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  1. Don't forget Mission 4, before getting into the server room, you can kill enemies below you as long as you want and there's ammo crate too.
  2. Bueno al parecer hablas español asi que más facil explicarlo jaja, pues hasta donde sé solo puedes transferir los DLC's y sus respectivos trofeos si tienes Premium, si los compraste por separado lamentablamente no se podrá, si puedes transferir tus estadísticas y además como dices tener los DLC's en PS4 también todas las armas (incluidas las DLC), pero los trofeos (de DLC) los tendrás que ganar de nuevo a menos que adquieras Premium antes de transferir.
  3. Yeah I will keep playing ps3 until the end even when I have ps4 and PS+, and I do like shooters but I've never liked Bonderlands tbh, maybe the graphics? Idk. Anyways, about you, I'll repeat same as above, go get that Uncharted 2 plat! haha
  4. Haha, np, and just cause I'm bored, I would say go plat that Uncharted 2 remastered, such an awesome game it was
  5. Definitely Killzone 2 100%, I wish I've completed it while it was very active just like I did with Killzone 3, no boost needed. While I knew about server closure I tried boosting but it just was really chaotic, I gave up, lucky you.
  6. I would say go back and plat Street Fighter V maybe? You almost at 100% completion rate lol
  7. I know it's a bit late, but anyways, you will only autopop the 5 base game trophies, you will need Premium to autopop DLC ones.
  8. xX_Pvt_Drake_Xx Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception I have no reason to be flagged, earned all trophies legit way, it's also the first time it happens to me and it's so disgusting you can get removed from leaderbords so easy while some real hackers never do.
  9. I'm still playing