, I basically did the same process as you and for some reason I took the results as meaning the opposite for whatever reason, thanks for clearing it up man

    4. PS_Bowser


      @Dreggitanother fact is that if platinums were still only worth 180 points instead of 300 ikemenzi would be even further above Hakoom in points ;)

  5. Finally #1 


    Please stay there

    1. ikemenzi


      I will keep to do my best

  6. I only just noticed you’re now at number one position, big congratulations! :awesome: You well deserve this new #1 Worldwide position so now you can do what you can to keep it.


    Good luck for your gaming future and all...

    1. ikemenzi


      Thanks. I will keep it ^^

  7. Congratz on the #1 man, finally. Try to stay there  = ) 

    1. locoporkko


      Hackoom isnt anymore

      Congrats ikemenzi,you are the number 1 

    2. ikemenzi


      Thanks. I will keep it ^^

  8. You are the new first place and with almost 10,000 games, congratulations! 🎆🎆🎆

    1. GUDGER666


      Been watching your progress for a long time, you are finally No1! Congrats, great work hopefully you stay there. 

  9. You're 1-2 games away from passing Hakoom! :o Then next step is passing Roughdawg! :o 

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    2. kevao97


      he will be number 1 on psn profiles at least, r34 will be quite difficult to overcome

    3. ArmoredSnowman


      @kevao97 tbf people said that about Hakoom, and now he's been passed twice. This is an interesting development haha

    4. kevao97


      @ArmoredSnowman yes, but it will take a while. r34 has more than a million points ahead, a long journey

  10. Come on ikemenzi you are the real number 1,not the other 

    1. MidnightDragon


      Seems you have a fan club.

    2. Dreggit



  11. Man you r a gaming machine and u will soon take ur rightful place as the leader of trophy hunters just like stallion83 on xbox, he plays lots of games just like u.

  12. ikemenzi Milo's Quest If you prepare before you win your first trophy, the game can be completed in 5 minutes.
  13. Wait what just happened on PSNTL?

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    2. ArmoredSnowman


      @ikemenzi Guess that makes sense. Maybe they whitelist those games manually?

    3. ikemenzi


      I'm back PSNTL. I don't know how it works :(

    4. ArmoredSnowman


      Wtf, now you're gone on here though @ikemenzi

  14. Sony should give you a reward or something like that for buying almost all of their games xD

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    2. Pottercito_


      +9k of 11k games available, it is just impressive. Everything is yours or you gameshare?

    3. ikemenzi


      I bought it all by myself.

    4. Pottercito_


      I think the only ones that you have not bought yet are those VITA digital only games that are not available in all the PS Stores

  15. How do I get more Bronze trophy ?

    1. ikemenzi


      Playing a lot of games :)